July 18, 2024
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How Do You Celebrate Winter Solstice Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How Do You Celebrate Winter Solstice Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer until you hit the shortest day and longest night on December 21st, which is the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (and the Summer Solstice is in the Southern Hemisphere).

After the 21st, the days will start getting longer, and the nights will get shorter again, but you will not notice it until around the middle of January because the increments happen per minute or so each day. Yule is a big celebration of paganism, and those who don’t follow the pagan path may also have their celebrations for the Winter Solstice. How do you celebrate the Winter Solstice based on your zodiac sign?

Aries – Slow Down And Reflect

Aries, you are full of energy and always on the go. However, during the time of the Winter Solstice, the best thing you can do is slow down, disconnect from technology (yes, put your phone away for the time being), and go into hermit mode because there is a lot of information within you to process and to reflect on your accomplishments and also what you can improve on in the following year.

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That is never easy for you because you are constantly on the go, but this is one of those times when sitting and reflecting is the best way to honor the solstice.

Taurus – Get Crafty

Taurus, you are the determined one that is also steady and stoic. And there is a creative side to you, given that your ruler, Venus, is the planet of beauty and love as creativity. Since you are very much into the outdoors and nature, you will also want to incorporate that into your solstice celebrations.

Therefore, you will want to go out and collect small branches, sprigs, and pinecones, and you can make a wreath, or you can make other crafts and give them away to your friends and family, who will appreciate it.

Gemini – Have A Solstice Get-Together

Gemini, you are versatile and appreciate the solstice because of the juxtaposition of lightness and darkness. You can wear light and dark clothing, and you also can invite some of your closest friends to wear the same and have a get-together or even a party if you feel you want to go all out and have a ceremony where you are saying goodbye to the darkness and hello to the light.

However, if you prefer not to dress in white and dark clothing and want to get more into holiday-themed clothing, that is your choice too. But it will be a perfect excuse to be with friends because that brings happiness.

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Cancer – Light Some Candles And Read A Book

Cancer, the Winter Solstice is one of the most sensitive times for you, which is why you will want to hang around your home even more. You will celebrate the solstice by turning off the light, lighting a few candles, snuggling up in your bed, and reading one of your favorite books.

Being around others, except your family, will drain you a lot. Perhaps you will watch movies with your kids if you have kids, but you will once again value your private time by reading books in your candlelit bedroom.

Leo – Decorating Your Home

Leo, you are the one that wants to shine and for others to notice you. Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, you will be decorating your home based on your winter holiday. You will be painting ornaments on your tree that will be visible to others based on where you place it or a menorah on your window sill so that your neighbors can see.

Not only will you use ordinary paint, but you will also cover plenty of glitter on what you decorate. You celebrate the solstice by getting into the spirit, just as long as others see how you do it.

Virgo – Take The Time To Relax

Virgo, you are very analytical and tend to overthink, and the best way to celebrate the Winter Solstice is to allow yourself to chill. That means lighting lavender candles throughout your home, putting on some relaxing music, and letting go of the thoughts that have been stressing you out over the year.

This is the time to focus on yourself and exhale the stress you have been keeping in, as this is the time to renew your mind, body, and soul. You can take a spiritual bath, meditate, or do what Cancer does by reading your favorite book in bed.

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Libra – Enjoy Time With Friends With A Bonfire

Libra, you do not like to be alone. You will not celebrate the Winter Solstice alone, as you will hang out with your friends and sit near a bonfire. You will connect with your friends and your community while connecting with nature.

While this is the shortest day of the year when there is the least sunlight, you are celebrating that the sun will shine again for longer in the coming days. Of course, as you keep warm by the bonfire, you will also enjoy hot cocoa to make it sweeter.

Scorpio – Do Some Journaling

Scorpio, you are intense, private, and passionate, and this is a perfect time for you to take out your journal and begin to write your intentions for the following year. You will write a note of intentions to yourself and what you want to attract into your life, and you will also write the things you want to accomplish.

Then, when it is January, you will want to go back to it and read it so you can use it to remind yourself of the priorities you need to keep.

Sagittarius – Take A Walk

Sagittarius, you are known as the happy-go-lucky one, but what everyone forgets about you is that you are also very spiritual. That is why you will celebrate the solstice by taking a walk in your neighborhood as you take in the nature surrounding you, and you will be complementation and meditative.

Look around, see how the season changes, and focus on that, as you will appreciate the wonder. If there is a snowstorm where walking around may be difficult, you will still be quite reflective and appreciative of the changes in the season, as it will give you a sense of wonder.

Capricorn – Do Some Meditation

Capricorn, you are constantly striving to improve and are goal-oriented. Therefore, you often have mind chatter because you are continually thinking about how to accomplish the next best thing since you are highly ambitious. However, because this is your season, you will want to rest from that.

Therefore, you will want to sit still and meditate to clear your mind. Therefore, stop the inner chatter through meditation, which will be a great way to reset your mind so you can gain the clarity you did not have before into the new year.

Aquarius – Japanese Yuzu Bath

Aquarius, you like to stand out and do things your way, and you will have an original way of celebrating the solstice. Therefore, you will want to take a yuzu bath. And if you don’t have a yuzu fruit anywhere near you, any citrus fruit such as orange, grapefruit, or lemon will do.

You will want to add citrus fruit to the bath to celebrate the solstice by boosting your immune system, as citrus fruits have plenty of Vitamin C. You can absorb it so you can come into the new year healthy and strong. You can also use citrus essential oil to give yourself the vibe of this bath if you don’t have any fruits available near you.

Pisces – Indulging In A Sweet Treat

Pisces, you are the imaginative type, and you love to take any escape that you can, so you will welcome any celebration. The way to celebrate the solstice is by indulging in a sweet treat; whether it is some holiday chocolates, hot cocoa, or pie, you will make that a tradition to celebrate the start of winter.

And you will also welcome any neighbors that want to join you. If not, you will do it at home, with the fireplace on, get cozy, and indulge in your sweet tooth.


However you decide to celebrate the Winter Solstice is entirely up to you, so regardless of your sign, if any of these ideas appeal to you, give it a go. And suppose it is a snowy day or a blizzard. In that case, you will likely want to do what Pisces does, as enjoying a cup of hot cocoa with the fireplace on is a cozy way to bring in the solstice, and it is a day to chill, not worry about work and anything that is stressing you out.