July 19, 2024
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How The Zodiac Signs React To A Compliment

How do you respond when you get a compliment? Do you love them? Or do they make you feel somewhat awkward? Or, are you so humble that you do not want to acknowledge it and then say, “Oh really, it is not a big deal, I didn’t do anything that great,” or so on? Or do you happen to despise compliments because you don’t think they are sincere or do you downright believe that the person giving them is lying? Everyone has their way of responding to compliments. Let’s see how you react to them based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – You Cannot Get Enough Of Compliments

Aries, you are full of passion and excitement and love how anyone gives you attention. That is why whenever someone compliments you, you cannot get enough of the nice things they say about you. Naturally, you will thank them for each kind thing they say, and you will want to do more things that will earn you some compliments. However, as you know, you can be impulsive and quick to anger, so that is something to remember if you want to keep getting more kind things said to you by others. That means to think before you act.

Taurus – Compliments Make You Feel Awkward

Taurus, you are the one that is stable and stoic, and you also like to keep to yourself. Therefore, you are the very low-key one, and that is why you will not respond too well when you get a compliment. Compliments make you feel very awkward, which means if someone compliments you, you will smile and nervously say something along the lines of “thank you, I guess.” Know that when someone does compliment you, chances are they are being sincere, and you may even believe otherwise. That could also be why they make you feel awkward.

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Gemini – Praise Motivates You

Gemini, you are versatile, you are also very friendly, and you love communication and anything that is intellectually related. However, you do love having the approval of others, as that is a big motivator for you. If you get compliments, you will feel more motivated to keep pleasing them. Therefore, since you know that you tend to get distracted a lot, you will stay more so on task if you are praised. It upsets you to the degree that commitment can be tricky, but if you receive plenty of encouragement about it, you will find a way to be more motivated to stay on task and productive.

Cancer – You Thank Others For Their Kind Words But Don’t Like It

Cancer, you are very humble, and you are also nurturing and emotional. Therefore, you have no problem complimenting others because you want to make others feel good. However, when someone compliments you, that is a much different story. You do not like it even though you will thank them for the kind words. But inside, you are squirming because you feel the compliment you receive will bring you extra attention you don’t want. You are too humble, and you are also self-conscious, and you feel very awkward if you accept praise, even if you deserve it.

Leo – You Love Them

Leo, you love being in the spotlight, and having attention on you is pure heaven. Therefore, it is not a surprise that you love getting compliments, and you will keep doing everything possible to keep them coming. You are also appreciative of getting compliments which is why you will keep finding reasons for others to praise you. You are very similar to Aries when it comes to receiving compliments, so that will keep you wanting to be in the spotlight as much as possible.

Virgo – You Surprisingly Love Them But Not For The Right Reasons

Virgo, you are analytical and have very high standards that are not always realistic. Face it. You are a perfectionist. And one would think you would be humble and not want to get compliments like Taurus or Cancer because of how you are introverted. However, at the same time, you want to find reasons for others to like you and think you are good at something. Therefore, when you receive compliments, you like them and take them too seriously to the point that you can do better than others. You have to be careful not to let your ego get into the way even though you do deserve the compliments you get.

Libra – You Give Back A Compliment

Libra, you want to be balanced, and you are also very diplomatic, so whenever someone compliments you, you will happily accept it and give a compliment back. In addition, you will give praise back to them that you can think of immediately. For example, if someone says they love your new outfit, you will thank them and then tell them that they have lovely hair. You will not want to go without complimenting them because you need balance. Therefore, if someone compliments you, you want to be sure to balance it by giving it back.

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Scorpio – You Will Not Accept It If It Is Not Genuine

Scorpio, your intense and private nature is why you have no time and patience for small talk. You do not accept meaningless compliments, or else you will give them an eye roll or an annoyed look. If you are going to receive praise, it has to be genuine and from the heart. For example, you will not accept a compliment from someone telling you that they love your handbag. However, if someone tells you that they love how you write or speak from the heart because it affects them profoundly, you will happily thank them for it.

Sagittarius – You Will Love It Deep Down But Won’t Act Like It

Sagittarius, you are blunt and laugh at anything because that is in your nature. You may even be guilty of laughing at inappropriate stuff. And if someone compliments you, you will act as if you don’t take it seriously and laugh at it. However, at the same time, you will secretly appreciate and love it. That is why you will want to get more of them and keep doing things that will earn you praise. Those who give you those compliments don’t know that.

Capricorn – Prefers Feedback

Capricorn, you are the one who takes everything seriously. You also are not the one who will accept anything shallow in your life. Therefore, you don’t have time for compliments, even if they are genuine. What you want instead is a compliment but also constructive feedback. For example, if you created something, whether it would be a writing or an art piece, and wanted someone’s input on it, you would not be happy with something along the lines of “Oh, it looks great.” Instead, you would like to hear, “Oh, it looks great but allow me to tell you what you can improve on it, and I will explain why” kind of thing. You are always looking to find room for improvement.

Aquarius – You Appreciate Sincere Compliments

Aquarius, you do not have time for anything or anyone who is not sincere. That is why if you receive a compliment, you will only accept it if it is genuine and show your appreciation too. You do not like to acknowledge your feelings, but you cannot help it if you receive a natural complement that is heartfelt. You may even love it so much that you would want to give the one who complimented you a hug and a kiss, but chances are, you would not do that. When it comes to fake compliments, you don’t even listen or acknowledge them.

Pisces – Has A Hard Time Believing Them

Pisces, you are empathetic, imaginative, intuitive, and artsy. However, you display a great deal of mistrust because others have taken advantage of you. If someone compliments you, you have a hard time accepting it. It is not because of being humble like Cancer or feeling awkward like Taurus. It is because you don’t know if these compliments are believable. You may thank the ones who send you a compliment anyway, but you also will think about the praise for a while and analyze it. If you find it genuine through intuition, you will appreciate it a lot.

Regardless of your sign, you may have your way of receiving compliments, and if you dealt with a lot of criticism in your childhood, you might struggle to accept compliments as it is because you may not even believe them. Or, you may find that compliments don’t feel natural or foreign to you. Therefore, it isn’t easy to accept something that does not feel right. Regardless of how you feel about compliments, the best thing to do is to thank the individual who gives them to you and try not to pick them apart too much. It is always lovely to hear someone say something nice to you.

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