July 16, 2024
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The Biggest Turn Offs for Each Zodiac Sign

The Biggest Turn Offs for Each Zodiac Sign

Is 2023 the summer of love? Well, it certainly could be so long as you know what to do and what not to do when trying to woo your crush or lull your longtime lover into the bedroom! Every astrology chart is like a unique fingerprint but understanding the basic turn offs for each of the signs can be the make it or break it moment for your love life this summer.

So, here are the biggest turn offs for each zodiac sign:

So, scroll down and find the signs that are in your lover’s big three, so you know what not to do the next time you’re feeling sexy and flirty around them.


Aries is a sign that moves hard and fast through life, they’re not ones to stop and smell every rose that crosses their path. So, when it comes to lovers, they get a thrill from the same kind of speed and the passion that goes with it.

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Slow pokes and people who can’t make up their mind and leap headfirst into love with them aren’t going to last long.


If there is one thing at the top of the list that a Taurus needs in order to get in the mood for love, it’s proper mood lighting!

I don’t know a single Taurus who isn’t a connoisseur of candles and decorative lights and lamps, so I wouldn’t suggest making your big move while the two of you are under fluorescent lights. It might sound silly to you, but this one simple trick could make or break it with your Taurus crush!


Nothing is sexier than good banter between lovers for a Gemini, so anyone who takes their cheeky jibes too seriously will put a grinding halt to their amorous emotions.

Getting in the mood is like playing a round of table tennis, you need to be able to volley back and fourth in order to set the mood for this air sign.

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Cancer is the divine caregiver and lover of the zodiac so, it might go without saying but, cruelty and general meanness is a huge turn off for this water sign.

Sensitive not just to their own feelings but to the feelings of others as well, you need to be on your best behavior around a Cancer because they are not going to put up with rudeness, much less invite you to their bedroom if you’re being a jerk.


Trust me, it’s actually pretty easy to stay in the good graces of a Leo and, if your feelings are genuine, it’s not hard to make them fall for you! The one thing that is going to ruin your chances with a Leo is playing it too cold with them.

Leo is ruled by the heart and when they love they love big, so giving them the cold shoulder for too long will have them taking you off the roster permanently.


Virgos are the secret freaks of the zodiac; you would only be so lucky to take one to bed! That being said, there is a very simple rule you need to stick to in order to make sure you get a return invite: take your hygiene seriously.

As an earth sign, Virgo expects a certain level of cleanliness that sometimes goes above and beyond normal standards, but in order to do the things they want to do in bed you should definitely be cleaning every nook and cranny carefully!

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A big way to turn a Libra off is by negging–the act of being mean to someone and pointing out their flaws in order to get them to lower their standards and like you more.

It’s a real sleazy way to come on to someone, but when it comes to winning over fair and balanced Libra, nothing is less sexy than negging!


Scorpios have a unique way of sniffing out the truth in any given situation, so trying to bed them by lying to them is not a good idea.

Any kind of dishonesty is going to put a real rift between you and your Scorpio crush, but especially if the lie has to do with your preferences and skills in the bedroom, so fake doms need not apply!


There is no quicker way to get ghosted by a Sagittarius than by taking them on a boring date.

This is not the kind of person who is going to come running back for more because of an afternoon sipping coffee, so try to think of something more exciting to keep them entertained.

Oh, and be sure to keep your distance because clinginess is not sexy at all to these fire signs.


The number 1 rule when it comes to wooing your Capricorn crush is that you have to be reliable. Nothing is less sexy than showing up late to a date or canceling the day of.

Capricorns value their time and expect it to be respected in return, if you can’t follow these simple rules, you’ll be kicked off the team before you even got to go out onto the court.


Aquarius really values friendship, so love can often take a bit more of a backseat. They feel more comfortable going on dates that are laid back and simple with no pressure to rush into a relationship.

So, nothing freaks them out more than someone falling in love on the first date. Avoid overly soppy text messages or they will run away faster than Usain Bolt!


Pisces people feel things very deeply and have a sensitivity to energy that is unparalleled by any of the other signs, because of this they tend to live a pretty dreamy existence.

An easy way to turn off a Pisces is by trying to be too realistic, setting up boundaries where they’re not needed, and trying to pressure them into being more practical. Live in the realm of whimsy if you fancy a Pisces!