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If you ask an astrologer randomly of what they think of compatibility between an Aries and a Virgo, their answers would not be very encouraging. If one is to look at the core of astrology, they would see automatically that these two signs do not correlate, and this Aries and Virgo compatibility is a no-go. Typically, Aries compatibility flares with people who are free spirited and have an open mind towards worldly opinions. This is because of Aries’ zodiac element, which is fire.

However, when Aries and Virgo come face to face, it gets problematic because Virgo’s zodiac element is Earth, which favors permanence and settling down. This clash between settling and moving thus becomes the primary cause between Aries and Virgo non-compatibility in general. Generally speaking, it can be safe to assume that Virgo is not one of the Aries compatible signs.

Aries Compatibility: Aries and Virgo

Zodiac compatibility is something that every person remotely interested in astrology asks of. While most of the people trying to know of their zodiac love match belong to the group that tends to follow astrology religiously, most of the people even new to the concept find dating compatibility to be a compelling topic.

On that note, Aries compatibility is a topic that has been greatly researched by astrologers since centuries; there have been instances where even the most learned of men find no answers. On this page, we intend to find out in greater detail how good of dating compatibility, or simple get-along strength would be possible for an Aries and Virgo couple.


Aries with Virgo; Not really an Aries Best Love Match

When looking for a compatible relationship, astrologers would rarely advise an Aries to go with a Virgo. In simpler words, Virgo is a zodiac sign that is not the most compatible with Aries. Two reasons can be actively found to contribute to this cause. One of them involves Aries dates. Aries tends to be towards the start of the zodiac calendar, while Virgo is a sign that falls towards the earlier part of the end.

This is one of the leading causes of lack of understanding between the two as well as a difference in preferences. The second reason behind a lack of Aries and Virgo compatibility is that of the serious differences between the elements of these two zodiac signs, which we discussed in the opening paragraph.

There is simple science behind that, which is as simple as that of how things act in nature. The element of earth always tends to find compatibility with the element of water, as water goes well with earth and soil. Similarly, fire always grows with oxygen, or air, as astrology goes.

Let us now move on to a detailed analysis of a few issues that Aries and Virgo tend to face in case of a relationship.

A Ray of Hope in Trust

While there are many issues that an Aries and Virgo couple might face in life, just like the saying goes, every cloud does indeed have a silver lining. In this case, that lining is that of trust. Where the two zodiac signs tend to face many problems with sexual intimacy, or emotions, something that both of these find common in each other is the ability to trust.

The reason behind this includes abundance among both the signs of respect for other people’s space and mutual regard. The prime cause of this is honesty and being straightforward, which is again a personality trait of both these signs. Astrologers say that in case of an Aries and Virgo relationship if beyond anything else it is still intact, it is only because of the trust that these two have for each other.

The Aries Man Virgo Woman Combination

While there is no general discrimination among how specific genders allotted to specific signs in the relationship slot, there is some level of differences that may be otherwise caused in the zodiac spectrum with regards to Aries compatibility. In such a combination, there is a general balance between the core values that each of the two signs harbors. Generally speaking, there exists a lack of values among an Aries and Virgo combination just as much as there exists an abundance of it.

There is just a different way each of the signs approaches the same values, which makes them appreciate it. A simple example includes Aries’ love for bravery and valor. While a Virgo person may generally tend to not think twice about such matters, they would greatly appreciate it if it has been a part of their family’s traditions.

The Aries Woman Virgo Man Combination

Emotions and sexual intimacies are two factors that are very less in an Aries woman and Virgo man combination. The same goes for intellect and communication. This can be particularly worrying for Aries compatibility prospects, as a Virgo becomes almost a wrong choice for them. Many different factors come together to contribute to this, such as an Aries’ love for neatness and cleanliness, while a Virgo’s tendency to be a man of the stone age with his tools lying all over the place. And then when they fight instead of talking it all out, it causes even more problems.

However, as we mentioned before, trust is the only thing keeping the river running. Similarly, a difference in sexual desires where one is shy and would love long foreplay while the other likes to get straight to the point is another reason that it is hard for the two to get along.

We sure hope this sums up for you the reasons that make it better for you to choose how to take a relationship forward if you are part of one involving Aries and Virgo.

Aries and Virgo Compatibility
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