July 19, 2024
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4 Tips to Harmonize the Chi in Your Home

4 Tips to Harmonize the Chi in Your Home

Do you want to know how to harmonize the Chi energy in your home? Discover these easy-to-follow tips.

Tip #1: Emptiness and Order

No one other than lazy negligent people like a messy home. You don’t feel good when you’re there, it makes you uneasy and you want to leave. If you are in a situation like that, you are already practicing Feng Shui without even knowing. Keep it up! It’s a good habit to develop.

Disorder blocks the flow of energy and also prevents riches and money from reaching you.

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Tidy up your living space as soon as you can, create a place for your possessions, and make sure it stays orderly. According to some psychological theorists, your living space is a reflection of your mind. The more orderly your rooms are, the clearer your mind!

Tip #2: Feng Shui Loves Emptiness

Contrary to the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle’s statement, “Nature abhors a vacuum!” Feng Shui loves empty spaces!

It is better if at least some of your rooms are sparsely furnished, to favor the circulation of Chi. There’s a good reason why houses or rooms become too highly “charged” with negative energy.

When there are empty spaces in your dwelling, beneficial universal energy or Chi can flow freely and spread its many benefits.


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As you follow Tip #1 and tidy up your living space, you will also be creating some empty spaces at the same time.

A word of advice: get rid of broken or useless things you don’t like. It will help you create empty spaces more rapidly.

Tip #3: Air and Light

Try to live in a dwelling that has a maximum of openings, including windows and doors, to let in as much air and light as possible.

Rooms that are too dark and/or badly ventilated do not allow Chi energy to circulate under the best conditions.

Leave your windows open as often as possible. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, open them at night.

If it is cold outside, put a sweater on and open your windows for at least half an hour a day. That will be enough to get Chi circulating in your domicile (and you’ll save a little money on heating bills!).

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At the same time, or if it isn’t possible to open your windows regularly, use an air purifier, an essential oil diffuser, or simply keep a lot of plants.

Plants not only absorb CO2 and transform it into oxygen, but they also purify the environment of negative energy and attract abundance.

As for light, opt for rooms with large windows that let in as much light energy as possible.

If you don’t have many windows to let light into your living space, use lamps that give off soft diffuse lighting, and avoid more violent sources like neon or spotlights. LED bulbs are best, and also candles which give off a gentle glow.

Tip #4: A Fountain of Youth

In Feng Shui philosophy, water symbolizes riches. Imagine having a freshwater fountain in your home that keeps spewing money into your life! You will find the best prices available, and your investments will be extremely profitable from a Feng Shui point-of-view.

You can buy an inexpensive fountain at your neighborhood hardware store and place it near the entrance to your home, or, if you live in an apartment, near your front door.

Doorways have a symbolic meaning, since it is through them that you enter your home, and through them, that riches can penetrate symbolically. That is why water must always flow towards the inside.