Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card

As a reminder, the suit of Pentacles is driven by feminine energy and represents values related to stability, growth, and material aspects in the life of the Querent or subject of a reading. Scholars and academics have connected the suit of pentacles to the classical element of earth, and most of the cards from that suit embody the symbolic attributes of this element, one way or another.

Ten of Pentacles card: Traditional meanings

The final numbered card in the suit of Pentacles represents the pinnacle of what the element of Earth has to offer, a rock solid foundation where the family can grow, a source of love and companionship that can support one another, safe from most financial woes by some shared wealth and long-term planning.

The implications of the ten of pentacles are strong and far-reaching, as evidenced by the pattern of the Kabbalistic tree of life appearing in the card’s illustration. This minor arcana card wants to provide long-lasting harmony to the Querent or subject of the reading, and if the current situation is too far away from this ideal state of balance and harmony the rest of the drawing will usually provide clues and advice meant to slowly guide that person toward their ultimate goal.

Upright: Family, security, wealth, stability, harmony, and long-term gains.

Reversed: Distance, lack of harmony, financial loss, and disillusionment.

Upright Ten of Pentacles card

The last of the numbered cards in the suit of Pentacles, the scene illustrated on the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck is extremely dense and busy. There are several men and women on the card, what seems to be a middle-aged couple, one child, and an old man sitting in the foreground and petting a pair of dogs.

In this minor arcana, the Ten Pentacles is expected on the card are indeed displayed all over the place without any real thematic connection to the scene itself, but any person has ever read about the Kabbalah will easily recognize that the ten pentacles are displayed on a shape that matches the locations of the sephiroth on the traditional representation of the tree of life.

All the various characters on the picture are the various elements that make a family. This blood connection and the kind of emotional safety net provided by this closely bound group is fascinating and scary at the same time.

But family offers a nucleus and a strong foundation on which any other endeavor will be built.  In a way, like several other cards in the suit of Pentacles, the ten of pentacle also represents wealth, but here the true value and wealth do not depend on shiny items or a stuffed bank abound,

People the Querent particularly cares for, like they close friends or confidantes, can also be covered by this concept of family. An extended family is a family too, and they can be just as important as blood ties, and more often than not they are also stronger.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles card

The negative side of the ten of pentacles appears when the card is drawn reversed in a tarot spread or during a reading. The core element of this darker side represents the same family ties as on the upright side, but when they are breaking down. It might be due to some family feud or simply due to someone moving away and slowly eroding the amount of complicity and osmosis they have together.

The other negative aspect of a reversed ten of swords is much more generic and deals with the overall loss of good fortune and luck. By extension, it can be said that a reversed ten of pentacles is the embodiment of failure and loss, a disruption of harmony, with the most important negative aspects often detailed in the other cards being drawn close to the ten of pentacles in the tarot spread.

Ten of Pentacles and love

An upright ten of pentacles in a love-based reading or tarot spread is extremely positive, turning love into something long-term and far-reaching. This minor arcana card, in this context, represents the moment when a simple couple turns into a family. It might represent the arrival of the first child, or a marriage proposal, or basically, anything that might solidify the ties between the various members of the family is obviously good luck.