July 19, 2024
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Top 6 Most Calculating Signs In The Zodiac

Some Zodiac signs are master manipulators. These signs know how to make others do what they want with ease. Every move is considered and calculated to the nth degree. But some signs seem to be better at this than others… As if they don’t even have to try to be manipulative. It just comes to them so naturally and easily. Why is this? Is it possible that their Zodiac sign has something to do with this? Are you curious to find out who are the most calculating signs in the Zodiac? And where do you rank on the list? Then keep on reading to find out if you are a master manipulator:

  1. Scorpio

When there is a will, there is a way. This is the motto of most Scorpios. They can’t help it, but they have a powerful way in which they always get what they want. They are extremely calculating and know exactly what to say to make people bend to their will. This sign is definitely shrewd and incredibly smart. Their power lies in their mystery because people want to impress them, so it is easy for a Scorpio to yield a magnetic presence over others. They’re amazing at mindgames and can leave people wondering, yet wanting more… They’re extremely ambitious and will do whatever it takes to get ahead. Even if it means shoving others out of the way.

This sign is ruthless in getting what they want. But their power definitely lies in how sly and subtle they can be. A Scorpio has a way of penetrating deep into the mind and emotions of others. They can easily see what makes them tick, and this is how they manage to manipulate others so effortlessly. It is without a doubt second nature for a Scorpio to be so calculating.

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  1. Gemini

Geminis are extremely smart and know exactly what to say to make others do what they want. This sign is very good at imitating others and they can quickly gauge what they need to say to get their way. This sign makes a magnificent liar, it is really easy for them to spin the truth in whatever way they deem necessary. They don’t care about the consequences of their lies, as long as they can get what they want from the situation. Part of them takes joy and entertainment out of being so manipulative because they find it quite fun messing with people’s minds. They love tricking people and being the jester as it gives them an immeasurable amount of joy to know that they were this huge mastermind.

There is an element of drama a Gemini quite enjoys when they create so much chaos in other people’s lives. It really does give them enjoyment riling people up. They know that it is going to cause havoc and this is why they are so calculating; they know exactly what they are doing. It isn’t easy to trust a Gemini, as one quickly comes to learn that they are fickle and don’t always do what they say they will. It is no wonder Gemini is often called two-faced!

  1. Leo

If you’ve ever met a Leo then you know this dramatic sign has a very, very big personality. The world most certainly revolves around them and everything they do, and when they don’t get their way, it is almost certainly a disaster in their opinion. This is what makes them so calculating and manipulative, because they know that when they make a scene, people tend to bend to their will almost instantaneously. Instead of being ok with hearing no, or not getting what they want from the situation, they’ll sulk and be upset until they finally get what they desire. It can be exhausting being around them because everything has to go their way.

They always have to have control and be the person with the last say. This is not fun. They know that they have this hold over people and that others are desperate to impress them. This is why they get away with it! This sign has a lot of power and they definitely use it!

  1. Capricorn

As one of the most ambitious signs in the Zodiac, it makes a lot of sense that Capricorn would also be one of the most calculating signs in the Zodiac. There is pretty much nothing this sign won’t do to get where they need to be in their life. They have very big goals and want to make things happen. They’re always thinking about their next move and what they need to do to get to the top. This sign definitely knows that isn’t always what you know, but who you know who will help them to achieve their dreams. This makes them quite sly and calculating… This sign usually has authority and they aren’t afraid to use it to get what they want.

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They don’t see this as being vindictive and calculating because they reckon this is just part of the game to get where they need to go. They just assume that everyone else is doing the same thing and don’t often realize how much they hurt others on their way to the top. This sign knows how to take control and make others do exactly what they need them to.

  1. Pisces

There is a misconception that Pisces is this sign that is totally sweet, sensitive, and caring. Sure, they can definitely be all of these things, but there is a darker side to them that can be incredibly manipulative and calculating. This sign really struggles to take responsibility for any wrong doing. They have a tendency to blame others for their misgivings and can never admit when they have done something wrong. They often hide behind this mask of sweet innocence, but they actually are quite smart and know exactly what they are doing. A Pisces will often find people stopping everything to come to their rescue because they know that if they appear weak enough, people will come to save them.

This gets them out of a lot of hot water because they know that whenever they get in trouble, they’ll have someone come to their aid. This sign can be incredibly deceptive and toxic if they aren’t checked in place. They will play the role of the victim for as long as they can and often have problems with understanding boundaries.

  1. Libra

Libra is an incredibly charming sign. They know exactly what to say and to whom. They have this natural flirtatiousness about them that makes them incredibly alluring to others. When you’re under a Libra’s spell, it feels totally intoxicating. Libra’s are sly, and often social climbers. They know that they need people to get to where they want to be. They’ll often shower people with attention if they know that there is something that they can give them. This can often make people feel used as it is quick to see when a Libra just used you for a stepping stone on their way to whatever it is they desire. They know that if they just act innocently enough and use their charms on others that they will get everything they have ever wanted.

They easily manipulate others with their words and know how to sweet talk their way to the top. A Libra will always be exactly who you want them to be so that you will like them more and this forms a great part of the deception of their calculated nature. You’ll never quite know if you met the real Libra, or the person putting on an act to get you to do whatever they desire. This is why Libras are such good manipulators.

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