July 13, 2024
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Celebrate Your Zodiac Sign

Celebrate Your Zodiac Sign: Why Being Your Sign is the Best!

We’re always giving the signs a hard time, telling them their qualities, which they could work on, but for a change, we’re going to look at why each sign is great. This article highlights the positive characteristics of each sign, highlighting their strengths, good qualities and winning personality traits. In the holiday spirit, think of these horoscopes as a gift to each sign as we celebrate you, and tell you why you are a wonderful sign to be. Happy holidays!

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

You’re friendly and usually, a fun time (who is on time), get you a cocktail and get you out on the dancefloor. You’re a hoot! In fact, you’re so exciting, you could be the life of the party, but you’re just as interesting in business. You’ve almost always got something engaging to say, you’re smart and can carry a conversation well. You’ve got almost a philosophical nature about you. You’re super hard-working and can kill it at almost any project, campaign or task that is given to you. You came to win, and you often do. You’re the king or queen of whatever you take on. You’re the popular kid—liked by many. You’re the star shining brightly in the room demanding all of the attention. You’re a natural-born leader and you set the path for others to follow, you do this well. You can take on a lot of things at one time. At times it is like you are a warrior who is so strong and can survive through a lot without losing their head. It’s almost sometimes like Aries has magical powers the way they achieve, succeed and conquer the world. The amount of the things they are able to handle—Aries are pretty amazing people!

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Taurus is ruled by Venus (the planet of love) so it would odd not to meet a loving, admiring, compassionate Taurus. They love so deeply and with such sincere and intense loyalty. Taurus will not speak a bad word about a friend that they care about or a lover ever, not to anyone else, not behind their backs, never. Taurus is genuine and they will protect you to others. They know what they want, and they show it. They are very practical about their emotions and give excellent, sound, structured advice. Taurus can also be very giving and will do anything for the one that they love. They can be very generous and like to take on the provider role. Taurus is supposed to be good with money and should usually have a penny saved for a rainy day. They are the type to pay back their loans, their word is their bond and it means everything to them, so they are a sign to be trusted. Taurus has a lot of integrity, class, and manners. When they open up to you, they make for some of the world’s best friends to have. Taurus has likely had friends in their lives for decades, once you fall in love with a Taurus you almost never want to get rid of them.

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Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

You really know how to keep people around you. You’re entertaining and a good time. You’ve got the look and you’ve got the moves. You also know how to communicate better than the rest. A lot of you have got the gift of the gab and can talk yourself out of any dire situation, but also know how to get people talking. You also have a way with the opposite or same-sex, you’re very flirtatious and read people well, you know how to work your charm in order to get what you want, and your charm is very attractive. You’re an intellect at the root, as Gemini needs to make a meeting of the minds in order to find true love, but Gemini is hospitable and smooth. They can often go after things out of their reach, and make it happen. Gemini can often be “I want it, I got it.” They are excellent at getting what they want when they need it, usually a lover of the fashion world, Gemini will be dressed to impress. Both males and females in this sign love to shop equally. Gemini is prone to aesthetics; they have a natural eye for beauty and know how to put looks and things together. Gemini is a creator. Gemini doesn’t try to sweat emotional distress for too long, they will verbally vent about problems (get it off their chest and out of their system), but in general, they tend to let it go. Gemini can get over something very quickly. They aren’t really the grudge-holders of the zodiac, thy prefer to move forward if they can as they understand how things change day to day, and how people can say things they don’t really mean at the end of the day.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

You have a sense of home and comfort about you that cannot be denied. You make people feel safe. Like they could open up to you about anything and that you would be there, listen and try to understand because Cancer is nurturing, empathic and caring. A Good Cancer is kind. What you would call a good person. Someone who just wants the simple pleasures in life. Someone who just loves their comforts. Cancers are loyal creatures. They are paternal and make for amazing parents whether that be children, dogs, cats, plants, you name it, Cancer was born to raise things with love. They are excellent at building a foundation with someone and forming a family. Cancer is also very crafty and creative; they might be musical or work at some sort of art form. They might just be good at fixing things around the house because they should have a natural domestic calling, but Cancer but be right out gifted in some realm. They can really flourish when they venture off and do their own thing. Cancers are rarely disloyal lovers. They are a relationship sign and like to build romantic connections with one person. Cancer isn’t opposed to a little romance. They are happy with someone by their side, and usually have a loving, gentle, shy spirit, which draws people in. Cancer is not the type to demand attention and therefore they strike up a lot of curiosity.

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

Leo would probably argue that they are the best sign in the zodiac, easily. That’s what we love about Leo, we love their confidence. A Leo could easily tell you to your face that their the best, or at least they could think it. Leo, that they don’t insult themselves out loud and do funny things that make us laugh. Leo is funny yes, but also very caring and considerate. Leo rules the heart so they will usually lead with kindness. Some Leos are so kind they are even sweet as pie to their known enemies. Leo would rather be liked and spread the love. It’s not to say the Leo couldn’t come up with a really witty, clever come back—there just above being a bully. Leo’s are tender and want to make you feel good. They aren’t afraid to tell you that you look good or why you are awesome. Leo is generally a positive ray of sunshine—a stimulant in human form. They make for the best friends, they are so loyal, they will always be by your side and they won’t ditch you for a love interest. They take their relationships very seriously and invest a lot of energy into each and every one of them. Leo knows how to look out for their crew and won’t be afraid to stick up for his friends if needed. Like a lion, Leo is very protective of his cubs. In love, Leos make for the best partners, they are so in love and so supportive. They do thoughtful things for their partner all the time and know what it means to express love ensuring that their partner knows how they feel. Love could never fake love; their attention would wander. You know Leo is happy and content when they are in one place and not looking elsewhere. Leo is hopelessly devoted to the person who stole their heart and it’s a beautiful thing to witness.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)

You’re the most realistic and real person anyone will ever be blessed to meet. If you want the truth, you come to you because sure everyone can pull the truth or withhold it, but at the end of the day, you’re not a liar and you’re never turned off my dishonestly. You give honest, helpful, earthy, practical and logical advice. You like to paint the picture the way it is and not the way it could be, but defiantly more prone to looking at the facts. You really, truly do want the best for everyone, but sometimes you just can’t help but worry or see what’s standing in the way of someone else’s sunshine. You’re a very powerful thinker, analytical, critical and sometimes straight to it—you have a very powerful mind and people come to you for common sense. You’re a sensible decision-maker. You have a knack for details and putting things together and putting things in order. Your level of coordination is strong, and you have a good sense of direction even when you think you’re getting lost, you’re usually more on the money then you think. You’re cautious, careful, safe and accurate. You don’t mean to bear too much on safety, you just don’t want anyone getting hurt and a large part of you is very responsible. You don’t make decisions lightly so when you do, they really mean something. Like picking the person you want to spend your life with, this person is true love, and Virgo is known for picking their perfect match. The people closest to you in this world are what mean the most to you as you’re not the type to let in the world. The trust you share with the people you care about is sacred, and the people you let in are lucky to get to know you and have your unwavering confidence.

Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)

Nobody is as charming as you, what can I say? You’ve got game. Probably some of the greatest games in the zodiac. Libra knows how to twist people around their fingers. Libra knows how to keep them coming back for more. Very flirtatious, charming and friendly, Libra attracts all kinds of friends, people, and lovers. Artistic, creative, and prone to fashion, Libra will express themselves through their clothing. People will try to imitate their style. Libra is a trend-setter. Libra is the cool kid in school. Libra is music-loving and rocking out to the coolest underground bands. Libra is eating crazy, interesting and delicious food as they are a sign that gets excited about a good meal and may even love to get up in the kitchen and work on their own creations. Libra is not taking sides. Libra loves you both. Libra wants peace in this world, and very importantly harmony. Conflict and negativity of any kind are not welcome and will not be well received. Libra is usually very attractive and often sought after, even if Libra’s love style is more wandering then committed. Libra is a lover of attention and knows how to work their magic. Libra is groovy and hip. Sometimes they are like the kids from Peter Pan flying to the Netherlands, never wanting to grow up. Libra is the type of sign that will surprise you. There’s no telling what they could achieve, get up to or get involved with. Libra is kind of like the exciting question mark of the zodiac, the tickle trunk so to speak, as you just don’t know what’s going to come out of it. Libra has a lot of winning potential. They are the type of sign that just wants to enjoy life, be loved and experience peace and harmony.

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Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Despite what they say, Scorpio is truthfully of the best signs in the zodiac! Scorpio is so giving and won’t expect anything back in return. They will take care of you when you are sick, hurting or not well. They will care about your mental health. They will be there for you if you have a problem and genuinely give a damn about it. They will listen like no other without interruption. They are the best listeners. They are the best supporters. Friends. Family members. Lovers. If you have a Scorpio behind you or by your side, you are so lucky and you are in good hands because a Scorpio loves you so much they make you a part of themselves and treat you as good as they would themselves. Scorpios are of the most loyal. They don’t believe in the trust being messed with, which means they will never betray yours. Scorpio is the zodiac’s secret keeper. Scorpio is very generous and does kind things for people out of the goodness of their hearts. Scorpio is strong and independent and can take care of themselves. Scorpio is a water sign that is emotional and has a lot of empathy for others. They are wicked smart and know a lot about a lot. Very intuitive, they can read people quite well and will be able to spot a shady character. Scorpio is good in a crisis because they can take the lead. They know how to suppress emotion and be strong for others. Female Scorpios usually make for good leaders as they differ from the male types who are generally (but not always) more introverted and passive. Scorpio has a lot of good in their heart and they demonstrate their amazing, caring capacity for human beings on a regular basis.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

You’re an optimist and tend to look on the bright side of things. You’d rather not let something bring you to tears, instead you might take a tough approach to it, but you’d rather see the glass half full. You love to win, you love to play, you love games, probably love sports, you enjoy the leisure of life more than anything. Any adventurous things that you could do on this planet, those are the things that make you tick, especially travel. You love to see the world and experience different cultures and diverse experiences. Experience is an important part of life for you, you need stimulation or else you become bored and down. You’re a very passionate person. You love the things you do, your work, your family, your hobbies, they are everything to you, and you’re happy with what you have, even if you are constantly setting goals for yourself and acquiring about more. You’re a little bit unstoppable because you’re never quite done yet, there is always something else on your agenda and the sky is the limit for a fiery arching Sagittarius. Meaning, you see something you want, you get out your bow and arrow and make your shot. When it comes to Sagittarius, all bets off. This sign is a good time and knows how to have a good time, they know how to live and enjoy life to the fullest. They work hard and they play hard. They love their life with the right touch of balance, which gives them the freedom to explore their passion projects.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Nobody sets goals like you do and makes them come true. You work very hard and reap the benefits of your success. You have an admirable sense of determination. You’re good at being the boss because it’s not common for you to lose your composure. You understand authority very well. You play by the rules and are often rewarded for this. You have excellent manners and social etiquette. You are the definition of class. Women of this sign are known for their elegance. You’re either a lady or a gentleman but nothing in-between. You usually have fine taste and look for the best qualities in things. You want the best out of life and work to make that happen. You are a product of the example that someone is successful because they worked for it. You tend to be kind-hearted people who will do a lot for others, especially the ones you love. Some of you will bend over backward trying to please the people that you care about but in the sweetest way possible. Capricorn is always willing to go that extra mile, especially if it means making someone, they love happy. They are very helpful creatures who will always put in their share of the work and then some.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

The humanitarian of the zodiac, a true Aquarius wants to save the world. They really care about the world and the environment and might express this through their diet or their way of life. They might protest or constantly express concerns for mother nature. Aquarius is very worldly and very friendly. They probably love getting outside and spending time in the outdoors. They like diversity and experience. It’s not just the environment they care about, they care about people, and if they can be a help, they will be. They are active beings who like to be on the move. They want to make use of their time here, really do things, feel things and see things.  They tend to see the good in others. They can often be friends with their exes and will focus on their good traits, usually only having good things to say about them in the aftermath. Aquarius is very much “even if we didn’t have emotional chemistry, I still see what attracted me to you in the first place.” Aquarius has genius potential; this sign can do mind moving things and strive for excellence. Many Aquarius born people are gifted or wicked smart. There is a lot of talent and potential in this sign, a lot of diversity, but anything, including many great things, can come from it. Brilliance, power, intellect, and innovation can all come from Aquarius as they could make a breakthrough find or imperative discovery!

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

The sign of so much variety, depth, and diversity. As Pisces is all of the other signs in one and is a mutable sign, there are many different types, but a good fish is as sweet as they come. Kind by nature. Pisces is very caring, empathic and compassionate. They are sensitive Fish who care about other people’s feelings. Sometimes, often even, Pisces will put other’s needs before their own. They are very honest and forgiving. Pisces is a highly creative sign and may have artistic gifts in music or in writing. Pisces likes to help others. They hate to see people hurt or in pain. Pisces are usually very witty and bright; they’ve got something special about them that other people have soft spots for. Pisces loves to dream and has a beautiful imagination. They tend to be very child-like and are great with children. In love, there is nothing they wouldn’t give. Love means everything to Pisces. Pisces often leads in love and is looking to feel loved by the world. Pisces is a great person to share things with. They usually have very open, liberal minds and don’t judge. They are very intuitive, and in-touch with people so they can read moods and situations. They might know what you’re going to say before you say it. Pisces reads people really well, they will know who and what to avoid, and they will always know when someone is not interested in them. Pisces is too generous, when they have money, they will just throw it away on people. They send gifts, and sweet apologies, they are very thoughtful and live very much in the moment, the dream world and the past.

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