July 13, 2024
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The Truth and Gemini and Pisces

The Truth About Gemini and Pisces

If you read any Astrology book, it will likely tell you that Gemini and Pisces don’t get along. Well, there is a lot more to it than that. Keep in mind Gemini and Pisces are both mutable signs, which means there are many, diverse variations of the sign in this world.

No two fish are alike, just like no two gems are alike. Here, it all comes down to the pick, and the match-up of any given fish and any given Gemini.

Love at First Meet

Upon first meeting, Gemini and Pisces seem like a match made in heaven. Both signs love to have intellectual, insightful talks. Both generally portray a bright disposition towards others. Both might seem friendly, playful, and very funny. Together, they will make each other laugh and talk about whatever comes to mind.

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Gemini might lead Pisces into new adventures that they appreciate, and Gemini seems to handle Pisces’ blunt ways rather well, as Gemini has a fairly thick skin.

The Benefits and The Downfalls

Gemini is not one to hold onto something for too long. They will vent about it, and get it out of their system, but then they will move on. Pisces usually dwell on situations, get their feelings hurt, feel guilty, and can’t change their mood because they are ruled by their emotions. Gemini can teach Pisces to try to let go, but they will lose their patience.

Pisces is generally full of patience, but Gemini is anxious and lacks the ability to support people’s emotions for the long haul. Pisces’ intense emotions might make Gemini feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, and they will distance themselves from the Pisces.

Pisces will feel rebuffed, and resent Gemini for not understanding and supporting their feelings. Gemini will lack empathy, but Pisces is full of it and feels frustrated because they would take the time to nurse Gemini back to health. Gemini can’t help it, they have their own issues (which they usually keep private) and they don’t know how to put their struggles past them in order to be there for Pisces.

Gemini wishes Pisces didn’t show their weakness, and this creates distrust between the two. Gemini’s act predicts that Pisces will be on their best behavior and because of this words get lost between the two.

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The Clash of Water and Air Energy

Gemini is also unpredictable to Pisces, who finds Gemini flakey. Sometimes Gemini is not trusting with plans, a true-blooded Gemini will consider their options, and usually go with what they feel Is the best plan.

Gemini can have many friends, and make many plans, whereas Pisces will feel left out and will crave some more one-on-one quality time. Pisces will want to talk about it, but sometimes that only upsets Gemini who would rather move forward with life.

The Gab that Keeps Giving

Pisces can sometimes have no filter and say things to Gemini that they find very hurtful. Gemini doesn’t want to hear about their shortcomings, they are not the type to take the blame for a situation.

Gemini has insecurities, but they aren’t fully insecure, and the love that they have for themselves will push Pisces away. Pisces is often described as “selfless”, and doesn’t know how to be confident at times. This really annoys Gemini who isn’t going to validate the Pisces stamp every other hour. Gemini is turned off of weakness.

Additionally, Gemini can be loose with their lips and say stuff that hurts sensitive Pisces.

The secret, both signs are sensitive to cruelty, and both signs tend to hurt each other with their words.

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Venus is the Indicator

If you’re a Pisces who loves a Gemini or a Gemini who loves a Pisces, check out their Venus sign. Also, consider that May-born Geminis will likely suit the Pisces better because it is closer to their ally Taurus. Earth energy in a Gemini makes them more compatible with a Pisces.

Also, if your Venus signs are compatible, then you two will likely be compatible. For example, I know one Gemini born on May 26, who is close friends with a Pisces born on March 11. The Gemini has her Venus in Cancer, allowing her to understand Pisces’ needs. The Pisces friend has her Venus in Aquarius, which means she could be attracted to air signs like Gemini.

Pisces and Gemini couples, I urge you to look at both of your charts to see where your plants line up, I assure you, something will stand out, which will indicate why you two get along, despite what all the books are saying.