June 20, 2024
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How to Change Up Your Look in 2022 Based on Your Sign

How to Change Up Your Look in 2022 Based on Your Sign

How to Change Up Your Look in 2022? Plain and simple: in a way that makes you comfortable with yourself!  You know, our personal style is about more than just flimsy vanity, it’s a way to express our truest selves-even astrology can back this up!

Oftentimes you’ll hear the outdated saying that your rising sign is a mask you wear but that’s not true, it’s your identity. Our rising signs reflect the sense of identity we get from our personal style, so it also dictates how you look as well as what clothes you’re drawn to.

And How to Change Up Your Look in 2022 Based on Your Sign?

If you don’t know your rising sign, you’ll need to know your time of birth to figure it out. Our rising signs change every 2 hours, so as long as you have a guesstimate of when you’re born you can figure out your rising sign.

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All the rising signs are due for a style upgrade this year, so scroll down and find your sign to figure out what kind of style upgrades you’ll be making!


Aries risings tend to excel at rocking a style that is true and authentic to themselves, but as humans, we’re always changing. So, you should book a hair appointment in May so that your ‘do can reflect who you are now. There’s no better time to choose a fun rebellious style you’ve been wanting to try out for ages.


You’ve probably heard of the idea of having an inner child, but when it comes to Taurus risings this year you should be dressing for your inner teenager. What clothes did you want to wear in high school but never had the courage to try on? Rock them this summer and be sure to book a nail appointment in June so that you can complete the look.


No matter what age you are, Gemini risings are forever young! So this is a great year to keep up with the latest trends and boldly rock the clothes that some of your peers wouldn’t dare try. By October you should know which trends look best and feel most authentic to who you are, so don’t be afraid to show yourself off this fall.


You’ve heard the phrase “dress for the job you want” before but it’s going to ring especially true this year, Cancer. Whether that means rocking a badass pantsuit or adding a sparkling tiara when you go out is up to you! Come August you may want to lay low and redesign your wardrobe as well as your dream job title though, so be prepared for a redesign.

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Every Leo rising is known to turn a few heads when they walk into the room due to their bold fashion choices, so this year it’s all about refining the look. Study the history of fashion this summer to inspire your wardrobe in new ways, you’ll be ready to show it off and impress your friends by early August.


Thrifting unique and well-made vintage fashions is the name of the game this year for Virgo risings. The clothes that are going to make you feel your best are probably not going to be the latest trends from popular online stores. You may be particularly drawn to coats and outerwear because September is looking like the time when your fashion sense will shine the brightest.


The search for your next big fashion moment lies in the help of friends, Libra. Ask your friends if you can go through their clothes and try on your fav pieces to see what works for you. You can even grab your friends and take them shopping, asking them to pick out a new outfit for you. Fashion is more fun when it’s shared with others anyway!


You’ve got your basics down and anyone would be hard-pressed to get you to shake up your look, Scorpio, but there’s still room for some funky fashion play with accessories.

Try out some fun new hats in May, focus on necklaces in June, add a new ring to your collection in July, and of course, Fall is a great time to buy a statement coat or jacket. And for the record, you know quite well how to change up your look in 2022.


This year is the perfect time to boost your mood with your style choices. Really get into it and have some fun in May by buying clothes in bright colors and patterns-anything that make your brain feel happy. By September you will have plenty of new pieces in your wardrobe that give boosts of serotonin to your day, so show it off on social media that month, Sagittarius.

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The thing you’ll want to add to your wardrobe this year is Capricornis’s several cozy two-piece sets. Don’t hold back from treating yourself to cute new silk pajamas, some show-stopping workout fits, and some cozy cute sets that totally work for both lounging around the house as well as going out for coffee with friends.


You’ve never been one to fit in with the crowd, so Aquarius, don’t be afraid to let your uniqueness shine bright and proud this year. Buy some new out-of-the-bloc statement pieces this summer in late June and early July. I dare you to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to clothes because, at the end of the day, life is short so your clothes should be anything but boring!


Splurge (responsibly) this year when it comes to fashion-you deserve it! If you’ve been eyeing a pair of designer boots or solid gold jewelry, make the leap and take those items in your online cart all the way to check out in May and August. Pisces, I guarantee you that money will be flowing to you much more easily this summer, so treat yourself because fashion is a powerful mood booster.

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