Heredity Number of Your Last Name in Numerology

Many things are passed down to you from your parents: eye color, hair color, metabolism, skin color, height, and so on. It may surprise you to hear that along with genes and a surname, you also inherit specific energy. This energy is connected to your family name and is known as the heredity number. We’re going to explore this number: what it is, what it represents, and how you can discover yours just by converting your surname into numbers.

The Power of your Heritage

The heredity number is your heritage. In the same way that your surname is passed down from your father, you also inherit certain energies through the name. Understanding this number is the first step to understanding the vibrational energy that has been passed down through your family.These energies represent the connections between you and your family members. You can use the knowledge provided by this number to better understand how to heal wounds, learn lessons, and share important moments with your family. Heredity numbers also reflect the aspects of your inherited personality that may cause you stress. This can help you to avoid injuries or illnesses that may be prevalent within your family tree.

As your surname is typically passed down from your father, you’ve likely inherited the number from his side of the family. Since you use this name daily, it forms a major aspect of your personality. However, you also inherit energy from your mother, and so you should always explore the heredity numbers for your mother’s surname/maiden name as well. Just to get a fuller picture.

For example: If Isabella Smith’s mother’s maiden name is Jones, then Isabella would benefit from exploring this heredity number, which would be 9. She would consider Smith to be her primary number with influences from the Jones name.


Avoid Confusion

There are other times that heredity numbers can cause some confusion. When you get married, you may choose to take the surname of your partner. How does this effect heredity numbers?

The bond created through marriage creates drastic changes to your energy and personality. As such, you’ll typically adopt the same energy as your partner whenever you take their name. This doesn’t entirely override the number passed down to you from your own family, and so you should consider both, with your new name being viewed as additional energy.

Adoption also creates some confusion surrounding heredity numbers. There aren’t any general rules surrounding this area, as you have to approach it on a case-by-case basis.

For example, children who are adopted at a young age tend to inherit heredity numbers from their adoptive parents as they spend more time with them and develop a stronger connection. Exceptions to this might include children who are adopted in later life or those who still hold a strong connection with their biological parents or family.

Calculating Heredity Number of Your Family Name

To calculate it, you use the same principles as the one used to reduce the first name on your last name, transcribe it into numbers and then decompose it until you get a number between 1 and 9, 11, or 22.

And so, for the name Smith, its transcription into numbers is:

1 + 4 + 9 + 2 + 8 = 24

2 + 4 = 6

So, the heredity number for Mrs. Fornal (born Smith) is 6.

3rd numerological exercise: calculating heredity numbers

Your last name: ______________________________________________________

Its reduction into numbers: ____________________________________________

Your heredity number: ________________________________________________

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