July 19, 2024
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Summer 2024: Who will love and who will have a heartbreak?

Whether you’re looking for a summer fling or a ring for all seasons, this summer 2024 is sure to be filled with twists and turns for everyone. Love is in the air for most of the zodiac, but like any good love story there are peaks and valleys, so buckle up. These horoscopes are written for rising signs, but you may want to read for your sun and moon signs as well. So summer 2024: Who will love and who will have a heartbreak?


Old relationship wounds bubble up on July 6th, especially for those of you in nesting partnerships (partners that live together). Things may get eased over once Venus moves into Leo on the 11th, but this transit may be more fun for the single people. By July 30th everyone will be feeling like love can heal all wounds… because it can! 


On June 9th Mars moves into Taurus, giving you the energy to do it all and the magnetism to get it all as well! June 11th is a good time to make things serious with a fling. If that doesn’t go well, June 29th is a great night for a first date, but don’t put your cart before the horse. July 15th is a good day for break ups… and so is August 2nd, so this summer 2024 may be a rollercoaster of love affairs for you.

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Jupiter is in your 1st house all summer long. This means that this is the summer of doing more, being more and having more! However, with so much going on you may find yourself overwhelmed and pushing people away around the 8th of June. Mars moves into Gemini on July 20th giving you more energy for this summer 2024 of love. In fact, July 21st looks like a good day to find a new lover, or make love to the one you already have.

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The summer starts out with Venus moving into Cancer on the 17th of June, which puts you in the spotlight. On the 29th a spark may catch between you and a friend, possibly even someone from work. Things get more serious with your lover by July 3rd. Then, things get even sweeter by July 11th because your romantic fantasies are likely to become manifest. Only good things for you this summer, so don’t be afraid to  be a bit delulu!


Things start to get exciting in July when Venus moves into Leo on the 11th. This transit usually brings money and admirers to your door. However, you may start to question the love you are accepting on July 12th, so don’t hold yourself back from asking for what you want and flirting with who you please. If you play your cards right you may be in a relationship by the 20th of July. Then again, maybe it’s just lust!


The desire for control and structure in your relationships will be powerful this summer, but especially on and around June 28th. Things soften up a bit when Venus moves into Virgo on August 5th. However, on the 19th of August you may find that you’re playing small in an effort to win someone’s love. Speaking up and asking directly for what you want is the best approach. August ends with some good sex and love vibes, so when the 28th rolls around it will serve you well to readjust your goals because the old ones are stale.

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Pluto is in your 5th house of dating and sex all summer. In fact, it’s gonna be here for a while, so prepare for your love life to change drastically over the next decade or so. Things get real on June 26th, so if the little voice in your head says “dump them” then you better listen! By June 29th you’ll remember that you are so hot and powerful. So, don’t let a relationship dim your light!! You know what they say about the best way to get over someone… By July 12th you may meet a friend of a friend who will serve that purpose. 


You may struggle with visions (and illusions) of grand love this summer 2024. With Jupiter sitting in your 8th house of emotional bonds, you’ll date someone you won’t long forget about this summer. However, things start slow for you on June 8th with a secret crush. It’s not until July 3rd that you’ll want to lock it in and ask them out on a date. By July 11th it will seem like all your love dreams are coming true! August 28th will be the time when you find out if it was just a summer fling or the real thing.

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Jupiter is in your 7th house all summer long, so you might meet, bag, shag or marry your soulmate this summer! Before you fall in love, you may need to look at your unhealthy emotional attachments on and around June 26th. Then, on July 6th you might get triggered into remembering something from a past relationship. It could be that you’re not over your ex, or you may just need to process your feelings. Love gets easier from the 20th through the 30th of July. This would be a very beneficial time for finding and/or fostering love.


You’ll be feeling horny in June with Mars in your 5th house of sex and dating. Sometimes horny behavior can get us into trouble, so you may find that you’ve flown too close to the sun around June 11th. On June 17th Venus moves into your 7th house of serious partnerships, so only serious relationships will catch your eye for the following weeks. By mid July there will be a very destabilizing energy in your relationships. Remember that things that are built on solid ground don’t break apart easily. If you do the work, GOOD change is coming on August 27th.


Jupiter is in your 5th house of sex and dating all summer long. So, this is a GREAT time for fun, flirty dating. You may even meet a new partner on June 4th! The new moon in Gemini is 2 days after, on June 6th, so be sure to do a love ritual to enhance your success in dating this summer 2024. On July 12th you may feel inspired to recommit yourself to one another if you are in a relationship. By the end of August you’re likely to be feeling very intense–in a good way–in your current relationship.

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The summer starts off a bit tough lovewise, especially for those of you in a nesting relationship. Around June 8th you’ll find that a chilly coldness is separating you and your loved one(s). Boundaries will be really important on June 17th, so make sure you’re setting them as well as respecting your partner’s boundaries! By the end of June you may feel ready to cut your losses and break up. However, you might be focusing too much on their role and forgetting to take a good look at yourself. July brings a much better perspective. The 3rd and 11th will feel very hopeful and full of love, so make up with your boo then.