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The runes have been described as an ancient alphabet for modern magicians. Unveil and understand rune meanings for the month ahead!

What Are the Runes?

The word ‘rune’ comes from the old Germanic, ‘runa’ or ‘runo’ meaning a secret thing, a mystery. The northern peoples saw the Earth, its forces and all things in nature seen as living forces or spirits to be honored and respected.  The runes were and still are used for psychic readings and advice- divination -or used for magical purposes and good luck – seidr.

Runes were the first systems of writing developed and used by the Norse and other Germanic peoples. These runic alphabets are known as “futharks” after the first six runes (Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raidho, and Kenaz) – just as the word “alphabet” comes from the names of the first two Semitic letters (Aleph, Beth).

There are three rune alphabets or futharks: the Elder, Younger and Saxon futharks. The 24-character Elder Futhark was the first fully-formed runic alphabet, dating back, so far as we know, to the first century CE/AD, though it may have been in development from about 200 BCE.

Today we are working with the Elder Futhark, illustrated below.


In May’s reading, we drew Elhaz reversed. This is the rune of general protection and we said:

“Elhaz reversed is an indication that events in May will be unfavorable to the Ukrainian forces defending Mariupol in the face of this sustained Russian attack. Not only that, the threat is much wider. Mariupol is a vital port city, critical to the exports of sunflower oil and grains to the rest of the world which are already feeling the effects of shortages, e.g. in Egypt which is the world biggest importer of wheat and which has previously got half its wheat from Ukraine.”

This has sadly been borne out by the surrender of the Ukrainian forces besieged in the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol, who have now been taken prisoner by the Russians and are facing an uncertain future.

Psychic predictions, however, will not and cannot always be correct. It is not humanly possible. The best way to use any psychic prediction is to treat is as a hint, see how it fits with your own assessment and gut feeling, and for the rest, time will tell. If a weather forecaster says it’s sunny outside right now, but rain is on the way, then it is up to us to decide whether or not to go out and if we do, whether to take a raincoat.

Runecast for June 2022

This is a general rune reading for the month ahead. The reader is consulting the runes for signs and indications in respect of the general feel of things in the next few weeks, looking at themes and issues, opportunities and challenges. The runes are selected blindly, drawn at random.

Rune Reading June 2022
IMG Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

The runes: left to right: Tiwaz reversed- Laguz- Ehwaz

Position One: Opportunities: Tiwaz (reversed)

Tiwaz rune

Tiwaz was drawn reversed (merkstave) but is shown here in its upright position. The rune Tiwaz, also called ‘Tew’ or ‘Tyr ‘gets its name from the old Norse god of War and also Law, Tew or Tyr. The modern English word Tuesday comes from this same source.

Tiwaz is a very old symbol indeed and has been found in Bronze Age rock carvings. The war god Tyr may have been an older predecessor of Odin, the chief of the Norse gods.

The Norse gods were terrified of the giant wolf Fenrir. No chain was strong enough to restrain him, and a prophecy had foretold that one day he would swallow up the Sun and it would be the end of the world (Ragnarok)

Tyr had fed him while he was still a pup, but now they needed to do something.  They tried to chain him but Fenrir refused to be chained unless he could get free again, which rather defeated the object. The gods had a magical chain made, but Fenrir would only allow them to put it on him if one of the gods put their hand in his mouth as a hostage, in token of good faith. There was a long silence but then Tyr stepped forward and said, I will do it,’ and placed his hand in Fenrir’s mouth. They put on the chain. The magic worked. The chain held. Fenrir struggled but he couldn’t get free and in a raging fury, bit off Tyr’s hand.

Rune Reading June 2022 - Tyr and Fenrir
Fenrir and Tyr by John Bauer, Public Domain

Tyr’s rune, therefore, represents heroism, sacrifice, honor and duty. Men of Ukraine send their families away and stayed behind to fight. What would we be prepared to do or to do without for the sake of justice, or to protect those we love?

What more might Ukraine have to sacrifice to ‘bind the wolf’ of a hostile Russia? What might the rest of the western world need to be prepared to do, to contain the wider threat to regional stability and global food security?

No greater love hath a man than he lay down his life for his brother. Not for millions, not for glory, not for fame. For one person, in the dark, where no- one will ever know or see.” – John 15:13

In its everyday meaning, Tiwaz talks in general terms about action and initiative. It talks about personal qualities of courage, will-power single minded dedication, and devotion to duty. It talks about high energy levels, drive, determination and enthusiasm; the ingredients for success, no matter what our goals are. Tiwaz is about the need for discipline if we are to make progress.

In today’s reading, however, Tiwaz has been drawn reversed or merkstave, suggesting ‘battle fatigue,’ or defeat or disappointment or a failure to fight when the situation demands that we do fight and stick up for ourselves.  

On the global stage, Tiwaz seems to signify not only the recent surrender in Mariupol, ordered by the Ukraine government despite the immense bravery and resistance of the Ukrainian soldiers. Tiwaz may be sensing further defeats during June for the forces of Ukraine now fighting a concentrated Russian onslaught in eastern Ukraine. But Russia is certainly not making the territorial gains it had originally set its sights on, and Putin may suffer a further setback around 11-20 June.

This rune when drawn reversed may be talking about simple fatigue. On a grander scale it may signify defeat, cowardice or justice denied. Pressure may at some fairly near future stage be brought to bear on Ukraine and upon President Zelenskyy himself from his neighbours, allies and western supporters, to accept the loss of the Donbas. This would feel like a very great injustice to him, as it would appear to reward the aggressor, Russia, which has violated international law in escalating hostilities in eastern Ukraine. But it may ultimately present itself as the only realistic option for a peace agreement, without which there can be no rebuilding.

Tensions over Taiwan seem more likely to escalate rather than deescalate in June between Beijing and Washington. Beijing may decide to test the waters (literally) in the near future, and call Biden’s bluff. Which would Biden’s response be if China invades Taiwan. Would he come forward (Tiwaz) Or would Biden back down? (Tiwaz reversed)

Tiwaz is about justice, fair play, and just causes. When drawn reversed, social activism can get out of hand. We may feel we have not been fairly and justly dealt with, whether by a situation (war) the system (e.g., by an employer or by the government) or on a purely personal level by another individual.

Personal Reflections

In a work situation, maybe someone is expecting too much in return for not quite enough time or effort. Or they are just feeling low on energy at this time in which case the following rune Laguz suggests things will start to pick up again before much longer.

When this rune comes up in a personal relationship, the male partner may be showing signs of losing interest, especially if it is drawn next to Laguz- as it is here in this reading. If so, do not give chase. The advice is to be extra choosy who we talk to at this time. If someone is only new on the scene, be careful about the amount of personal information you share. Do not wear your heart on your sleeve or you could get hurt. Others must earn your confidence.

Just as a point of incidental curiosity, watch out for key events happening on a Tuesday.

Position Two: Challenges: Laguz


Laguz means ‘Lake’ or ‘Flow’ and is one of two ‘feminine’ runes in the Old Norse alphabet but they are very different in character. The other ‘feminine’ rune, Berkana or ‘Birch’ is to do with motherhood and the family home.

Laguz, if we are interpreting Laguz literally, may mean simply, ‘water.’ In this case, we can expect major weather or maritime events to be in the news during June 2022.  

Global weather events could include coastal flooding in some countries in June, or seismic activity. Maritime events could mean events occurring in the Black Sea between Russia and Ukraine, but could additionally mean developments in The Strait of Taiwan, or trouble surrounding The Solomon Islands, or in The Gulf.

Combining Tiwaz reversed with Laguz, UK news in June will focus on the effort of the beleaguered UK government to deal with an unprecedented volume of illegal dinghy crossings from France, by resettling illegal migrants in Rwanda, as previously practiced within the EU which funded the UN to send migrants to Rwanda and Niger in 2019. The first such flight, although legally contested, is expected to take place within the next few weeks.

Personal Reflections

Laguz is a rune of intuitive knowledge and advises you to pay attention to your gut feelings and even your dreams this coming month. They may contain important messages, clues or warnings. Laguz may indicate outright psychic experiences. It can show that you are being guided and protected by higher powers. The voice of your intuition is one of those higher powers. It contains the wisdom of all your ancestors coming down to you through countless generations. This month, if someone doesn’t smell right, believe it’s true.

The reader once dreamed of an earthquake happening right at the end of her street, and that a crack opened up in the pavement, little guessing that one week later, 27 February 2008, she and her family would be woken shortly before one in the morning by a real actual earthquake, not frequent in NW England, which is intra-continental, not near any continental ledges nor the edges of tectonic plates.

The earthquake started 12 miles down beneath the ground and lasted only 10-30 seconds. The aftershocks traveled from the epicenter in Market Rasen in Lincolnshire, and was felt as far west as Ireland and as far east as the Netherlands. Happily, no-one was killed, though a young man suffered a broken pelvis when a chimney fell in through his roof in Yorkshire and landed on him in his attic bed. The Market Rasen earthquake was ‘only’ 5.2 on the Richter scale but the experience was eerie, creepy, and uncanny. Furniture began to move. The bed began to shake. My dream of the previous week had it seemed, been a minor premonition.

Laguz wishes to assure you that no matter what the present troubles, you are more than up to the challenge. For a male reader, Laguz indicates that you have the help and support of a confident, capable woman. She may be a work colleague but usually, she will be the most important woman in your life.

With exam season coming up, Laguz brings luck with study and exams. It is associated not only with the power of imagination but a good memory.

Position Three: Advice rune: Ehwaz


Ehwaz means ‘horse.’ Imagine you are looking at the horse sideways on, with a dip in its back where a saddle would go and a rider would sit. This rune refers to vehicles and transport, and in more general terms represents physical movement –forward movement and momentum, in short, progress and this is generally welcome progress.

This rune is entirely positive when read independently, just on its own, although, appearing in close proximity with that first rune, Tiwaz reversed there could be issues in June to do with strikes or other travel disruption, particularly by road or by rail.

The reader is seeing ‘nodding donkeys’ – it seems obvious to say we will be doing a lot of watching oil prices again this month.

Ehwaz brings change, and this is usually change for the better, but while this change is welcome, it tends to be gradual, steady progress, rather than sudden or dramatic.

The appearance of Ehwaz holds out at least a glimmer of hope for some easing of the conflict in Ukraine late in the month, though on what terms and at what further cost.

Personal reflections  

Ehwaz advises us to keep one foot in front of the other, keeping our momentum going no matter what, and not allowing ourselves to become discouraged.

Ehwaz may also be talking about moving house or leaving one area for another.  This would not be surprising, with summer coming and holiday travel, especially now that travel restrictions are being lifted in some popular holiday destinations as pandemic regulations finally ease.

Ehwaz means travel over land. An increase in short journeys during this coming month is entirely natural and to be expected with summer coming. (Summer 2022 is predicted by meteorologists to be extremely hot.)

The reader has known Ehwaz to serve as a reminder or a warning that we may need to attend to some issue of motor vehicle maintenance this coming month.

Further Reading

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Futhark. A Handbook of Rune Magic by Edred Thorsson.

The Runes: A practical Guide to their uses in divination and Magick by Lisa Peschel, published Llewellyn

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Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine, BA Hons, Cert Ed, is an intuitive Tarot reader, consultant, and variously published writer in the UK. She has been reading the Tarot professionally since 2006 and has been featured for this work in “Fate and Fortune” magazine. Katie-Ellen Hazeldine Website | Twitter