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Welcome to the tarot reading for the month. This tarot reading will use the Answer is Simple oracle deck by Sonia Choquette.

The Reading Approach

The reading is done by drawing ten cards based on ten questions.

The overall question for the reading is, “what do the visitors to AskAstrology need to know about the upcoming month of March 2023?”

Question 1: What is the Immediate Concern for this Month?


“Looking Forward” appears in a reading when we need to leave the past behind! As we go into the third month of the year, we need to realize that we need solutions that match with the changing times. Moving Forward represents the call to adapt rather than hold onto old traditions and previous expectations.

Question 2: What is the Challenge this Month?


When “Decide the Outcome” appears in a reading, the card lets you know you have to take responsibility for your choices. It is important to be conscious about why you are making your decisions so as not to be restricted by others and circumstances. Work to put yourself in a position to be the decision-maker rather than at the mercy of other’s decisions.

Question 3: What is Obvious, but We need a Reminder?


“Share Your Gifts” appears to remind us that we need to be generous with our talents, skills, and knowledge. Through sharing we build strong networks among people who can help us when we are in need. We feel safer and more joyous when we are appreciated, so we know it is important to put ourselves out in the world in positive ways to help others.

Question 4: What is Hidden, that Needs to be Revealed? 


“Celebrate You” shows up to tell you, “be authentic”. If you have not yet figured out your authentic self, then what have you learned that is “not you.” Sometimes the path to authenticity is a clear line whereby you see your destiny and know what you must do. Other times, it is a search that gets more and more refined with each misstep or misdirection that helps you unlock the person you need to celebrate.

Question 5: What is Something from our Past that will Help Us in the Present Moment?


“Tell the Truth” comes to you when you need to speak your truth, which you have done in the past, and you need to bring this energy and action into the present moment. When you let go of fear and had hard conversations, how much better did you feel? You need to stop avoiding a difficult relationship or situation and speak up this month.

Question 6: What do We Need to Know for Guidance Going Forward?


“It’s Not an Emergency” shows up in a reading when we need to change our perspective from fear to acceptance. We can make challenging situations far worse when we overreact. Stepping back emotionally can help us determine if what we are facing is an actual emergency that needs immediate attention and action, or something others want us to be overwrought about for their gain and to our detriment. Going forward through this month try to keep your perspective level and thoughtful.

Question 7: What do We Need to Know about Our Life Purpose this Month?


“Call Your Spirit Home” appears in a reading to encourage us to reconnect with what inspires us if we have lost our passion. We need to remember what makes us feel our best, in our work, our relationships, and our private time. Our purpose this month is to connect deeply with who we are, who we are becoming (if we are still searching), and who we need to discover (if we feel lost).

Question 8: What do We Need to Know to Fulfill the Purpose?


“Stop” appears in a reading when we need to “look before we leap.” Be prudent with your choices and do not rush in. Like “It’s Not an Emergency” and “Call Your Spirit Home”, this card asks you to take your time, be reflective, and pay attention to any dangers that might be lurking about about if you do not make wise choices. More so, check yourself and see if you might be a source of the drama and challenges in your life. If so, “Stop”.

Question 9: What are Our Hopes and Fears?


When “Thank God” appears in a reading, we need to count our blessings and find grace in our situation.  When we worry about scarcity, we often attract it. When we think about abundance and grace, we can pull that energy towards us. So, our hope is to be grateful and our fear is being lost. However, spirit is always with us, so we can never truly be lost.

Question 10: What is an Action for Each of Us to Consider Taking?


“Give Yourself the Best” shows up when we need to embrace self-care and pursue the best in all areas of our lives. Give yourself the best education by reading more, and choosing writers who are thoughtful and knowledgeable. Give yourself the best of friends by surrounding yourself with positive people. Give yourself the best of nature, by going to a nice park or on a hike through a beautiful forest. Sleep on the best pillow and the most comfortable bed. Do not compromise.

The overall message of the reading is to focus on being the best version of yourself that you can. Be authentic and surround yourself with other authentic people. Do not settle, do not take unnecessary risks, and find ways to be grateful each and every day.

Philip Young, PhD

I am a spiritual adviser located in Durham, North Carolina. I earned my PhD in English from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1996 and had a career in academics until 2007, when I retired to become a stay-at-home father. In 2013 I “hung out my shingle” starting my business Black Unykorn Enterprises, LLC. I provide spiritual guidance using different tools: astrology, tarot/oracle cards, numerology, and past life regression (using muscle testing). With a home office, Zoom, WeChat, and WhatsApp, I work with local clients in person and distance clients from around the world. You can read about my practice and contact me through my website: https://www.blackunykorn.com. Philip Young, PhD Website