June 18, 2024
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Numerology 2024 Universal Year Number 8

Numerology 2024: Universal Year Number 8

There are two important cycles in Egyptian Numerology that affect you personally and collectively. They are the Universal Year and Personal year vibrations. If you can recognize and perceive these governing numeric cycles and how they operate in your life, then you can align and work with the opportunities they create. Discover more about Numerology of 2024…

In numerology, each calendar year adds up to a single-digit number 1 through 9, which holds a unique energetic influence and imprint. It’s called the Universal Year. This means that it is a collective energy in which everyone on the planet will experience the energy of a particular number during the entire year. 

Each number, from one to nine, indicates a set of feelings, opportunities, and challenges that all of us may encounter in the next 12 months.

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How to calculate the Universal Year Number?

Hello and Welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier, Author of Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the 5th Dimension and “The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the Asking.”

Each year feels different on an individual level, but knowing the special attributes of the current Universal Year will give you a better idea of the areas of your life that may need extra attention.

We are currently in a Universal number 7 year for 2023. You can calculate the Universal year number by adding the numbers of the current year.

For example: 2023 = 2+2+3 = 7 and 2024 will be a Universal number 8 year.

Every year the collective vibration changes depending on the numeric calculation of the current year. This gives you ample opportunities to align with the Universe and co-create with Spirit.

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Reviewing the past year gives us insight into the Universal momentum of our collective consciousness.

Universal Year 7 and 8, what does it mean?

2023 was not the year for big production, promotion, or socializing. It was a time for inward contemplation and self-reflection. You might not have been driven to achieve worldly success as much as you desired to find peace and balance within. When working progressively with Universal number seven energy, you would have been led to put drama, business advancement, and money-making schemes on the back burner.

We are currently transitioning from a gentle self-reflective Universal 7-year energy to a rambunctious, creative, and spontaneous Universal number 8 Energy. 2024 is a time of experiencing inertia versus action.

Whatever the number 7 revealed to you in the form of an idea, goal, inspiration or dreams… 2024 gives you the motivation and incentive to make it happen.

2024 will be a time of inertia versus action. This is a powerful year for manifestation.

Your Personal year energy has a great influence on the direction you will travel this year, but Universal energy and power will umbrella your personal theme and show you how to best achieve your dreams and goals.

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Most people I know are happy and ready to come out of self-reflection and the quiet gestation of the creative process and rev up the engine to act on all the wonderful insights they received during the universal number seven year. Get ready to step out of the cocoon this upcoming year and adjust your wings for flight.

The numeric eight can be tricky though. Most people are informed that this energy is about abundance, and it is, but you must learn to be an alchemist to wield the majestic nature of the infinity symbol.

Alignment with Source and the highest of integrity is a must to truly ignite the law of attraction. And if you think about it, it makes sense. You manifest what you focus on, and you must be mindful of the origin or motives of your intentions.

If you dance around chanting, “abundance, abundance, abundance,” the universe hears you, recognizes your vibration, and starts the wheel turning to grant your desires. So, make a conscious effort to align with your highest good before doing the happy dance or you may find yourself in compromising circumstances beyond your control.

What to expect from Numerology in 2024?

Personal power and integrity, inner satisfaction, contentment, and happiness come into play for 2024. That means breaking ties with all that is holding you back.

You don’t always have to let go of something before changing your life. You can start by implementing positive change first and allow the old to fall away naturally. Life is like a vacuum, behaviors that leave are replaced with new ones whether positive or negative… space will always be occupied.

2024 is the year for health awareness. Cleanse, strengthen, and align with your inner core so you attract solid opportunities and external success that the Universe sends your way. You want to make sure you are healthy and strong enough to explore and appreciate your success.

Universal number eight year points the way out of inertia and into action. The number eight is about personal power, integrity, manifestation, business, property, money, and creativity.

Power, like money, can be used in positive or negative ways. This year teaches you about the balance between holding your ground and when to give it away; you learn that the most positive form of control appears in self-control. Until this lesson is acknowledged and implemented, you will tend to play games of dominance or submission, struggling with power or control issues with other people, circumstances, and the world.

If you misuse or repress your power, it turns around and destroys you. It is important for this coming year to express your power and let it flow naturally into the world, serving a higher good. Until you find your own balance of power and learn to express it, you tend to bounce back and forth between too much or too little power or money; you’ll experience feast or famine, and act passive or aggressive.

Energy of 8 – Numerology 2024

When the energy of the Universal number 8 works in the positive, they eventually manifest because they let their inner abundance flow through them. They may feel “lucky” at times, but their good fortune reflects the plans of Spirit.

The secret to making this magical year number 8 work for you is by balancing your spiritual and material worlds with integrity because the law of attraction is what the number 8 is all about.

This energy is often associated with the material world such as money, power, and fame, but as it clearly illustrates by sight, the 2 loops demonstrate the spiritual linked with the physical world in an unending circular bond.

The link between the circles represents your ability to connect with both equally. Balance, self-discipline, and creative imagination keep the current of light flowing from one loop to the next.

The only way to balance the two and remain fluid is through clear communication or what I call wise communication.  This means, no gossip, sarcasm, hateful speech, lies, and lies of omission will be tolerated if you want to manifest at the highest good for self and others.

The physical loop represents the five senses, including sight, hearing, speaking, touch, and smell.

The spiritual loop consists of the five major psychic senses.

When we fine-tune our physical senses, we open naturally to our higher psychic senses and abilities.

I am going to share with you a meditation that I use to wield the power of the Universal number 8. It is called the “Midas Touch.”

The Midas Touch Meditation

Get comfortable, turn off electronics, and take 4 deep cleansing breaths. Inhale a count of 4, hold a count of 4, exhale slowly count of 4 and hold for a count of 4. Do this 4 times.

  1. Close Your EYES
  2. Picture yourself standing on top of an Ancient Sacred Mountain
  3. Take a deep breath and notice how fresh the air is (is it warm, cold, wet?)
  4. Take another breath and notice the silence all around you.
  5. As you take the 3rd Breath, feel yourself becoming a 20 ft. Steel Rod. (You still have all your senses)
  6. Hold this position.
  7. Now feel the wind pick up around you. Is it coming from the East or the West?
  8. Every moment the wind becomes stronger, but nothing can move you.
  9. Notice the dark clouds coming through the sky and rain is starting to flow down around you. Harder and fluid.
  10. Thunder awakens your soul. With each loud release of Thunder, your Heart becomes activated and open. Louder & louder. Stronger & stronger.
  11. Lightning strikes you and transforms every cell in your body to pure White Light.
  12. Take a few moments and with each breath, Allow the Thunder & Lightning to activate your heart & Soul.
  13. When your Heart is wide open & your body is radiating with pure white light notice that you are a Channel for the electrical pulse of Higher Source.
  14. Feel this dynamic energy flowing into your Crown Chakra, through your body and out your feet down into the earth.
  15. Be the Channel for this Energy and then notice the difference between you and the energy. Then become ONE with the Energy again.
  16. Create from this place…This is when & where you Create and Manifest your Highest Possible Desires.
  17. Take a few moments to focus on what you desire to happen in your life. See and feel it all in the Present Moment as it is occurring right now. Create this vision in fine detail. What are you wearing? How are you feeling? Who is with you? Where are you? And what is occurring?

Whenever you want to manifest, become the electric conduit between Source and Matter. Use your imagination and pull the dynamic energy into your body, heart, mind and spirit staying in the constant flow of your imagination, trust, and actions.

This concludes the 2024 Universal number 8 article. May you be at peace, may you prosper, and may you count your blessings and appreciate the abundance you have in your life right now, and share a portion of your blessings with others.

For more involvement with Egyptian Numerology, please visit my website at www.egyptiannumerology.org

Blessings and Namaste’, Sara