June 20, 2024
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What Does It Mean To Be A Sagittarius

What Does It Mean To Be A Sagittarius?

Are you one of those who incarnated between November 22nd and December 21st? Congrats, you eternal lightworker. You’ve chosen a path of grace and great honor. The way of the Sagittarius is one of great responsibility, to have as much power as you do, is no little gift. But how you yield it, is how that gift manifests in real life… for yourself and others. Will you be a lousy drunkard, tearing places apart? Or will you use your extra energy to bring forth your higher purpose and harmony into the world? The choice is yours. We might however be able to help. 


The Extra Energy of the Sagittarius

When we discuss Sagittarian energy, it is important to take into consideration that it is the first constellation of the northern hemisphere, where the Sun starts moving upwards and slowly brings back the light into our Earth-sphere. Being the 9th sign of our zodiac family, it is still in the fall/winter season, but it’s a step further than the peak of darkness/depth, which we call Scorpio. Sagittarians are the ones pulling people out of darkness. Feeling directionless, unclear, and confused? It is probably the Sagittarius energy you need.

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A Sagittarius will come and provide you with the necessary light, the necessary enthusiasm for life, and for you to start feeling hopeful again. For you to start believing in your dreams and in your ability to achieve them. You don’t need a Capricorn yet, who is better at structuring the light, reclaiming back that mountain. What you need.. is simply to see the light. Sagittarians are like Santa Claus. They go everywhere they’re needed, pulled from adventure to adventure, forever spreading their light and optimism wherever they go. And when they’re done? They disappear. No apologies or explanations. A simple moving-on takes place. Following their powerful hunches, they are the forever risk-takers, always blowing forth the trumpet of clarity and joy.

Of course, there is still a very high amount of tolerance for pain and suffering within the Sagittarius archetype, possibly not as much as a Scorpio has, but that’s because Sagis have been given another gift. They’re like an energy bomb that bursts forward very quickly, very strongly. What one would call, launch energy.

The key here is to learn to direct it properly.

The Importance of A Higher Purpose for Sagittarius

In Jupiter ruled signs we’re always talking about the return of the light in some way. Sagittarius within the 9th position, they’re just beginning to bring it back. Capricorns build it. Aquarius’ spread it. And Pisces’, seal the deal. Until the cycle of light starts again, with Aries in position 1. Now, the zodiac signs in relation to the dark-light aspect of the calendar year is a much larger topic, that we’ll be diving into in a later blog post. For now, only the Sagittarian placement is important for us.

So then, what does it mean to be in the 9th position out of 12, within the cycle of transformation of the Solar light? Well, let’s give you some examples.

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That highly skilled doctor, managing and keeping the nurses calm in the emergency room of a large public hospital? Sagittarius energy.

That eternal child, that no matter how loudly you scream at them, they respond with giggles? Sagittarius energy.

That priest who transmutes sadness into joy, always bringing forth healing and love amongst the people? A Sagittarius.

It is that wise, masculine, fire sign working in the ditches, redeeming and pulling people out of them. But their true gift is their ability to not get sucked in themselves. It’s like they know where you are, but it doesn’t affect them personally. They hold firm to that inner joy that is always present within them. And by doing so, they’re able to share that with you, for as long as necessary, so you can experience that feeling of freedom again.

And that constant value-providing they are able to offer to others is what keeps a Sagi the most aligned to their soul’s path.

Because you see, value-providing is more than helping someone, it is providing them with the essential life force energy they need, to move forward.

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It extends to the enrichment of one’s soul and the betterment of the collective human spirit as a whole.

Building a sense of peace, and interconnectedness, allowing others to navigate life’s challenges with a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

“How can I add the most value here without compromising my boundaries?” ask yourself.

With your innate kindness, you’re bound to give. And by asking the right question, you can give correctly, without losing.

And once you get in the habit of giving without compromising yourself, there’s only one thing left.


Focus is what allows you to hold your excess energy instead of being driven by it.

Focus helps you direct it consciously, instead of being directed by it, unconsciously.

And what should a Sagittarius focus on, as their main theme?

Well, that is unique to each one. But it is vital, that all Sagis strive for a higher ideal, beyond this material world. Because it’s what they came here to do. Someone has to remind people who they truly are. And it starts with the Sagi.

The Path of the Centaur

Centaurs, an ancient creature from Greek mythology are the archetypal animal of the Sagittarius. Part horse, part man, they are known for crushing parties and getting in fights, quite rebellious and free-spirited to their core. And yet amongst them lives Chiron, the sage of the centaurs, the one who is in perfect balance between his adventurous spirit and rational ideal. Having mastered the freedom of the horse thanks to the controlled sense of responsibility that is innate within man, Chiron exemplifies the mastery of joy.

Because to bring adventure, freedom, and positivity to others is one thing.

But to do that in a grounded, deep, meaningful way, where the other finds their soul’s true expression, requires a different calibre of energy.

It requires maturity. It requires one to evolve into being a sage. And it is who you naturally are, at your core. In the inner child, lies the old, eternal master that always is.

But how do you activate this old master within you?

Well, it starts with realizing what is important to you.

What is it, that you value.

Because what you value, is worth getting serious about.

And once you have something to get serious about, there is your mastery.

Become The Master That You Are

Mastery is a process that takes several years of focus on one particular thing. To be more precise, it’s an activation sequence that gets unlocked as one sculpts one’s being into its perfect model. To become a master requires dedication, resilience, and a certain wit to follow your own craziness. All are innate within the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

It’s like they were born to become really good at something. And in time, one sees that it is not the something that matters, but the act of becoming strong, and yet good-willed, which happens through the process of striving for a worthy ideal.

Few things are as impressive as the energy of strength in combination with goodness. And it is one of the biggest gifts in our society to see. You can call them saints, even though we’d argue that you don’t necessarily need the Christian church’s permission to call someone a saint or become one. One might say, that to be a saint, is to be an example of the utmost high. But what is the utmost high?

Isn’t it joy, freedom, empty of fear?

Isn’t it love, giving, strength, and courage?

Isn’t it harmony, ever-present, within and without?

Remove all labels, burdens, and limiting beliefs placed upon you.

Realize that you can be all you imagine yourself to be.

Your wildest dreams not only are able to come to fruition, but if someone is able to manifest their dream life better than anyone else, it’s you, Sagittarius. But it will require mastery. You will have to in a sense grow up, locking yourself in that existential corner for a while, if need be, and finding your thing. And once you do, allow it to burn inside of you and slowly… outside of you.

Allow it to burn all of your being, all your illusions, all your thoughts, all your emotions.

Allow it all to burn. Until there’s nothing left, but that everlasting flame.

And then go use that flame, and spread it in the world.

It’s probably up to you.

All the Love.