July 22, 2024
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Tired of Your Home? Spice Up Your Surroundings with Astrology

All things change, and that includes your house. Energy can get stale and stuck when you don’t take the time to dust, rearrange and spruce up your surroundings. If you’re in need of inspiration when it comes to your home’s redesign look no further than your birth chart! Venus rules over beauty, so you’ll want to take into account what sign your Venus is in before decorating. Your rising sign is the way you see the world, so it may also help to look at this sign for style inspiration.


If you’re an Aries Venus or rising you may want to start your home decor redesign by cleaning out your old clutter first. Aries like to hold onto things that are useful, so donate and throw out the superfluous stuff. Next, swap out some of the more boring and/or beige things in your home for a pop of color. Think “dopamine decorating!”


If your Venus or rising sign is in Taurus then mood lighting is of the utmost importance. Overhead light is a big buzz kill in the world of Taurus. One quick and fairly simple way to elevate the lighting in your house is to replace all your lightbulbs with warm tone bulbs. If you’re looking to take it to the next level, then head to your favorite local charity shop.  There should be plenty of cute, unique and vintage lamps looking for a new home. 

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If there’s one thing I know about Gemini Venus and rising it’s that nothing should be boring or stagnant. Walk through your house and think of a new theme for each room before you go in for a redesign–be creative and whimsical. Some fun themes might be celestial, dark academia, books and fairytales, but the sillier the better.

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Cover your eyes Marie Kondo, because Cancer Venus and rising people thrive when surrounded by trinkets. If your space is looking dull, one simple way to get it back to feeling just right is to rearrange your trinkets (I know you have them). Dust them off, pull them out of storage, and place them proudly on every surface. Trinkets hold memories and memories bring you joy. And you deserve to live in a joyful place!


If your Venus or rising is in Leo then one simple way to add some extra glam to your home is with mirrors. Mirrors can help to expand a space, so they’re great for any Leos living the studio apartment life. From vanities, full length, decorated and more, mirrors help to add depth and dimension to a space. Plus, you’ll always have a place to look when you need to reapply some lip gloss! One word of caution, don’t place any mirrors facing your bed. Trust me, you don’t wanna wake up at 3 AM every night…


The easiest way to liven up your space if you’re a Virgo Venus or rising is to buy more plants. Having a home filled with green living things will help to reduce your stress levels. Never one for idle hands, the methodical care that is needed for a home full of plants is an added bonus for you. 

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If you have a Libra Venus or rising then you appreciate the details. When it comes to adding some life to your space you might enjoy coquette style bows and placing them on things like picture frames. Another way to add some sparkle is by lining your rooms with twinkle lights. These lights will add a nice ambience and bring a little extra joy to your nights. 


If you are a Scorpio Venus or rising then you prefer the darkness over the light. Perhaps your dream home is more like a castle, so bring the spooky vibes to life with dark furniture and low lighting. Don’t underestimate the power of a good reading lamp. You may also enjoy adding a few more skulls and skeleton decor to your home to get the vibe just right. Think, dark academia.


If you’re a Sagittarius Venus or rising, the easiest way for you to add some fun to your living space is to put up something big on your walls. Maps and tapestries are the easiest way to tap into your Sagittarius interior designer. If you’ve never explored the vast world of maps this is your sign to start! Not only will it suit your style but it’s an educational tool and a great conversation starter.


If you’re a Capricorn Venus or rising, it’s all about fashionable organization. Being Saturn ruled, you value your time and having a specific place for everything in your home is an effective way to save time and energy. You don’t need to make your house look like the container store, but adding more shelves will be sure to be a win-win for you.


If you’re an Aquarius Venus or rising you either need to make your home more high tech or way way less. Aquarians are usually interested in either futuristic or vintage decor. If you have the money, get a cool new speaker system or something of the like. On the other hand, you may want to peruse an online marketplace or your local charity shops for a few staple pieces that have been previously well loved.

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If you’re a Pisces Venus or rising in need of a home redesign, then it might be time to throw a party. Invite all your friends over to your house for a little get together, but set the price of entry as hand made art. Inspire your friends to flex their creativity muscle and get some cool new stuff to hang on your walls in the process.