June 21, 2024
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What does it mean to be a Leo?

If you’re born between July 22 and August 23, then congratulations. You have incarnated as one of the most courageous and brave signs of the zodiac. The fiery elemental of Leo, the so called Zodiac Lion King. Natural born leaders with a huge heart but a tough exterior, it’s about time Leos embrace their eccentricism and bring it out into the world. Individualism is soon coming up as the main theme of Earth and is here to stay, so don’t feel guilty, lioness. Be you. Truly you. You’re tasked to.


The Natural Gift Of A Lioness

In astrology Leo is the 5th sign within the zodiac wheel, alongside Sagittarius and Aries, it is the fixed sign of the Fire elements. And as the fixed sign, it is here to maintain order, uphold righteousness and in the ever changing, fast adapting world we are in, Leos are here to sustain the energy of stability, tradition and structure.

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Ruled by the Sun, they exemplify solar qualities such as centrality, radiating joy, and firmness of one’s Self. Leos are here to lead the way amongst the maze of confused Souls. They are here to be an example of what it means to unapologetically be yourself and to carve, but most importantly, tread the path of your future self, without being in a state of doubt all the time. Without feeling guilty to be you and to become more of you. Simply being, as you are. This is a Leo specialty.

Because you see, lower vibrational emotions such as shame and guilt, keep us very behind in our spiritual evolution and are considered to be the lowest of the low within the emotional vibratory spectrum. And moving forward, such emotions are what Mother Earth is eliminating from its auric field. Feeling guilty to express one’s truth. Feeling shameful to be one’s true self. These behaviours lead to victim consciousness and that is the utmost planetary virus. To not accept your true nature. To not be responsible for oneself and instead be leeching from others constantly. “Poor little me, poor little me.” Not good. Time for it to end. And Leos are here to eliminate this victim-like energy, through their example. Through their inspiring actions. Through their simple way of owning all that they are, in eachand every moment. It is very rare for a Leo to hold guilty or shameful vibrations within their DNA. They are much more likely to hold other “negative” vibrations such as anger or forcefulness of will but these at least are action-oriented emotions which can lead to a positive outcome. Unlike guilt or shame which are passive in their nature. This is important for a Leo to understand, because most of the other zodiac signs still hold such emotions (guilt, shame) inside of them. So Leos are leading the way in this regard, helping the rest of us transmute these aspects of our personality, that most Leos already have naturally transcended.

What To Focus On This Summer As A Leo

There are many things you could be doing this summer, but we recommend for you to put yourself out there, the most. Whether that’s you finally building that social media account you’ve been thinking about for the last few months or whether that’s you doing more of what puts you in the flow state and awakens your genius, it matters not. What matters is that you become public. Become the main point for others to observe and get influenced by. And this will have a double effect, kinda like the two birds one stone proverb.

  1. You will feel an insurmable amounts of joy as you finally develop the guts to walk your dharma, walk your path and go all-in with what it is that brings you joy and makes you feel alive.
  2. Others will benefit from your energy. It rubs off. As one individual shines by being joyfully immersed in their craft, so do others get inspired and receive internal transmutation which directs them towards their own genius and gifts.

So not only will you be developing yourself, but you’ll also be inspiring others along the way.

Outside of this, we recommend to maintain a contemplative and adaptive attitude when it comes to this craft of yours, this passion. Allowing your awareness to be internally situated so that you may be able to assess certain pivots that might need to happen along the way or certain roadblocks to be avoided.

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You are here to be an example for the external world, center stage, but you musn’t let your awareness get caught there. Keep it focused on the inner worlds and your self-growth. You do so by always coming back inside yourself, no matter the experience, and never allowing your consciousness to rest too long on matter without an inner, contemplative pause.

What Not To Focus On As A Leo This Summer

Romance! Yes. You heard it right. Don’t focus on acquiring a boyfriend or girlfriend, or going on dates and other such endeavours. Focus on being the true you. Focus on your goals. Focus on your growth. Focus on your genius and your dream. Allow joy and love to naturally flow in and out of your life without you seeking or clinging to it. Nothing is really yours and nothing will be carried on with you. We’re all just passengers adventuring through. The Leo energy is one of the few signs that actually has the natural intensity and direction to go make that adventure happen. So don’t waste yourself religiously chasing momentary things. Don’t waste yourself giving your all to something which won’t be there for you. Give your all to what is always there. Give your all to what you can always rely on. Give your all, give your loyalty, to what is and always will be loyal to you. And that is not a man or woman, but something much deeper, much more Loving than one can even begin to imagine. A topic for another article perhaps. But it starts with being focused on the right essence. On the right communion. Only then can it start appearing in one’s life.

And who knows. You might just get romance as a byproduct of your focused path. And guess what? These are the best kinds. Love for the sake of Love creates distortion. Same as romance. It is not to be chased. It is a byproduct of who you are and your courage to show yourself to the world. And as a byproduct, it is not something you hold onto or cling. It is something you experience and eventually let go off. Cling to nothing. Commit to no one or anything outside of your inner Source. Commitment spoken of is no commitment. Romance expressed is not romance. Love which needs to be re-validated daily through verbal comforting, isn’t really love.

Be The Wild Bird You’ve Always Been

Remember. You’ll take nothing with you when the time comes. So why bother clinging?

Leave your mark instead. Simply explained in Carl Jung’s words from Black Book 7:

“You are too warm,
how can you radiate love?
You have it in you.
It does not radiate to others.
Look at your goal and not at love.
Then you will radiate love.”

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So then really the question comes, what is your goal?

If you could pick one thing to achieve within the next 5 years, what would it be?

What would be the one thing that if you achieved within the next 5 years, would make everything else easier or unnecessary?

What about in the next 3 years? 1 year? 6 months? 1 month? 1 week? Tomorrow? Today? Right now?

Unlock your heart. Reclaim it. And assess its needs and desires. Give yourself permission. And now get off your ass and go have that thing. Dominate in what you do. It’s why a lion is a lion. It is calm, chilling in the jungle under the shade, but once in a while the hyenas or other lions get a bit feisty or doing whatever, forgetting that there is always order in the jungle. And if they continue being too feisty or doing too much of whatever, the lion gets up , out of its shady tree and with one loud “ROOOOOOAR” – silence. Everything calms down. Everyone is reminded. People become obedient again. So.. my friend…

Are you ready to roar?

The jungle needs its king.