June 16, 2024
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How to Be Happier According to Your Zodiac Sign

How to Be Happier According to Your Zodiac Sign

One of the most valuable things you can be is happiness; not everyone knows how to be that way. How can you make happiness happen on Happiness Happens Day, August 8th? The most essential thing in life is happiness. Without actively seeking it, you can talk about it, spread it, dream about it, or, hopefully, experience it. Happiness is a goal for many people. Then some seem happy all the time. What is their secret? Do they work at it, or does it come naturally to them? Let’s see how you can be happier based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Be In Control

Aries, you are energetic, passionate, and the ultimate leader. And when you cannot be in a position to be a leader, that can hurt your happiness. Being a follower is not something that would make you happy at all. Therefore, you are the happiest if you can be the leader and be in control. You naturally want to come first, and independence is essential. Consequently, you want to control situations that you know you can control (and it is difficult to face problems that are out of your control, but you also understand there is little you can do about that). When you are in control and have an opportunity to be a leader, you are the happiest.

Taurus – Start A Collection That Means Something To You

Taurus, you are stoic and stable and like to keep your routines predictable. You are also an earth sign so that you would find happiness and comfort in your possessions. Therefore, one way to make yourself happy is to build a collection of something that means a lot to you. That is not hoarding at all, and that would make you very unhappy if you held onto items that meant nothing to you. Therefore, start a collection of something you enjoy, whether small statues, hats, shoes, or cards. It would make you proud and happy and give you a sense of security.

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Gemini – Having Someone To Talk To

Gemini, you are versatile, and you are sociable, and you also need constant mental stimulation. You also always have something to say. Therefore, you will be unhappy if you cannot talk to anyone. You can be happier if you are always able to have someone around to speak with and you want to go beyond having small talk. You want to talk about profound topics. Fortunately, with today’s technology, you can always find someone to talk to and have the type of conversations you want with them. That way, you will be happy if you can talk to someone.

Cancer – Stay With Those Who You Consider Family

Cancer, you are emotional, and your home and family mean everything to you. You are also too kind sometimes; others can easily take advantage of that. When that happens, you often become ice cold, showing unhappiness. The best thing for you to do is to evaluate your relationships. And do not have qualms about cutting out those who do not nurture and care for you how you care for them. And only stick to those who treat you like family because being with those who treat you that way will be the secret to your happiness. Keep nurturing those relationships.

Leo – Express Yourself Authentically

Leo, you love to be the center of attention and will do everything you can to be in the spotlight. But if you are attempting to get someone’s attention based on inauthentic ways, only so you are in the spotlight, does that make you genuinely happy? If you are true to yourself, you will see it does not. And sometimes, you have to let go of your pride to do that. Therefore, the way to happiness for you is to express yourself authentically. That even means showing your vulnerability as you let go of your pride. Sometimes you are not looking to be the center of attention but to be heard instead.

Virgo – Keeping It Simple

Virgo, you can be intense due to your perfectionism and are very analytical and detail-oriented. You do not like anything imperfect, but the problem is life is imperfect. And the less you accept that reality, the worse it becomes for you, which will make you unhappy. You cannot change your nature, but you can make yourself happier by keeping life simple. Lower your standards, and don’t expect too much out of life. Expose yourself more to nature and add calming rituals, such as meditation or engaging in hobbies that make you happy. Being a minimalist can also do that for you.

Libra – Develop A Relationship With Yourself

Libra, you are the one that values relationships, and you need to be with others. You also don’t like to express your thoughts and opinions because you want to make others happy, but this people-pleasing side to you is not helping you at all. That is why deep down, you feel a sense of frustration. You can be at your happiest if you can develop a relationship with yourself, which will make you less dependent on others, and you will have an easier time developing boundaries. If you can do that, you will feel more balanced, which you need.

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Scorpio – Feed Your Mind

Scorpio, you are intense, and you are mysterious. You want to stay that way. But you do have a gift, and that is to probe into everything you can. You want to unravel mysteries and get to the bottom of things. You are happy when you can do that, but you would also be happiest if you let yourself feed your mind. That means watching documentaries about anything that interests you, whether about space, the world, history, etc. You can start a podcast on any intellectual topic that interests you.

Sagittarius – Keep Trying New Things

Sagittarius, you are optimistic as it is, as you are also a natural explorer, and you love going on adventures. The things that make you unhappy are being tied down with too much responsibility, which you cannot always escape, and boredom. The secret to your happiness is always to try new things. Even if you are bogged down with responsibility due to work or family, or both, which gets in the way of traveling, you can always find ways to try new things. It can mean you can try a new cuisine, read a new book, or learn a new language. The list goes on.

Capricorn – Set Attainable Goals

Capricorn, you are hard-working and goal-oriented. You can be too ambitious for your own good, which means you may be setting goals that could be too lofty. And if you do not reach those goals, you will be miserable and berate yourself for it. The first thing you need to do is to accept that you are human and that no human is perfect. Remind yourself that there is more to life than setting goals. Therefore, start setting attainable goals; the more you do that, the more you will achieve them, making you happy.

Aquarius – Be Proud Of Who You Are

Aquarius, you are a rebel and do not like to conform. However, you sometimes feel pressured to fit in somehow, or you will become ostracized. Even though it is important to behave in ways that will not get kicked out of places or have others film you and post it online, never compromise who you are to fit in.  Honor your creativity, your innovative side, and celebrate your eccentric quirks. If you do that, you will be more confident, and no one can take that away. As long as you be yourself, you will be happy.

Pisces – Show Your Creative Side

Pisces, you are intuitive, imaginative, and creative. You are also highly sensitive, so you struggle to handle crowds. The energy is too much for you to bear. And if something stunts your creativity, that makes you unhappy. If you can express your creative side, then you are much happier. That means if you can create music, or paintings, or even write poetry, or write novels, then you are the happiest, and that means you should find time to express your creativity.


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There is a lot of stress in the world, and when surrounded by negative news, that can ruin your happiness. That is why on August 8th, you will want to challenge yourself not to doom scroll and turn the news off. Focus on what makes you happy because that is Happiness Happens Day. Take the time to indulge in anything that truly makes you happy, and that can even mean grabbing an ice cream cone and enjoying it at the park in the sunshine. Make the most of the day.