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The Powerful Energy Of The 11/11 Portal

The Powerful Energy Of The 11/11 Portal

Do you keep seeing the numbers 11/11 in your daily life? Did you know there is something special to these numbers and it isn’t just a coincidence, there is a definite reason why these numbers keep popping up in your life? 11/11 has become such an auspicious number combination in modern life. It is seen as something special, an indication that you are on the right path and that it is a time for new beginnings.

If you would like to harness this powerful energy then you can look forward to November 11 when this energy is at its most powerful. Keep on reading to find out how you can make the most of this amazingly inspiring energy:

What Is The Significance Of The Numbers 11/11?

You might think you’re going crazy every time you see the numbers 11/11, but you’re actually completely sane and actually, quite lucky because you’re getting a direct message from the Universe that you are on the right path. Seeing 11/11 means that you are in alignment with your path and spiritual strength.

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It means that you should put your faith in the Universe because everything is working out according to plan. These numbers show that luck is on your side and that the Universe wants you to acknowledge your hidden gifts and talents. This is a time for you to use your manifestation tools because you’re in the energy of attracting things to yourself much easier.

7 Steps On How You Can Harness The Energy Portal Of 11/11

The energy of the 11/11 day is something that can open you up and bring you all the answers you need to help guide you towards your best possible future. Setting intentions and consciously creating your reality can really help you to manifest your dreams straight into reality. Here are some helpful tips on how to connect with this special energy on November 11:

1. Do Some Self Reflecting

11/11 is the perfect day for you to sit in contemplation and do some self-reflecting. It is time to turn your gaze inwards and focus on your own desires. Recognize what you want and need from your life. You need to stop caring about what others think of you and do what feels right for you and yourself only. When you only focus on yourself you stop giving away your creative and spiritual energy to drama. This is why you can attract a lot more abundance and prosperity when you work on your self-concept and stop worrying about others. If you live for yourself and your purpose then nothing else matters and the Universe can gift you with everything you have ever dreamed of.

2. Focus On Your Inner Spiritual Journey

On 11/11 it is a perfect day to focus on all of your favorite spiritual activities that help you feel supported and grounded. Make a vow to yourself to dive into the depths of your spirituality and to work on the lessons that you have been ignoring. This is a significant healing opportunity for you. Take the chance to open yourself up to new teachings and understandings about your own soul. Setting an intention to work the spiritual journey on this day will only prove to be powerful and life-changing.

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3. Pay Attention To Your Talents

This is a beautiful day of celebration and recognizing the unique gifts you have been given in this life. Spend this momentous day by indulging in your creativity and special talents. Be that cooking, painting, writing, dancing, singing, whatever it may be, it deserves to be celebrated. Remind yourself about the things that make you stand out. This shows the Universe that you are grateful for the gifts you have been given and you honor this self-expression within yourself.

4. Do A Ritual To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

11/11 is a day in which you are likely to feel more intuitive and connected to your spiritual side. This is the perfect time for you to connect to your spirit guides and ask them for guidance on your path. There are many ways in which you could contact your spirit guides; a guided meditation, using a pendulum to ask them questions,  or even a simple journal entry asking your guides to support you. You are likely to get the answers you are seeking on this very special day.

5. Visualize The Future You Want

The 11th Of November is an extremely auspicious day in which it is a lot more likely for your manifestations to come true. Everyone has intense attraction power and if you know how to harness this and use it then you could find yourself living the life you have always wanted in no time. A good way of doing this is to get very clear about your intentions and what you want to manifest in your life. You need to be very specific. Write these desires down and then imagine yourself in a reality in which this already exists. It could also be quite useful for you to create some affirmations to go along with these desires to remind yourself of what it is you want. Say you want to manifest the perfect relationship, then think about all the qualities you would like your partner to have – remember to be very specific! Then visualize yourself with your ideal mate and throughout the day you could keep affirming “I am loved and desired by my perfect partner.” Start this process on 11/11 and keep doing this until it becomes a belief and eventually a manifestation in your physical reality.

6. Connect With Your Higher Self Through Meditation

A wonderful way for you to connect to your intuition is to go on a meditation in which you connect with your higher self. There are many answers you could find on this journey. This is the perfect space for you to ask some questions and to get a picture of the path you are on in life. There are some wonderful guided meditations online which can help if going on the process alone feels too daunting for you. Your higher self is there to listen and support you no matter what. This can be an amazing practice to help you build a stronger connection with your intuition and make you see that the answers to the questions you have are always found within.

7. Do A Tarot Spead To Get Some Insight

Tarot is a wonderful tool to use to connect to your intuition to help you receive the guidance you need with whatever you are currently going through. Even the most simple spread could give you the answers you need. A good spread to do is to shuffle your cards quite thoroughly and then draw 5 cards. Turn the cards around and place each card in a specific position. You can make up your own positions or follow this sequence of past, present, future, action, and outcome. This should give you a pretty well-rounded idea of what you are currently facing. Let that sink in for a bit, hopefully, this will give you all the answers you are looking for.

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