July 15, 2024
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Things The Zodiac Signs Don’t Want You to Find

Things The Zodiac Signs Don’t Want You to Find

Everyone has secrets and has also done things that they are not proud of, which means they do not want their partners to know about something silly. But here is the thing: if you are honest with your partner, your partner cannot judge you for some of the mistakes you make because they made mistakes of their own.

Or you may not want your partner or your friends to know something because it may embarrass you if they knew. Therefore, based on your zodiac sign, let’s go over what you do not want anyone to find.

Aries – The Hole in The Wall You Punched

Aries, you know that you have a temper, and you regret it each time after you lose it. However, you struggle to control your impulses at times. Therefore, you likely have at one time, or another punched a hole in the wall that your partner does not even know about.

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Therefore, what do you do to hide it? You cover it up by taping a poster on the wall over it, or you put a picture over it to hide it. That is all fine and good to do that, but you may want to get a punching bag to take its place.

Taurus – Your Viewing History on Netflix

Taurus, your ideal way to relax each night is by staying at home, curled up on your sofa, eating  popcorn or potato chips, and watching a bad Netflix movie. However, the last thing you want is for anyone to see your Netflix viewing history.

If your partner were around, you would not watch those programs so that you may get to it very late at night. You will hide your Netflix viewing history at all costs as that is the last thing you want anyone to talk about with you. You do not want to explain yourself, so it is better to keep it hush-hush.

Gemini – An Old Reddit Account That Was Filled with Not-So-Nice Responses

Gemini, you are all about communication, but you also know you have said some words that you wish you could take back. You would have tossed away your old Reddit account because that account has all your not-so-nice choice of comments and responses to different threads.

It is not like anyone would trace you because you used an alias, but you would be highly mortified if your partner discovered it or your friends. You even went as far as deleting your Reddit app on your phone.

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Cancer – What Is in Their Notes App

Cancer, you know that you can be too emotional for your good, and that is why you never want your partner or anyone else who is close to you to see your Notes app on your smartphone. That is because you have plenty of drafts of bitter and angry messages that you were planning to send to your exes or your family members who you were angry with for a while.

But here is the thing, you have not erased them because you may need to send them at some point, especially if your current partner becomes an ex one day.

Leo – Your Sent Email Messages

Leo, you know that you are the one that wants to make yourself known, and if you are not happy about something, you will make that known. That is why you have a lot of sent email messages that are full of complaints to customer services of various companies.

You know that you should be able to control your urge to complain so much, but you cannot help yourself, and that is why you are going to keep complaining to the company if you are unhappy about a service or product. The last thing you want is your partner or anyone else to see what is in your sent email folder.

Virgo – All Your Expired Coupons

Virgo, you are thrifty, organized, clean, and analytical. However, as much as this fact pains you, you are not perfect either. You know that you have a pile in your organized drawers of old and expired coupons.

The last thing you want anyone to see is that that will give away your overly organized, clean image of not being true. That is what you are afraid of anyway. If anyone saw that old pile of expired coupons, no one would care, not how you always think.

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Libra – Old Unfashionable but Comfortable Clothing

Libra, you have a secret from your friends, and that is that you keep old unfashionable clothing that you still love because they are comfortable. You don’t care if your partner sees you wearing it and there is no way to get around it if you live with them.

However, since you like to invite your friends over, you will never want them to see you wearing that clothing. The idea of them catching you wearing that old clothing embarrasses you significantly. So other than your partner knowing this fact, you would never want anyone else to know.

Scorpio – Their Soft and Fuzzy Side

Scorpio, you are pretty secretive as it is. However, you only want others to see you as mysterious with a tough exterior and to be passionate. However, you have a very soft and fuzzy side too. You spend time in private watching cute videos of babies and baby animals, and when you watch them, your heart melts.

You know you have a very soft side, but you would never want anyone to see that side to you. Even your partner!

Sagittarius – Google Search History

Sagittarius, you crave knowledge, and your curiosity is high. You are the one who needs to know answers to everything no matter how taboo they are, which is why you would never want anyone to see your Google search history. There is no need to worry. As long as you do not commit any serious crimes, you will never have to worry about anyone having a reason to search for it.

You also know your limits which is why there are certain things you will never search, as you never want the police knocking on your door because you searched for something blatantly illegal.

Capricorn – Videos and Pictures of Acting Silly

Capricorn, you are the serious and hard-working type. You don’t like having fun because you see having fun as a thing that takes you away from your goals and ambitions. But come on, everyone knows that you need to balance work and play in life.

You don’t want anyone to see videos or pictures of those times of you having fun and acting silly. Instead, you have videos and photos of you making faces and not taking life seriously. You never want anyone knowing that side to you to exist, but your partner does, and you reluctantly accept that.

Aquarius – Your Plushie That You Cuddle

Aquarius, you are the type that is aloof and does not contact your emotions. You don’t want anyone to know that you have an emotional side to you at all. Though it does show up when you become lonely, you want to have a partner.

But you also have something else that you never want anyone to know, which is a plushie that you snuggle up with when you feel lonely or blue. If you don’t have a partner, you may keep the stuffed toy with you in your bed, so you don’t feel lonely. And if you have a friend coming over, you will put the plushie in the closet.

Pisces – Books About Dry Topics

Pisces, you are very artsy and dreamy, and highly intuitive. Therefore, you will have anything art-related in your home. And that is all you want your visitors to see. But you also are interested in dry topics such as history, economics, and anything that could be considered as boring.

You have books on those topics, but you do not want anyone to know, including your partner. Therefore, you will only take those books out to read when no one is home. If you have friends or visitors coming over, you will hide those books!


If you are nodding while reading that because you can relate to so much of it, then you know that you are not alone. Everyone has something that they do not want others to find, including their partners. Therefore, if you have or do something you want to be kept as a secret for good, you know that you are not alone because your partner is the same way. Your friends are the same way, and your family is the same. That should make you feel much better those others have the things that they want to keep hiding like you.