July 13, 2024
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What Type of College Degree Would Your Zodiac Sign Yearn To Have

The Perfect College Degree For Your Zodiac Sign

Think back to when you were in high school. What did you imagine doing after graduation? Did you end up going to college, or did you end up going straight to work? Not everyone obtains a post-secondary education diploma or college degree. Still, on June 6th, it is Higher Education Day to advocate for post-secondary education. It does not matter if you attend a university, a community college, or a trade school. You want to get some additional education that will help you get the job you want, and having a higher education does make you more employable. Now, let’s look and see what college degree your zodiac sign would yearn to have, even if you chose something else!

Aries – Physical Education

Aries, you are energetic and passionate, and on the go! You are also hardworking and bold, and you will become bored easily if you don’t get enough physical stimulation. You would go for a degree or diploma aligned with physical education because that requires you to be competitive and active. For example, you would need a physical education college degree if you wanted to be a gym teacher. If you went to a trade school or elsewhere to get other training, then you go for diplomas that would also require activity such as firefighting or ambulance driving. You would not do well in an isolating, quiet, and too-structured field.

Taurus – Finance

Taurus, you are stoic, stable, and hardworking, and you also value materialism, especially money, since you have an earth sign. You are also most likely smart with budgeting, which is why the college degree you would yearn to have would be in finance. You also have an affinity for luxury, and you know that you have to have money to indulge in that, which motivates you too to have a degree in finance, as there are many lucrative careers in the financial field. Another idea for Taurus would be to go to culinary school due to the appreciation and love for good food, so if going into finance is not what you would want, you may prefer to become a chef.

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Gemini – Journalism

Gemini, you are versatile, curious, communicative, and charismatic. If you were to yearn to go into a field, it would be journalism, as that would be your college degree because you can interact and report what you see and travel to different locations to do the work. However, if journalism is not all that appealing to you, you may choose to go into writing immediately. You may get a diploma in creative writing and become a freelance writer, or you may decide to get a degree in journalism in the future. The thing with you, Gemini, is that you can change your mind quickly, which is why you may decide to yearn for something else, perhaps even unrelated in the future.

Cancer – Education

Cancer, you are very nurturing. Based on that, you would have a yearning to get a teaching degree or one in education because you would want to help kids become well-rounded individuals, and you would have made excellent teachers because of your nature. You may have gone into teaching or been an educator, but not necessarily an elementary or high school teacher. If you have no interest in teaching, you would have likely gotten a diploma in home design, or perhaps you are a nurse or a caregiver.

Leo – Theatre Arts

Leo, you like to be the center of attention, so you would act in a specific way to be that way, as you love to be noticed, but you also have a warm and caring side to you. If you were to yearn for a degree, it would have been in theatre arts. It would be a dream to go into acting or be in the theatre. However, if you have a lot of earth in your chart, you may have steered clear of it because it would not be practical. Therefore, perhaps you opted for another degree, such as political science or anything involving public speaking.

Virgo – Criminal Justice

Virgo, you have a knack for detail, and you are analytical. So that is why the degree you would have yearned for would have been criminal justice. You like to feel useful and will ensure you are helping those you serve. You have a strong sense of right and wrong so criminal justice would have been an ideal field for you, so you could spend your higher education time getting that degree. Other degrees you may have yearned to get would have been potential library science since you like to gather information, or computer science as your analytical skills would have been great for that.

Libra – Public Relations

Libra, you need balance and justice, and you value beauty, given that your ruler is Venus, which is also why you value relationships. You can be pretty charming. The degree that you yearn for is public relations. You love working with people, and they will be attracted to you for your charm, and you also like to connect others with those who can serve them. Therefore, a degree in public relations would allow you to connect business owners and marketers with the media. Other types of post-secondary education you would like would have to do with the arts and fashion design since you value beauty.

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Scorpio – Psychology

Scorpio, you love to unravel mysteries, and digging into the mind is something you enjoy doing. You are also private and mysterious. Therefore, the degree you yearn for would have to do with psychology. You like the challenge of learning about something misunderstood, and psychology would be it. You also can persuade others to tell profound things about themselves, so you would also want to go into psychology. Other fields of study that you would be open to are archeology or geology, which involves uncovering mysteries.

Sagittarius – Anthropology

Sagittarius, you are adventurous and want to learn as much as possible about the world, which is also why you love various cultures. Therefore, the degree that you would yearn to have would be anthropology. Anthropology involves the studies of society and culture, which would be of significant interest. You may take it further and yearn to become an anthropology professor. Another degree you may yearn to go for is philosophy since you are naturally philosophical. If you go to post-secondary school and decide to go for a diploma instead, you may choose travel and tourism or photojournalism.

Capricorn – Accounting

Capricorn, you are ambitious, logical, and industrious, and you have an excellent knack for money, which is why you will likely yearn for a degree relevant to finances. Based on your logic, you would likely yearn for a college degree in accounting because you would be good with numbers and careful with your money. You are also the type to be good with formulas, which is also why this degree would be ideal for you. Other areas of post-education that would also be fitting for your type would be engineering, computer science, or earth science.

Aquarius – Engineering

Aquarius, you are progressive and the innovator type, which is why the type of degree you would yearn for would have to do with engineering. You are highly self-reliant, entrepreneurial, and excellent in mathematics and science, which is why this degree would be perfect for you. If engineering is not your thing, you will go towards a field that would still be fitting for your type, which would be digital design or computer science, or you would go for business training because you may want to start your business as you would have no boss to answer to but yourself.

Pisces – Social Work

Pisces, you are empathetic and intuitive and would go into a field that would reflect that. That is why the degree you would yearn for would be social work. You have a selfless nature, and you would be great for helping individuals or families come up with solutions if they are struggling in some way and providing them the support they need. You also have an interest in the arts, so if social work is not your thing, then you may go into a field that is related to art or music, and if you mix your love for art and your empathetic nature, you would go into art or music therapy.

Higher Education Day is on June 6th, the time to advocate for higher education. Can you get a job if you only have a high school diploma? Indeed, you can, but you will not get your dream job if you don’t continue your education. That is why on this day, it is ideal to advocate for higher education. And if you feel that you want a career change, then going back to school or taking some online courses will help you get there. By the way, if you are looking at these post-secondary education ideas for your sign and are shaking your head, you will want to see what is on your Midheaven or the Tenth House cusp representing your career. That may make a lot more sense to you.

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