July 23, 2024
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5 Reasons to Learn Tarot

5 Reasons to Learn Tarot

I was raised in a family that was half Irish Catholic, half Wiccan. It was an interesting experience attending Catholic school, being taken to church, and going to my Mother’s coven on the weekend to learn Tarot and do Ouija boards in a seaside café. I was raised with Tarot, and now it’s second nature to me. Without it, I might be lost entirely.

With it’s growing popularity, I thought it might be a good idea to explain why I would recommend learning tarot so much. Here are 5 reasons.

It changes your perspective entirely

To be able to read well, you will need to get into a mindset where things just flow.

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You get into a state where everything is open to interpretation, and you’re so meditative and unattached to whatever answers may come from the cards that you just allow information to channel through you.

The cards have no solid proof for whether they work, you are purely going off instinct, faith, and intuition.  In the real world, we often ignore our intuition and demand hard facts and logic. A lot of ego-based decisions are made as a result. Often, ignoring our gut feeling is a recipe for disaster.

Reading tarot and training ourselves to become in touch with our intuition allows us to strike the balance between what is within our control, and what is not. Not only that, but it also opens our minds to how we can be okay with things that we can’t change. It assures us that everything happens for a reason.

Now, If I’m going through a particularly rough time in life, I ‘ll say ‘yeah, it sucks, but this is my tower moment. The universe is trying to show me something’. Before tarot, I would have landed myself in a pit of panic and despair, making fear-based decisions which would result in my bad situation spiraling. Tarot helps you get into that state where you remain calm and spiritually strong against all odds. That is the biggest reason why I would recommend learning tarot.

You will doubt yourself less

When we operate from a mindset which doesn’t account for the bigger picture, if we are unsure of something, we seek answers and reassurance from outward vices before connecting with self and finding comfort within. This can be detrimental to our situation because either we can become so trapped in our own heads with our ego chattering about what we should do, or we let other people know our business when they may not really want what’s best for us.

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Sometimes, other people’s opinions and judgments will only make us more unsure of what to do. It may on occasion lead us down a path where we care about other people’s approval more than remaining authentic to self. Sometimes, we just need ourselves. We become more stable because we grow to be more advanced at finding the answers within.

Being able to let go of the ego and allow the cards to speak for us.

We learn to get into that meditative state I have previously mentioned, and just trust ourselves and our guidance. Comfortable in the knowledge that we are not alone, but the only people who know our troubles are spirit guides who just want the best for us.

It’s a good way of making money (if you’re good enough)

I feel like tarot is a part of my life’s purpose. I didn’t for a second thing to learn it because it might make me money, in fact, I was blind to the fact that I could ever make money from it. I still wanted to do it though, because the way it changed my life is a gift that I wanted others to experience.

I wanted other people to find their way and find assurance in the unseen when times seemed at their toughest. I really felt like by opening people’s eyes to tarot I could change their lives for the better.

It was only when I was about 17 and I stumbled across some YouTube videos that did tarot readings by zodiac signs that I realized there was a real market for this. There are some readers out there who have built hugely successful careers and businesses out of reading tarot.

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You will need to be sure that you’re good, that your intentions are correct, and you’re putting in the right amount of work; but doing Tarot for a living or even just a side job can be incredibly fulfilling.

It helps you see the wonder in life

Tarot keeps my mind fresh with an abundance of childlike curiosity. When the cards speak and tell your fortune, you’re excited to experience things as you were told it would play out. It’s like walking around the world with wide eyes, expectant for the next surprise to unfold- knowing that things will not stay the same for too long.

You are never stuck when you can read tarot because the cards will always tell you what to do. The world just looks brighter when you let the universe talk with you.

It spiritually awakens you to a new way of being

Once you’ve cracked the mystery of divinity and have accepted that there are forces unseen, our mind becomes a playground.

Tarot is an inexplicable truth, it’s a miracle. There is little explanation for why it works, but it does. Once you realize that some things are just true without explanation, you open up to the possibility of there being more, and you begin to connect the dots and find new interests.

Tarot plummeted me into the world of Astrology, Reiki, and the Law of Attraction. It gave me an interest in metaphysics, it brought me a huge range of interests that I wouldn’t have even taken a second look at before tarot. It gave me purpose and life force.

If tarot is something that you’re drawn to, I cannot recommend learning it enough. Everybody is capable of awakening to their true power.