July 21, 2024
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Aquarius Zodiac Color

Aquarius Zodiac Color

“Blue color is everlastingly appointed by the deity to be a source of delight.” – John Ruskin (Aquarius Sun)

Aquarius is usually associated with advanced and humanitarian approaches to life. Aquarians usually consider everyone’s point of view, gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and believe in equal and fair treatment. Being an air sign, they are stimulated by ideas instead of emotions and do not experience emotions to extremes as most water signs would. They have a scientific approach to life over a spiritual one. They take in information, process it mentally, add their flair to it and create brand new ideas and concepts. All the different shades of blue suit this sign, baby blue, navy, turquoise, you name it! You will find most Aquarians look exquisite wearing just blue!

Aquarius is ruled by the blue gas giant planet, Uranus. Uranus governs change and individuality and is the planet that helps push you out of your comfort zone. It rules over the futuristic processes and technology. Aquarius is the sign of thinking out the box, and many geniuses and people with high IQ’s have this as their Sun sign! It rules over our higher mind and is what is responsible for our crazy and eccentric ideas. Aquarians are known to be group leaders. These people prefer to lead instead of following and will usually have some moral or principle they stand for. They are naturally attracted to genuine, interesting people and people who exert pretentiousness will have a difficult time around a true Aquarian!

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Aquarius Zodiac Color Guide

The Aquarius wardrobe

Aquarians love to receive positive attention, especially if it relates to a bright idea they have! They have a lot of out there and strange ideas and they want people to listen to them! Blue is a color favored by most people, so wearing blue automatically puts people at ease in their presence. Aquarian’s love being accepted by others and blue is the universally most accepted color! They have a tendency to want to be seen as “different” and to want to stick out in a crowd, so crazy outfits and mixed and matched colors are ideal for them!

Aquarius Males – Most men prefer blue, so there will be no issue getting Aquarius men to layer on the blues! Dark blue suits are good to wear in the work environment as it will give the feel of an ordered, structured and logical individual. Light blue is good to wear when out socializing, as it will put most other people at ease, and cause the Aquarian to have a calm nature.

Aquarius Females – Blue eyeshadow is a must for these ladies! They can pull off blue hair and lipstick as well. They will have a natural affiliation with blue and you will find they always look their best wearing a lovely blue dress!

The Aquarius home

Blue walls are quite common in an Aquarius house, along with blue bedding and curtains. They love to mix and match, and rarely stick to one color scheme, however you do find the odd Aquarian here and there that sticks to color schemes! Aquarians have versatile personalities and they have many different sides to them. Different shades of blue can be used to go along with whatever mood or personality they feel the day! Most Aquarians have so many bright ideas, that they can tend to overthink and have way too much going on in their head! Blue will help calm their thoughts and keep them more focused. They do prefer an orderly and tidy environment, as they prefer to have some form of structure around them.

The Aquarius workspace 

Blue helps stimulate creativity, that is why it is a good color to have in an Aquarians workspace! They have an ability to come up with innovate, fresh ideas to solve problems or initiate projects, and blue helps stimulate these bright ideas! Aquarians usually have a very relaxed disposition and do not tend to show big displays of emotions. Blue is a very calming color and will keep them relaxed. Like their fellow air sign, Gemini, they have an ability to easily take in a lot of information and to get involved in various activities and tasks. Aquarians are usually very needed in the workspace as they provide out of the box solutions to problems. Their solutions aren’t that of a practical kind, such as that of earth signs, however, it will usually be a solution nobody has thought of before!

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The Aquarius car

Blue cars are the best for Aquarians as blue has a calming effect on other people. Aquarians tend to avoid people who are overly emotional or have very big displays of emotion, that is why the bluer the Aquarius surrounds themselves with, the more they are able to calm other people! Dark blue is linked to intelligence and driving a dark blue car around will show the world how intelligent and logical the Aquarian is. Black and brown cars should be avoided as they can make people perceive Aquarius as more serious, which is not always the case!

Colors to avoid

Loving to express their individuality, they despise formal color schemes and need to be allowed freedom to express themselves through their appearances and clothing. Forcing them to adhere to a uniform or set color scheme can lead them to feel agitated. Suit and tie environments can be challenging for them, however, they can make the best of this by wearing blue! Natural color schemes are not that appealing to them, and they tend to lean toward more modern styles. They are the futurists after all! Colors that are linked to the earth and the natural environments are best avoided, such as browns and greens.