July 21, 2024
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indecision of a libra

The Great Indecision of a Libra

The biggest mistake any Libra can make is to say, “I’m a Libra, I’m well-balanced.” This statement indicates that the person knows very little about their zodiac sign. If they were informed, they would know that Libra is not balanced at all. As “The Scales”, Libra struggles for balance their whole life. The middleman, you might call them, but Libra does not want to be in the middle. They are just open to hearing both sides, but do not try and make Libra pick. Libra is known for their indecision, they are flaky, they are wishy-washy, they have ideas, they will be charming, but it is rare to find Libra with their mind made up.  

Club Libra 

Libra is a lot of fun and they attract so many friends from all over. Their cool, nonchalant, laid-back mentality serves many people well. Libra is accepting of all kinds of people and is not prone to judgment. Libra is charming and friendly and can woo the socks off whoever they like. At times, you will see Libra work their personal charm in order to get what they want. People will have a hard time saying no to Libra. Libra is so chill and so easy to get along with, you will want your Libra friend to go everywhere with you. While Libra will always express interest, their answer is often a “maybe”, and some of the time Libra is a total no-show. They are great when you can nail them down, but it won’t be as often or as scheduled as you like.

Emotional Libra

Libra does not always do well with people’s negative emotions. They want to help, but sometimes they do not know what to say, and emotions can actually scare them away. Ideally, Libra would like you to remain as cool about matters as they are. If you come at Libra too strongly, or with too much contact, Libra will retreat. It does not mean that they don’t care about you or are over you, it simply means that Libra needed some space. In time, Libra will feel ready for your company again. Emotional intensity is just a huge turn-off for Libra. Even if they befriended you first, it does not matter, Libra expects you to respect their personal space. They might not always write back when you’d like or need them to, but they will get back eventually, and if they don’t get back to, don’t take it personal sometimes Libra gets overwhelmed. Regardless, Libra is the type to only respond to what they feel comfortable to. Meaning they will ignore the parts of your message that they do not feel comfortable responding to, and perhaps answer the question in the message or reply to the last (least-threatening) line of the message. Libra can also be one to avoid the issue all together and respond with a meme or a song. This could be their attempt to shimmer things down, or cool things down when they heat up. Either way, it is always Libra’s goal to achieve harmony in any situation. In Libra’s perfect world, everyone would get along with everyone.

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Love of Libra

Libra is often sought after by others because of their good natural energy and usually attractive and welcoming appearances. Libra does not like to grow up, so they bring youth and vitality to any relationship they get into. There is no set timeline for most Libra people. They don’t like to put labels on things or do things that everyone else does. In love, it can be hard to capture their whole heart. Young Libra is a flirt and attracts more than one suitor usually. Libra can have feelings for more than one person, they can change the rules to fit a freer spirited and experimental love style. As Libra matures, they are much more likely to commit, but the natural indecision of a Libra is often which keep them out of serious, full-blown relationships. Unless Libra meets “the one”, Libra will keep an open, playful approach towards love. Libra women aren’t typically those kinds of girl who feel like they need a man. Love here is all from desire, even if it at times for Libra it was a sense of security. Libra will explore many stages, and love is a big part of what the Libra needs, but first Libra has to find this love in Libra. The moment Libra stops going back and forth, the moment Libra stops questioning their feelings and getting in the way of romance—Libra will be ready to truly meet love and see what it looks like with themselves standing in the way.

Aspiration of Affirmation

By affirmation, we really mean “affirm”, this is the key word for Libra. Make lists of what you like and don’t. Use your scales to help you make decisions, instead of using them to go back and forth. Take notice of what is heavy in your palms because this is what holds the most emotional weight. What you don’t deal with, will only be waiting for you when you come home. Get up into the attic and clear out those cobwebs. If something is bothering you, get to the root of it and start to put some things in place to help you tackle it. Think “yes” or ‘no”, try to remove the word “maybe” out of your vocabulary. If you don’t see yourself making It, stop trying to people please, and just say that you can’t attend. Finding honesty will prevent people from calling you a liar, or a flake or as an unreliable person because you know when you want to show up and when you need to show up, you do. Start placing this importance on things that you need to do but aren’t. As Pink said, “don’t let me get me”, be a friend to yourself and stand up for your needs. Some of you need to find your voice, so take in consideration of the things you value, and if someone strikes you negatively, let them know. It’s not your job to sit back, relax and pretend like nothing bothers you.