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How You Celebrate World Television Day Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How You Celebrate World Television Day Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You cannot go wrong with sitting down after a long day of work and watching your favorite television show, as the invention of the TV was based on the fact that people needed visual entertainment at home in the 1930s. However, most people did not start having a TV until around a decade later. Television has made a significant impact on the entertainment industry, and it is the primary source of communication.

Television is there to entertain you and inform and educate you and has greatly influenced your opinions and decisions. On November 21st, World Television Day was established in 1996 by the United Nations to celebrate the day since TV has significantly impacted people for decades. How will you celebrate World Television Day based on your zodiac sign?

Aries – Watch A Fast-Paced Program

Aries, you are passionate and highly energetic. So it is not surprising that any television show you prefer to watch is fast-paced. You love action-oriented shows that are energetic and dramatic, and you also like suspense thrillers. Surprisingly, you also have a soft spot for light-hearted comedies, but only for how you can identify yourself with any of the characters.

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Examples of television shows you like are The Walking Dead, House of Cards, Grey’s Anatomy, and Sacred Games. You will celebrate it by watching any of those shows while munching on spicy buffalo wings or chips.

Taurus – Watch Shows That Bring Comfort

Taurus, you are stoic and stable, and you are not the action-oriented type unless you decide to be that way for a purpose you must fulfill, as you are hard-working too. That is why the television shows you enjoy watching are those that make you feel good, which include light-hearted comedies and some drama.

You also enjoy watching political shows, and because you are patient, you like shows with long series. Examples of shows you would like to watch on World Television Day (and any other day) are Friends, House of Cards, and America’s Next Top Model. You will also celebrate the day by eating chocolate chip cookies with hot cocoa.

Gemini – Watch Shows That Stimulate You

Gemini, you are versatile, and you are also curious, interested, and highly energetic. Therefore, any television show you will watch on World Television Day or any other day stimulates you intellectually and keeps you interested, as it will motivate you to follow the plot instead of changing the channel to see if anything else is better.

You like a wide variety of genres as long as the show interests you. For example, watching the nature channel, American Horror Story, Breaking Bad, Black Mirror, and Game of Thrones may be enjoyable. You will celebrate the day by watching any of those shows with any snack you decide to enjoy at the last minute.

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Cancer – Watch TV Shows That Hit You Emotionally

Cancer, you are emotional and nurturing, so it is not a surprise that you would love to watch television shows that you can emotionally connect with or shows that will cause you to read between the lines in a compassionate way. You prefer that the shows you watch are somewhat unconventional and dark. You like strong characters too.

Therefore, examples of shows would be Modern Family, Reasons Why, Friday Night Lights, and the Vampire Diaries. You would celebrate World Television Day by watching any of those shows as you have the fireplace lit, drinking your hot cocoa, and eating cookies.

Leo – Watch Contemporary Shows

Leo, you are bold and energetic and also enjoy trying new things. You love to be in charge and want others to notice you. That is why the nature of the television shows you would like to watch are culturally significant and contemporary. However, you do appreciate them being on the light side.

The television shows you would watch on World Television Day are Gossip Girl, Game of Thrones, Quantico, Blackish, and The Good Place. You can celebrate the day by watching any of those shows as you enjoy your baked pastry while telling those around you how excellent they are.

Virgo – Watch Mysterious Shows

Virgo, you have a solid analytical side and are fantastic with picking apart mysteries and examining them as you are detail-oriented. It would be best if you also had intellectual stimulation since Mercury is your ruler. Therefore, the television shows that you would want to watch are those where you can solve mysteries, as suspense thriller is one genre you appreciate.

However, you also have an empathetic side, which means you enjoy watching shows with characters where you can unravel them and their motives. Examples of shows that you would watch are Scandal, Breaking Bad, Arrow, Master of None, and Big Little Lies. You would watch any of those shows on World Television Day by drinking green tea and whole grain cracker with vegetable cream cheese.

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Libra – Romance And Drama Genres

Libra, you are the one that needs peace and harmony, and you have a strong sense of justice. Therefore, you would love to watch television shows you can relate to and involve villains getting the karma they put out. You also are the type to find relationships meaningful, and that is why you want to watch shows that have romance in them.

Therefore, the shows you would like to watch are Orange is the New Black, The Mentalist, Game of Thrones, Friends, and Modern Love. You will enjoy sweet treats with herbal tea as you decompress while watching any of those shows.

Scorpio – Shows That Are Mysterious And Dark

Scorpio, you are the one that is intense and mysterious. And you appreciate some darkness because everyone has darkness, and you fully embrace your shadow self. You love television shows that are intense and that have a lot of plotting and scheming in them. If the show is not intense enough, it bores you.

That means the television shows that you enjoy watching are those such as Sherlock, Ozark, Money Heist, Stranger Things, and Dark. Therefore, you will be watching those to celebrate World Television Day, and you may enjoy some dark chocolate to relax as you know it is good for you, and the taste is somewhat intense.

Sagittarius – Watching Fast-Paced Shows

Sagittarius, you are the one that is very much into anything fun, adventurous, and quick-paced, which would explain why you prefer specific television genres or types. You love to travel, and you will appreciate shows that have anything to do with travel. You also do like some drama, but you are not the one to have the patience for a show to drag out too much.

You would also be open to trying to watch brand-new shows. However, the shows you would enjoy watching are Shameless, The Good Place, How I Met Your Mother and Criminal Minds, and you will enjoy eating a bag of Doritos as you watch the shows.

Capricorn – Watch Business Shows And Shows On Serious Matters

Capricorn, you are very serious and goal-oriented and don’t have the time or patience for TV shows, only for entertainment. The shows you love are those that are informative, and that can feed you the knowledge you need. You are also very traditional regarding everything, including the type of television shows you watch.

You don’t like to try anything new, but there is an exception. You will watch a new TV show that you know will be informative and be about serious matters. Therefore, the shows you watch on World Television Day (and any other day) are Law and Order: SUV, House of Cards, 13 Reasons Why, and Black Mirror.

Aquarius – Shows That Are Progressive

Aquarius, you are the one that is known to be very non-conformist, progressive, and perhaps even eccentric. You are likely going to be into Sci-Fi and many television shows. You will be in that genre. However, you sometimes like comedies that contain a social message, but you would stick with anything progressive.

Therefore, the shows you will be watching are Star Trek, Star Wars, Alternate Carbon, Behind Her Eyes, Money Heist, Ozark, Unbelievable, and Dark. You may enjoy it with a snack, but whatever that snack is, it will be unpredictable because you can decide those things on a whim.

Pisces – Artistic And Creative Shows

Pisces, you are dreamy, and you are also very artsy and have an appreciation for creativity. In addition, you can be emotional, and TV shows that can bring sentimental value to you may also be the types of shows you like. It would be best if you also had an escape which is why you need shows that can bring you into a fantasy so you can unwind after so many tough days.

Therefore, television shows such as Glee. Friends, Euphoria. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Gilmore Girls, and the Leftovers. You will likely enjoy it with hot cocoa and a sweet treat.


What show will you watch on World Television Day? That is on November 21st, and you will want to line up your favorite shows to indulge in as you celebrate the day. Also, why not prepare some great snacks and invite your friends to celebrate it? While at it, think about how TV has evolved since its invention. Who could have imagined back in those days that you would be enjoying modern flat-screened televisions today when back in the day, TVs were small or bigger boxes that sat on stands in the den?