June 24, 2024
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5 Most Independent Zodiac Signs

Isn’t it strange how some signs just seem to love being on their own without a care in the world? While others need to be around people and can never seem to do things on their own. Independence is a feeling of having freedom and following your own rules without looking to someone else for guidance. It is about being free and liberated. Some people need this more than others and it often has something to do with which sign they were born under. These signs want to travel the world, see new things and experience everything life has to offer them. They’re unsatisfied with an ordinary life and want more. Do you reckon you’re independent? If you’re looking for more insight on where you rank on the scale of most independent signs, then keep on reading.

5. Capricorn

Capricorn is the last sign to rely on anyone else for anything. These people make up their own rules and follow their own mission. It is very rare that a Capricorn will reach out and ask someone else for help, it simply isn’t in their nature. Although Capricorn isn’t the most adventurous sign in the Zodiac as they definitely love their structure and routine, they certainly pride themselves on being independent and not needing someone else to save them. Their independence is more apparent when you consider their career, financials, and success. They want to be able to say that they have reached the top without the help of anyone else. A Capricorn wants to take credit for everything they have ever achieved. This is what freedom and independence mean to Capricorn, knowing that they have paved their own way through hard work, determination, and a lot of discipline. They want to be their own boss in life and not need to answer to anyone else. This is the reason that so many Capricorns tend to be entrepreneurs and CEOs. Having the last say is extremely important to them.

4. Gemini

If there is one sign that loves their freedom and independence it is Gemini. This multifaceted sign is curious about everyone and everything. It is their mission in life to know a little about a lot. Their constantly asking questions and going on adventures to soak up more information and knowledge. Gemini’s independence definitely stems from their curiosity and need to know more about life. They find this world a mysterious place they want to uncover. Nothing will even quench the thirst for knowledge a Gemini has. This sign isn’t very good with rules and prefers to learn through lived experiences as opposed to what they can read in a book. They often have the reputation of being two-faced and fickle, but the truth is, the more they learn, the more they know and based on that they can easily change their mind and be flexible. They struggle to be in relationships because they find that their partners tend to stifle their independence and want to put them in a cage which is absolutely terrible for any Gemini to endure. This sign needs freedom to do what they please. Besides, it is very rare that a Gemini will stick with someone if they feel trapped in a box.

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3. Aries

If you have ever seen an Aries you would know how strikingly independent this sign is. They don’t need anyone as they follow the beat of their own unique drum. Aries cannot stand rules and will do anything to defy what the world expects of them. This sign wants to follow their instincts and be bold and take risks no matter what the price might be. This sign will sacrifice anything if it means that they can live independently with as much freedom as they desire. Aries will tend to step on many people’s toes because of their behaviour. Although this sign is incredibly loyal and will do anything for their friends and loved ones, the way they just get up and act recklessly can be too much for some people to handle. An Aries will always learn by doing, even if others give them countless warnings to be careful, the best way for them to show up in the world is to make mistakes and learn through experience. This sign will always do whatever they want, no matter the cost and this is why Aries is considered one of the most independent signs in the Zodiac.

2. Aquarius

Aquarius is the free-thinker of the Zodiac. This sign needs all the freedom and independence in the world for them to feel happy and free. This sign is naturally rebellious and always needs to test the boundaries and structures the world has put in place for them. This sign is always going to ask why and wonder why certain rules are in place. They believe it is extremely important to ask questions and figure out if there isn’t another more productive way of doing things. An Aquarius needs to experiment and try something out at least once and because of this, they need extreme freedom to do as they please. The last thing this sign need is someone else telling them what to do and when. This will only make them feel caged and stifle their tremendous creativity and self-expression. When an Aquarius is given boundaries and rules, they are always going to test them and see how far they can push them. Independence is their absolute nature and anyone who tries to stop them is only an obstacle in their way, nothing can stop this sign.

1. Sagittarius

If there is one sign that thrives on being wild and free then it has to be optimistic and philosophical Sagittarius. Freedom and independence are the only air Sagittarius want to breathe. Their whole mission in life is that of seeking, adventure, and knowledge. All this sign wants is to live a life of experience and due to this, they need a lot of space to do whatever it is they please. This sign refused to be caged in. What Sagittarius desires are a life of adventure, travel, and taking each moment as it comes. Their ultimate happiness comes from living in the present moment and not having any expectations about what is to come. This sign refuses to ask permission about anything, they will do as they please whether you like it or not. Sagittarius loves risks and enjoys the challenges of never knowing where to next. It is the adventure and anticipation that feeds the soul of a Sagittarius. This sign needs to explore the world to truly live in their purpose.


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