July 15, 2024
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Hidden Depths of Virgo

The Hidden Depths, Needs and Passions of Virgo

There are misconceptions about all the astrological signs, but none more than the sign of the humble Virgo.  This grounded, routine-oriented earth sign has been linked to impulsive, flippant Mercury and most Virgos who know about their sign are still told they are ruled by Mercury.

In this article, I will explain why this isn’t true and explain the real motivation, needs, and secret desires of the sign.

The Traits

It’s important to consider that we all have every single zodiac sign in some areas of our charts.  A Pisces may have all the qualities of Pisces, but be born with the Moon in discerning Virgo, giving them many traits of the sign.  Similarly, a Libra Sun could be born with their Mercury and Venus in the sign of Virgo and find that have a lot more in common with Virgo than their own sun sign.

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These traits that I am going to explain exist in ALL of us, in some area of our lives and that is one of the reasons astrology is so magical.  We all overlap in some way and we are all intrinsically linked.

An Insight into the Links to Mercury

All of the astrological signs are said to have ‘ruling planets’ and these allocated planets embody the characteristics and nature of the sign they are connected to.  For instance, Aries is ruled by Mars and as we all know Mars is connected to impulsive, masculine, expressive, and physical energy.  All characteristics of the sign of Aries.

Now Mercury is the planet of thought, interaction, and communication and suits the attributes of chatty, world Gemini perfectly, but for centuries Mercury has been said to ‘rule’ the sign of Virgo also.  The logic behind this being that Virgo is analytical and very good at processing and utilizing information, therefore it makes sense to link it to the planet which transmits that information, right?  Well, actually, no. 

Mercury is the faster mover in our solar system and the nature of it is quick, connective, and airy.  Virgo on the other hand will process information before acting, express in gestures more often than in words, and tends towards slow, planned, confident actions before anything else.

Virgo is an Earth Sign

The three earth signs in the zodiac are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.  The nature of the element of earth is to do with the physical world.  So, earth signs are far more comfortable and adept when dealing with the tangible.  Earth signs are generally better at building, as they are grounded and intrinsically understand gravity and balance.  They are also more ‘hands-on’ and may well have great skills with their hands and making and arranging things, usually imbued with excellent spatial awareness they will be good at construction and more inclined to enjoy jigsaws.

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If considering learning styles, it is now accepted that some learn best by memorizing words, others with visuals, some with routine, earth signs will often have excellent tactile memory.  That is to say that they will be less likely to lose things, as they will have physical routines and that they learn best by ‘trying something out’ then by watching it demonstrated. 

What Are the Other Elements Like?

As mentioned, we all have all the signs somewhere in our charts, and we all have attributes of all of the four elements, so it’s important to quickly run through them to provide a bigger picture.

So, we’ve explained about the earth and this being the element for Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

There is also fire, which connects to the signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.  Fire is about action and impact, the fire signs are direct, energetic, and like to push themselves.  These signs are physically expressive and often sporty and competitive. 

Next, we have air that connects to the signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.  Air is all about communication and information.  These signs will often enjoy reading and write and will often be very good at expressing themselves and charming others.

The final element is water, which connects to Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.  This is the element that connects most to feelings and emotions.  These signs will be more moved and have more developed senses, hence they are associated with the creative arts, as they are more in ‘tune’ with the power of music, poetry, and how feelings govern our fulfillment.

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An Introduction to Chiron

Chiron is known as an asteroid, but it does have its own independent orbit around the Sun, so it should be known as a ‘dwarf planet’.  First discovered and named on xxxxx Chiron was immediately dubbed as ‘the wounded healer’ and it is said that where it falls in our chart astrologically, will depict a vulnerable part of our characters, often connecting to our fears/difficult experiences from childhood.  Discovered at a time with the ‘new age’ sciences began to grow in popularity, Chiron brought us an awareness of greater depths and fragilities within the human psyche.  Eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and anxiety issues are far more common now than they were 50 years ago, or is it simply that we talk about them more?

Either way, the discovery of Chiron brought these elements of humanity into the mainstream and were forevermore aware of the deep sensitive nuances of each individual and that a focus on maintaining good mental health is not only as important as our physical health, but it is also the best way to maintain the latter.

How Chiron Fits in With the Essence of Virgo

The true essence of the sign of Virgo is ‘service’ and ‘methodology’.  We all know that Virgo excels in scrutinizing the details and it’s also clear that this is a way to keep everything ‘ticking over’; prevention is better than cure after all.

Virgo is also the sign that rules health in our charts, it’s correlated astrological house is all about how we maintain ourselves on a day to day basis.  How cleanliness and hygiene are so important that they have given us the luxury of longevity and better overall health. 

Outlining these areas already shows an obvious link to Chiron which is all about vulnerabilities and how acknowledging and working on them maintains our day to day health.

Chiron isn’t only about the weaknesses though; it is also about bringing to knowledge and experience of the human condition to others.  Chiron wants to help, and Chiron really cares.  Just as Virgo is the sign of the nurse and the social worker, wherever Chiron fall in our charts is where we will find these traits in our own personalities.

The truth is Virgo is not cerebral at all, Virgo is caring, vulnerable, and unendingly kind and considerate.  Known for being critical this is often most shown towards the self and Chiron knows that the only way to heal oneself is to better oneself and this cannot be done without knowledge as to the areas which need the most work.  If a person with strong Virgo/Chiron criticizes you know that this is usually because they actually care and want to help and unfortunately do not have the great finesse and clever wording that the communicative air signs do.

Ultimately Virgo is the most naturally humble sign in the zodiac, they rarely think highly of themselves and often put the needs and feelings of others before their own.  Born with great insight into the Chironic sensitivities we experience as fragile human beings, their responsibility to protect and nurture others is second to none.