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Welcome to the tarot reading for the month. This tarot reading will use the Crystal Power Tarot by Jayne Wallace.

The Reading Approach

The reading is done by drawing ten cards based on ten questions. The overall question for the reading is, “what do the visitors to AskAstrology need to know about the upcoming month of October 2023?”


Question 1: What is the Immediate Concern for this Month?


Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups advises you to embrace your emotions and follow your heart. Now is the time to pursue your dreams with passion and creativity. Be open to new experiences and connections, as they can bring emotional fulfillment and inspiration. However, remember to balance your idealism with practicality, as impulsive actions can lead to challenges. Trust your intuition, express your feelings, and seek romantic or creative endeavors that resonate deeply with your soul.

Question 2: What is the Challenge this Month?


The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune signals a challenge you’re encountering: the unpredictable nature of life’s cycles. It suggests that you might be experiencing a period of change and uncertainty. While it can bring unexpected opportunities, it also demands adaptability. Embrace the challenge by staying open to new directions, making flexible plans, and cultivating resilience. Remember, just as the wheel turns downward, it will rise again, bringing brighter prospects in due time.

Question 3: What is Obvious, but We need a Reminder?


Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles reminds you of the importance of diligence and patience. While it might seem obvious, your current situation calls for a steadfast approach. Focus on your goals with unwavering dedication, even if progress feels slow. Consistency will lead to lasting success. Don’t be discouraged by minor setbacks; instead, keep your eye on the long-term rewards that your diligent efforts will bring.

Question 4: What is Hidden, that Needs to be Revealed? 


Nine of Swords

The 9 of Swords asks you to reveal what’s hidden beneath your worries and anxieties: the power of trusting the present moment. Often, our fears are rooted in past regrets or future uncertainties. Right now, focus on the here and now. Embrace the present moment with mindfulness, recognizing that many of your worries are creations of the mind. Trust that by being fully present, you can find peace and clarity.

Question 5: What is Something from our Past that will Help Us in the Present Moment?


Six of Pentacles

The 6 of Pentacles suggests that something from your past can be a valuable resource in the present moment. Reflect on your past experiences of giving and receiving help or support. This card encourages you to draw from the lessons learned in those situations. Whether it’s generosity, gratitude, or a sense of fairness, applying these principles from your past can guide you in making balanced and compassionate choices in your current circumstances.

Question 6: What do We Need to Know for Guidance Going Forward?


XVIII The Moon

The Moon card advises you to recognize that not everything is as it seems. As you move into the future, be prepared for illusions, uncertainties, and hidden truths to surface. Trust your intuition and inner guidance. Embrace the unknown with curiosity rather than fear, as it holds valuable insights and transformative potential. By staying attuned to your intuition, you can navigate the mysteries of the future with wisdom and clarity.

Question 7: What do We Need to Know about Our Life Purpose this Month?


Nine of Pentacles

The 9 of Pentacles suggests that your life purpose at this time is to savor and appreciate the abundance you’ve cultivated. It’s a reminder to relish your independence, self-sufficiency, and the fruits of your labor. Embrace a life of leisure and luxury, but also share your wealth, knowledge, or skills with others. Your purpose revolves around achieving personal fulfillment and using your resources to create a harmonious and prosperous environment for yourself and those around you.

Question 8: What do We Need to Know to Fulfill the Purpose?


XXI The World

The World card signifies that to fulfill the purpose of the 9 of Pentacles, you must recognize the interconnectedness of your achievements with the broader world. Your prosperity and self-sufficiency have the potential to positively impact not just your life but the lives of others. Embrace a sense of completion and unity, understanding that your success is part of a larger cycle of growth and contribution. By acknowledging your place in this grand scheme, you can fully embrace your purpose of cultivating abundance and sharing it with the world. 

Question 9: What are Our Hopes and Fears?


Four of Swords

The 4 of Swords, in terms of your hopes and fears, suggests a duality. Your hope might be a desire for rest, relaxation, and a break from the stresses of life. You yearn for peace and recovery. On the flip side, you may fear that taking this rest could lead to stagnation or missing out on opportunities. Finding a balance between rest and action is key to addressing both hopes and fears.

Question 10: What is an Action for Each of Us to Consider Taking?


Eight of Wands

The 8 of Wands advises taking swift and decisive action in pursuit of your goals. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the best course of action is to move forward rapidly and with determination. Consider acting on your plans without delay, especially if you’ve been feeling stuck or indecisive. Embrace the momentum and seize the opportunities that come your way, as this card indicates that now is a favorable time for progress and achievement.

In Summary

The journey begins with the Knight of Cups, urging you to follow your heart and pursue your passions with enthusiasm. Yet, life’s cycles can be unpredictable, as depicted by The Wheel of Fortune. This card signifies a challenge in adapting to change, emphasizing the importance of remaining open to new directions while maintaining resilience. It suggests that as you chase your dreams, you may encounter unexpected twists and turns, calling for flexibility and an unwavering spirit.

The path to success requires diligence and patience, as the Knight of Pentacles underscores. Focus on your goals with dedication, for consistent effort will lead to lasting achievements. However, as you journey forward, The 9 of Swords reminds you to trust the present moment, as much of your anxiety stems from dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Practicing mindfulness can bring peace and clarity. Reflect on past experiences of giving and receiving support, as suggested by The 6 of Pentacles, and apply the lessons of generosity and fairness to make balanced choices in the present.

Hidden truths may surface on your journey, as symbolized by The Moon. Trust your intuition to navigate uncertainty, embracing the unknown with curiosity, for it holds valuable insights for the future. Your life’s purpose, as outlined by The 9 of Pentacles, is to savor achievements, embracing self-sufficiency and personal fulfillment while sharing your abundance with others. Recognize your interconnectedness with the world, as The World suggests, and understand that your prosperity has a broader impact, enhancing your life’s purpose through unity. While you hope for rest and recovery, The 4 of Swords cautions against stagnation, emphasizing the need to find a balance between rest and action. Finally, The 8 of Wands advises swift action toward your goals, seizing opportunities for progress and achievement without hesitation.

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