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The Best Sushi for your Zodiac Sign

The Best Sushi for your Zodiac Sign

International Sushi Day is celebrated on June 18th each year. It is a day dedicated to appreciating and enjoying the popular Japanese cuisine. It is made with vinegared rice and various ingredients such as raw or cooked fish, vegetables, and seaweed. On this day, sushi lovers worldwide come together to indulge in, whether at restaurants, bars, or even at home.

It’s an excellent opportunity to try different types of rolls, sashimi, nigiri, and other delicious variations. In addition, many establishments offer special promotions, discounts, or themed events to celebrate International Sushi Day. Now that it is time to discuss the zodiac, let’s see what type of sushi matches your sign!

Aries – Tiger Roll

Aries, you are enthusiastic and energetic and only want to have a lot of fun. The type of sushi that is ideal for you is the Tiger Roll. The Tiger Roll consists of shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, rice, and many exciting spices and flavors. It tastes great and is the one you will enjoy the most. Since you also have a spicy and fiery nature, you will add plenty of wasabi to the Tiger Roll, only to add more pizzaz and spice. You can never go wrong with this one.

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Taurus – California Roll

Taurus, you are dependable and predictable, and you also are known to be stoic and stable. You do not like to get out of your comfort zone, so the best sushi for you is the California Roll. It is a simple sushi, and you know what is in it, as there are no surprises. The California Roll consists of imitation crab, cucumber, and avocado with rice. Those are easy to find, and this sushi is easy to make. However, you love luxury, so you will only choose the highest-quality California Roll.

Gemini – Spicy Tuna Roll

Gemini, you are versatile, and you love a variety. You like anything hot and cold, which means spicy and bland. Therefore, the best sushi for you would be the Spicy Tuna Roll. Therefore, you can enjoy this sushi as you can get the hot kick from the sriracha as it spices up the bland rice in the roll. You will also likely add plenty of ginger to vary the roll’s flavor even more and enjoy it with a cold drink. Therefore, you can experience various flavors with temperatures with this sushi.

Cancer – Nigiri

Cancer, you are the one that needs to stick to your comfort zone no matter what. Therefore, whatever you do, you want to feel like you are home. You are not into anything unusual regarding food, let alone sushi. Therefore, the nigiri is the ideal sushi for you. You want to feel safe and right at home. The Nigiri is the piece of fish of your choice and some white rice. It is that easy. On some white rice, you can enjoy some salmon, tuna, butterfish, etc. You do not have to add wasabi or ginger if it makes you too uncomfortable.

Leo – Spider Maki

Leo, you are extravagant and confident and want others to notice you. The spider maki is the ideal for you because it is large, noticeable, and interesting. If you go to a sushi bar and order the Spider Maki, everyone around you will see what you ordered because that is the sushi that is challenging to miss. It is extra tasty too. Nothing makes a Leo happier than being noticed and in the spotlight, which is the objective of those with this sign.

Virgo – Philadelphia Roll

Virgo, you are analytical, practical, and organized. You also enjoy brainstorming ideas with those like you and do it practically. The ideal sushi that is a match for you is the Philadelphia Roll. It is much like the California Roll, a practical and simple roll as you do not like anything extravagant. However, you do not mind a little extra flavor so you would appreciate the cream cheese as an addition to the roll. The Philadelphia Roll is far from boring because it has that extra kick from the cream cheese.

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Libra – Salmon Avocado Roll

Libra, you are there to create balance, and you must have balance within. Beauty is important, which means health is very important to you. That means you will want the healthiest sushi most appropriate for your sign. Therefore, the salmon avocado roll is the one that is ideal for your sign. It is healthy as it contains foods that have healthy fats, which will help your skin glow and will also help with your brain function. Besides, salmon and avocado together create a great balance in sushi. They go very well together.

Scorpio – Mango Roll

Scorpio, you are intense, and you are mysterious. You will not go for sushi that does not share that quality as you like it to be intense and somewhat intriguing. That is why the ideal sushi for you would be the Mango Roll. Mango is a spicy fruit that will give you that punch when you bite into it, especially in a sushi roll. You can make the sushi as exotic as you would like and spread plenty of wasabi on it to make it extra spicy.

Sagittarius – Las Vegas Roll

Sagittarius, you are the adventurous one, and you are the one who will go big instead of going home, so the type of sushi that would be ideal for you would be the Las Vegas Roll. It consists of avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, salmon, and fried jalapeno with rice. And then, you would coat the exterior with a tempura batter and deep fry it. That is the type you would enjoy if you were to go all out. And that is why it is perfect for Sagittarius.

Capricorn – Vegetable Roll

Capricorn, you are hard-working and ambitious. There is a sophisticated side to you, but you are also a minimalist because you do not go after anything you do not need, and that is why the vegetable roll is the ideal sushi for you. You are health-conscious, and you have a no-frills approach to life. Therefore, you do not need your sushi to be fancy. A vegetable roll is all you need. You have shredded carrots, avocado, and cucumber, blanketed in white rice with seaweed. You will dip it in a small amount of soy sauce and that is perfect for you.

Aquarius – Sushi Burger

Aquarius, you like to stand out from the crowd because you do not like to conform. That is not how you roll. You are a rebel, and it would not be a surprise that the ideal sushi for you would be one that is not traditional. Therefore, the sushi burger is the perfect one that fits your sign. The sushi burger can include any fish whether it is salmon, tuna, crab, or any other fish with avocado, and sauces, and you have sticky white rice that serves as buns. And you take those “rice” buns and blanket the fish, avocado, sauces, and anything else going in the sushi burger. It looks like an ordinary burger but this is sushi.

Pisces – Samples A Little Of Each

Pisces, you are imaginative and sensitive and you do not find that one type of sushi is perfect for you. You fit each type as that fits your mutable nature. Therefore, you would love to take the opportunity to sample the various sushi types listed. You can allow your imagination to fly each time you try different sushi rolls. And you are also moody which is expected from a water sign. Therefore, you will be in the mood to try one type of sushi, and another day you will feel like another type.

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You cannot go wrong, as you will want to celebrate International Sushi Day on June 8th that is the perfect day to have lunch or dinner with some friends or family at the local sushi bar – if you are fortunate to have one near your place of residence. And if you are adventurous enough, you can enjoy the sushi you have not tried before. And if you are someone who likes to stick to their comfort zone like a Taurus or a Cancer, why not challenge yourself to try a new type? International Sushi Day would be the perfect day for you to do that.