June 21, 2024
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The Type of Friend Your Sign Really Is, zodiac signs

The Type of Friend Your Sign Really Is

Firstly, social media is not a testament of friendship. Just because someone “likes” your photos every day or watches your story, it does not mean they are a real friend. Even if all you do is text each other, or talk in DMs, this does not count as true contact.

No matter how seriously people take text messages (those can be written from impulsive, angry, emotional mind), they are not sincere forms of communication, and you should never end a friendship by text. Texting is simply not the medium for your emotions.

Real-life takes place in real life, and nothing will ever compare to that experience. Chemistry is formed through emotions and the expression of emotions. Emojis do not suffice for emotions. You need to talk to people in real life to really connect with them and hear how they mean to say things.

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The Type of Friend Your Sign Really Is

Humor, emotion, sarcasm, tone, and body language do not translate via text. If someone can’t talk on the phone or meet in person this is and should be a red flag. Friends spend time together and they create memories in real-time. “Busy” is not a valid excuse, if people really want to see you, they will make time for you. Here is the type of friend that you can expect from each sign:


Is the type to not need anyone, but if they stick around it’s because they really care for the long-haul. Aries will neglect you depending on what’s going on in their life, but that does not mean that they stopped loving you.

They might have to learn to express love through words, but it does not mean that they are incapable of it. Aries is selfish by nature so they will put their wants before their feelings. They are competitive and can compete with their friends. Aries is only good for you when they are good with themselves.


Hard to get to know, but when you do, and you hit it off –this is a loyal, best friend for life. A friend who will not say a bad word about you. They might appear totally biased, but even if something negative but true is said about you, Taurus will come to your defense.

They will listen to you and keep your secrets. Taurus is a vault for the people they care about. Taurus is not like Gemini, they don’t crave the change in people, in fact, Taurus is bad with change and doesn’t plan to leave your side—unless you make them.

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Can make friends with anyone, but there are a select few that really are dear to their heart. Gemini can change their friends like they change their undergarments, but there is usually a token one or two who have been there from the start.

Sometimes Gemini gets caught up in being cool and popular, but as they age, they realize who is truly important. Although you never know, a Gemini could have a change of pace at any time.


Cancer is a ride-or-die type of friend, though a lot of them don’t actually let a lot of people in and loners do exist in this sign. Cancer may be your friend online or from a distance, but sometimes they struggle to make real plans with you.

Cancer will be the pal to listen to you and make you laugh, though you know there are complex layers to your Cancer that you can never seem to figure out.


Loyal at heart, and they will be to some, but Leo is flaky and often makes friends that do not last a lifetime. Leo is about the optics so don’t put “secret friends” past them. They will seek what’s best for them, even if it’s something they don’t want to brag about on the internet.

Leo will boost your ego when you are. Leo loves to love so love you they will, but just don’t block their shine in any degree because they won’t like that. Share their personal, private information with others and they will cut you off.

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They make for great friends, they aren’t the type to look for greener pastures, they usually like what they have, and will be there for you when you really need them. Except for them to ghost on you when they have a partner and children, and a job.

Virgo works hard to be it all, and they may not have time to schedule you in, but it does not mean that they care any less. The mark of a good Virgo is that they will always be there for you when it really counts.


As a very charming sign, they have the ability to make friends with whomever, and many of them do. Libra will have random friends from all over because they don’t like to cause drama.

Libra would prefer to remain neutral, so they are a great person to bounce something off of. Libra is a flake, and is very unreliable, but there is something magical about them. It is very hard to hate them, and sometimes you just crave your ultra-cool, Libra friend.


Scorpio is selective and has trust issues so if they choose to trust you, don’t betray their trust or that could very easily be the end of your relationship. Scorpio might stay in your life, but they likely have tailored what the relationship means to them if trust is broken.

Scorpio will be there for every significant moment and the moment you betray them or upset them; they will be gone without a word. This is not the sign that is going to communicate their truth. They will do anything to help you, but if you mess with their territory or their peace, you will be dismissed.


Sagittarius doesn’t really let too many people in, but if they’ve spent a lot of time with you and trust you then you can count on them to have your back. Sagittarius gets caught up in life so you might have to remind them that you exist, but when you do, your Sagittarius friend will be more than happy to hear from you.

Sagittarius doesn’t let too many people truly in, so if they’ve let you in, consider yourself special.


Capricorn is the type to be good to you and not ruffle feathers. You can rely on them as a mate. They care a lot about their friends and demonstrate a lot of loyalty. Capricorn will have the greatest expectations for your potential and will value you no matter what anyone else has to say. Capricorn is not one to talk poorly of the people that they love.


Aquarius makes acquaintances with almost everyone and everyone, but their truly close emotional friends are of a select few. Aquarius does not like to show Vulnerability to many or to any.

If they come to you with their heartbreak, consider yourself lucky because this is rare. Aquarius is not the type to see you every day, they need their independence, but they will always have your back if you have had theirs.


Pisces is a great friend, but they need to be friends with the right people. Pisces will tolerate a lot in friendship but will feel truly blessed when they meet someone who gives back to the same degree that they do.

Pisces sometimes puts the needs of others before their own needs and this notion can make them undesirable as a friend. Nobody wants what they can have, but if Pisces wants you, consider yourself lucky. Pisces is the most caring and the most empathic, but they have to be confident in their gifts or they will be walked over in friendship.