July 13, 2024
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Which Comeback 90s Trend Should You Try Based On Your Sign?

They say that fashion works in cycles and that you can expect things from twenty years ago to become trendy again. With the recent resurgence of so many 90s trends coming back in fashion it can be hard to choose which one to try out. If nostalgia has hit you, then check out which comeback trend you should try based on your sign:

Aries – Barbed Wire/Tribal Tattoo

As an Aries, you’re keen to show the world how tough and edgy you can be. Why not indulge in one of your impulses and take a risk by getting one of those barbed wire or tribal tattoos around your bicep or wrist? Some may think it is tacky, but it seems to be making a comeback in a big way. Besides, which Aries isn’t afraid of standing out from the crowd?

Taurus – Anything Velvet

If there is one word to describe any Taurus then it would be sensual. And what is more sensual and luxurious than the feeling of velvet on your skin? The fabric was big in the 90s, and it is big again right now. Invest in a piece that not only makes you look good but also feels amazing to the touch.

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Gemini – Quirky Clothing

Geminis are known for their dualistic yet totally fun and vibrant personalities. You lot are certainly good at expressing yourselves creatively. Bold prints and wacky sweaters are making a big comeback like they once did in the 90s. Think a lot of colors, funny imagery, and wild prints. Get a couple of these pieces to show the world exactly which Gemini you are today.

Cancer – Mood Rings

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which means that one minute you will find yourself happy and jolly as can be, and then the next you might feel down and depressed. The perfect comeback trend you have to try has to be the mood ring which can supposedly tell how you are feeling based on the temperature of your body! So, whenever you’re feeling a little blue you can just look down and confirm that you might be in need of some extra self-care at that moment.

Leo – Chainmail

As you Leo you certainly know how to grab attention and get others to notice you. You definitely have a way of standing out from the crowd. And when something as attention-grabbing as chainmail outfits come back into fashion, it should be even easier than usual for you to get the admiration you desire. This is a really fun and sexy way to get noticed!

Virgo – Cardigans

Virgo, you are known for your practicality and organized nature. You always look very well put together, yet totally effortless. No wonder the 90s cardigan trend is so appealing to you! You can easily embrace your bookworm aesthetic while still looking casual and ready for whatever weather the day has in store for you. Told you – very practical!

Libra – Mesh

Libra, being ruled by Venus you love looking beautiful and making an effort with your clothing, but there is a side to your personality that is also quite fun and flirtatious, this is exactly why the mesh trend is exactly up your street. You get to show your vivacious personality, and you get to be a little naughty because you happen to be showing off a little bit of skin. Subtle, yet very effective!

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Scorpio – Leather Blazers

As a Scorpio, you love to be a little bit edgy and stand out from the crowd. Oversized blazers were huge in the 90s and they’re making a resurgence again. I wonder if the latest Matrix instalment has something to do with this. Embrace your inner anti-hero daredevil by investing in one of these pieces, it’ll certainly add to your mystery.

Sagittarius – Tinted Sunglasses

Sagittarians can’t help but be cool and totally unbothered by the rest of the world. You dance to the beat of your own drum and aren’t one to follow any trends. You just wear what you want, but even you can’t deny how much fun all these colorful sunglasses are straight out of the 90s. Who wouldn’t want to mind their own business looking so fantastic?

Capricorn – Sweater Vests

Capricorn, you’re highly ambitious, responsible, and take yourself seriously. You know how important it is to make a first impression. One of the more sensible trends from the 90s is back and that is the sweater vest. Wearing one of these pieces can make you look grown up and well put together, perfect for your cool, calm, and collected nature.

Aquarius – Tie-dye

You are fun, free-spirited, and independent, Aquarius. You make up your own rules and most importantly want to have fun in life. Tie-dye has been making a resurgence for a couple of years now, but this very well-loved trend from the 90s seems to be here to stay for a while longer. Get your hands on one of these pieces if you haven’t already and let your freak flag fly!

Pisces – Butterfly Clips

As a Pisces, you are probably the most ethereal, sensitive, and dreamlike sign out of the entire Zodiac. One of your favorite pastimes has to be using your imagination to conjure up all kinds of fantasies. Butterfly clips are back again, and perfect for you to embrace that soft, childlike, and innocent part of your personality.

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