July 15, 2024
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Daily Tarot Practice

The Benefits of a Daily Tarot Practice

Tarot is an incredibly effective method for accessing the truth, wisdom, and love you possess inside yourself. The more you learn and practice using this mystical system of 78 symbols, the better you get at hearing your inner voice and understanding who you really are and what you really want out of life.

To get the most out of tarot, I highly suggest working with it every day. Sure, turning over a few cards sporadically can certainly provide some insights. But if you want to become more consistently intuitive, live more mindfully, and gain all the benefits of effective tarot use, create a daily practice of your very own.

Does it sound difficult? It’s not at all, and the benefits are well worth it.

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Why the Daily Practice? Building your Intuitive Muscle

Tarot is one of many intuitive methods. Surely you know others, and probably practice some of them too. Meditation, yoga, and creativity through art or music are popular choices. We call them intuitive methods because they give us access to the truth buried inside of us. This deep truth speaks softly through our intuition, and we must quiet our busy minds in order to hear it. When these methods are working effectively, we feel at peace and see life and ourselves with greater perspective.

Like those other methods, tarot works far better when you use it regularly. Intuition is like a muscle. For many of us, it is weak because we do not exercise it regularly. But once we work it on a regular basis, our intuition gets stronger, and in the process,  we learn to hear that inner voice of truth within us more easily. Picture someone in incredible shape, with a sculpted body. They put in the daily effort to accomplish that. And you will too when you establish your daily tarot practice and stick to it. Your intuitive “muscle” will get stronger and you will see with greater clarity and wisdom as you do.

Where to Perform Your Daily Practice

Set yourself up for success in your daily practice; choose a place where you will feel as relaxed as possible. Think about a room in your home that is especially comfortable for you. Maybe there’s an especially cozy chair you love to sit in, or near a window with a peaceful view. Maybe there’s a place where you go to curl up with your favorite book or to meditate, pray, or other personal activities.

Try to choose a place with as few distractions as possible. A high-traffic area where you will be bothered by others is obviously a bad choice. Or if it’s a place where you ordinarily watch the television or play on your phone, you may struggle with focusing on the cards and what your intuition is trying to tell you. Your tarot work is special, and your place for doing this work should be special too. Sacred work is done best in a sacred place.

If you don’t currently have a special place for this work in your home, make one. When I first started, I discovered I loved going outside on the back patio. It was a little chilly at times, but I loved the fresh air and sound of birds to help me connect with my inner voice. When it became too cold, I moved inside to a room with a nice view of the back pond. Make it special and it will elicit greater intuitive insights from within you. Burn incense, sage, or candles if it feels right to do so.

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Wherever you choose, keep something there for storing your tarot supplies. You will want to keep your cards, journal, and any other supplies safe and secure from any potential prying eyes. Lock them up for safekeeping and feel totally free to share all your insights in your journal.

When to Perform Your Daily Practice

Are you more of a morning person or evening person? Whichever time of day that you tend to be most relaxed and think most clearly is the optimal time for your daily practice.

Evenings may be best because tarot is a wonderful way to conclude your day. You can reflect on everything that happened during the day with the assistance of the cards. If you’re like many people, you may choose to spend your evenings watching television, surfing the web, or engaging on social media. That’s all fine but think about the benefit you would gain from stopping those activities a half hour earlier and using that time mindfully connecting to your intuition before going to bed.

Make sure if you choose evenings for your daily practice that you don’t wait until too late. The best tarot work is done when you are relaxed, but not sleepy. If you find yourself struggling to focus on the cards or hearing the voice of your intuition, it may be too late in the evening, or another time of day may be a better fit.

Morning may be better for your daily tarot practice. How do you normally spend the time between when you wake up and you go to work? This is literally a magic time of day because your mind is ordinarily more intuitive than other times. You are coming out of the deep relaxation of sleep and your brain is more naturally in the alpha state where an intuitive connection is more effortless.

I didn’t consider myself a morning person when I started working with tarot, but I soon discovered I was far more insightful and effortless at that time of day. I made the decision to wake up a half hour earlier than I normally did for the express purpose of tarot work. It quickly became a wonderfully empowering way to begin my days. I’ve experimented with evenings but have found mornings to be a better fit for me. I start my day by getting out of bed, pouring myself a cup of coffee and immediately going to my special place for tarot work.

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Morning tarot work is intrinsically different than evening tarot work. It sets the frame of mind for your day as opposed to concluding it. Neither is necessarily better than the other; just whatever feels right for you. Experiment with both until you feel the right fit that clicks. Then stick with it every day and watch your tarot work flourish as a result of steady dedication.

Conclusion: The Daily Practice as Healthy Routine

Imagine the benefits of having an established daily practice for your tarot work. You will build up that right-brain intuition “muscle” and gain far greater insights than if you use tarot only sporadically. You will understand the cards far more easily and gain a greater perspective of yourself and your life. Best of all, you’ll feel more connected to the source of truth, wisdom, and love within yourself.

Some people love having routines in their lives while others feel stifled by them. It’s amazing how much freedom you gain by establishing even one or two mindful daily habits. A solid morning or evening routine can be the foundation that makes greater freedom and spontaneity possible throughout the rest of your day.

There is no greater routine than a daily practice of using a favorite intuitive method. Some meditate every day and gain great benefits of self-awareness and peace of mind. Others practice yoga every day and gain incredible benefits of both mind and body. Those who master intuitive methods use them very regularly. Occasional use is better than none, but a regular committed practice brings the full benefits of mind, heart, and spirit.

My daily tarot practice is a sacred ritual and cornerstone of how I live my life and connect with my inner self. The benefits are almost beyond description and more than worth the time and effort to do every day. Make the decision to practice tarot daily and you will also discover the gifts that it can bring.