July 13, 2024
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How To Follow Your Calling With Egyptian Numerology

How To Follow Your Calling With Egyptian Numerology

I’m quite excited to be here today and I am thankful that you have chosen to join me for PART #2 CONCLUSION OF “HOW TO FOLLOW YOUR CALLING.” Before we get started, I hope you had the opportunity to read PART #1 of “How to Hear Your Calling” and you have had some time to get a clear picture of what your life purpose is. It is okay if you are still sitting on the fence because everyone is in a different life cycle and circumstance. This article is designed to help you to understand your path and where you are with your life purpose in the present moment with Egyptian Numerology. It is for people who might know what their calling is but are not sure what direction to follow, it is for current Lightworkers and healers that are feeling a little disillusioned about the collective energy, and for those who are ready to pursue their life purpose and need the extra encouragement to get started. The collective energy has shifted and will continue to shift at a rapid pace until there is no time at all. There are some things that you need to understand so that you can make the optimum use of your intuitive gifts.

If you missed it the article > How To Hear Your Calling With Egyptian Numerology

How To Navigate Through The Challenges

In this segment, I will tell you what is happening on a collective level and how to navigate through the challenges. Why you might be feeling frustrated and what you must do to counteract the fear.

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You are closer than you think to making your dreams come true. You just have to make a few minor adjustments to align with the Universal energy that is currently in overdrive and will continue to evolve rapidly in the coming weeks, months, and years!

I am sharing information with you that I have gathered as a result of working with hundreds of clients these past 2 years. This is information that I too have witnessed regarding my own vocation, and I have had to make the necessary adjustments to align with the collective energy and universal laws.

Let’s review the #5 Truths leading to success when hearing and following your Life Purpose.

TRUTH #1 – Know that You are Divine.

TRUTH #2 – Know that You have a calling.

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TRUTH #3 – Know that You always know what your spiritual purpose is.

TRUTH #4 – Your Calling is encoded in your DNA.

TRUTH #5 – When you are ready, your purpose will be revealed.

The Lions Gate 8:8 portal continues to gain momentum until the September Equinox. This is the perfect time of year to harness the cosmic universal energy sent to us by the Higher vibrational Beings to assist us on our Personal Ascension and from the True Source of our Soul power acting as the fire of motivation under our feet.

When you embrace and follow your calling – you step into your power. This is the part where you finally decide to honor your heart, celebrate your worth, and embrace your mystical magic.

This is the part where you lean in and give it everything you have, and where you refuse to give up on yourself.

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Trust yourself.

Trust your magic.

To follow your purpose, you must be in alignment with your higher self, completely accept yourself, and embrace your authenticity.

You live your purpose when you let the spirit flow through you. Your purpose requires serving yourself and others through a unique craft and you can only serve when you are selfish enough to focus on your Inner Being without distractions. Spiritual Selfishness lets the Universe work through you.

You must be selfish enough to discard the distractions, focus on your inner transformation more than giving in to the fear of outside changes.

Always trust that you are here for a greater purpose no matter your age, or if at this moment you feel completely lost. Have the courage to start over and discover new ways to share your gifts and be the authentic version of your highest self.

It is quite natural to let go of who you were an hour, day, or year ago. Life is all about evolution, ascension, and having the freedom to change. You are constantly flowing onward, upward, and discovering new worlds of magic and mystery in yourself.

To Follow Your Calling, You Must Do What Sets Your Soul On Fire!

You must:

  • VIBE HIGHER to consciously choose a state of mind that is in tune with your soul’s highest purpose. Raising your vibration invokes a feeling of one-ness with the universe. It is a daily practice that includes trusting your intuition, living in peace, choosing love, and focusing on positivity. Tune into your best self and know that we are all connected. You must also:
  • RECOGNIZE and be aware of the immense power you hold within. Take charge, step up to the role of a leader. You are capable of igniting revolutionary change. You are the portal keeper, the dream weaver, and the actualizer of Infinite Potential.

Spread your wings and blast forth into a brand-new beginning. Harness your untamed tenacity and know that you got This!


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“How To Follow Your Calling”

I want to tell you that the biggest distractions come from the Lack of Self-love. The inability to love oneself, I think, is the crux to all our problems.

When we refuse to go within and open our hearts to the one true union, we inevitably separate from the Source of our Soul supply.

You are vulnerable and powerful simultaneously. True power is not an assertive, willful, and a demanding driving force.

Your real source of power is receptivity, sensitivity, vulnerability, and the courage to open your heart and invite the strength within you to align to your higher self – especially when you feel isolated from Source.

Real power is re-connecting with self-love and allowing the presence of Spirit to flow through you!

To Follow your Calling, you must recognize and accept that old paradigms are fading into the past and new inner and outer structures are being built. This New energy must flow outward. What you have relied on before as a solution to healing won’t necessarily work for the long haul. In fact, you will be doing a disservice to yourself and your clients if you continue without making the necessary adjustments.

This is often where individuals get stuck. Resistance to change, unable to manifest the courage to adjust, and a lack of vision. Sometimes your dream future loses momentum when you stop envisioning your best life. And you stop envisioning your best life when you cease to believe in yourself and your visions.

Ask yourself, “What do I want? Many people never ask this question, or they ask but shove the answer on the back burner and forget about it all together. When you do this, you don’t have a clear sense of what it is that you want.  To Follow your calling, you must know in your mind and heart exactly what it is that you are being called to do.

Hundreds of my clients are being instructed to walk through the gates of originality and innovation. What does that mean?

We are in a new territory, new energy, and a new paradigm. Because we are growing spiritually at a rapid pace, it is imperative that you install the perception that “You are the one that you have been waiting for.”

If you are certified in the healing and teaching fields, unfortunately these documents won’t help you with what is being asked of you today. You must reach higher. Of course, everything that you have been led to do up to this point is part of your life purpose, but I am going to tell you that you need to do more.

You need to invent something that hasn’t been taught before, listen to your intuition, and create what your vision is telling you to manifest. You may be afraid because you don’t have a clear picture of what you need to do because it has not materialized here on the planet yet. And that is right.

You are the forerunners of our New Earth. You are being given glimpses of what the planet and her people need to evolve higher. And you need to know that you are the one who will birth it into beingness. You must be innovative and take the path and risk that all great masters have come to know.

In the realm of spirit, anything can happen. You need to take the reins and add to your chosen field something that inspires you without complaining that you don’t think it will work because nobody else has done it before.  It will work and it is vital that you create and manifest from a place of vulnerability. Even if it is something that has not happened or been orchestrated yet. Remember, we are in a new territory, higher energy, and existing in a brand new paradigm so we need innovative action to take place.

Let’s take some examples…

For example, if you are a Reiki master and have been interested in sound healing, herbology, or aromatherapy, then you must follow this passion and create a service that integrates everything you know is helpful for your clients. Give it a new name, look, and energy.

Let’s say you practice Astrology, Tarot, or angel cards and you have been increasing your intuition and desire to be an intuitive psychic reader. Find a way to incorporate everything that you are passionate about and add it to your brochure. Call it something new and don’t be afraid to be original.

If you are a teacher in the traditional sense and you have an idea of incorporating meditation in the classroom but are afraid of how the parents and student body will react, find a way to overcome your fear even if you have to offer free classes to the parents and school authorities. Feel the fear and do it anyways!

Allen, one of my clients, was a travelling nurse. He made great money and loved to travel but he is being called to open a Healing Center to teach patients how to heal themselves through various methods that do not require traditional medicine. Is he afraid to go against the grain? Is he unsure about growing roots in one place? Absolutely! But his calling has become so loud that he can no longer ignore it. He knows that his whole life has been a preparation to take this leap of faith.

Helene is a client of mine who works as a Dentist. She became interested in acupuncture and had a calling to learn techniques of pain relief using acupuncture. She eventually incorporated these methods with her patients and now is working to be an educator to help other dentists to rely on non-medicating efforts to relieve pain in the dental chair.

People are not only looking for something new, but they also need new services. They crave new perceptions, and you are the one that can offer what they need. You cannot wait for someone else to invent it first before you align with your vision because you may have to wait another lifetime. The time is now! Get excited, create, and manifest.

So what innovative service are you being called to create and manifest? Take a moment to visualize it, feel it, and own it.

It is important to make it as real as possible and the best way to do this is to reflect on your life and make a list of all the events that took place to help you prepare for this.

Even the minor and major mishaps or uncomfortable situations that played out helped you to know what you don’t want so you can choose what you do want.

Take the time to reflect and write out on a piece of paper what has transpired throughout your entire life up to the present moment. What have you learned? Are there still circumstances that happened in the past that need to be resolved? What classes, seminars, and workshops have you been inspired to take? What certifications have you acquired? What have you learned from your previous relationships in terms of emotional growth?

Reflect and know that:

  • Every experience in your life has led you here.
  • Everything that didn’t work out showed you what you DO want.
  • Everything is in Divine order and timing.


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Your Preliminary Purposes Are Just As Important As Your True Soul Calling

These are people, events, and circumstances that you set up before birth to happen throughout your life to help prepare you for your Divine ordination. Nothing is random and everything happens in Divine order and timing. So, list all the occupations, relationships, courses of study, and personal reflections that you have experienced and learned from. This exercise will help you gain the confidence to create in the present moment.

Show gratitude for your willing support and participation in these areas. The state of grace allows you to move through fear so you can explore the vision of what you want to create and manifest today.

Explore the vision of what your inner knowing is showing you. Use visualization techniques from the previous presentation to connect with your passion on a deep emotional level, use affirmations that state what you want and see it happening in the present moment, and live as though you are currently connected to your life purpose.

In Part one of this seminar, I shared with you the moment that I heard my calling. I was 11 or 12 years old; I was in my 5th grade class. Our teacher asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I felt somehow lost with that question and I turned to gaze and daydream out the window for a second or two. In those brief moments, I received some visions. I was told that I would be a healer, teacher, and parent. I was told that I would have only 1 child and I was instructed to detox my body for 3 years before I had a child and that I was to heal my wounds so that I don’t pass them on to my child. I was told all of this would happen before my 36th birthday.

I was excited to start my life but soon forgot all that I had been shown. I felt at the time that these were all part of my Life Purpose. But, with hindsight, I now know that these were pre-contracted events that must take place to prepare me for my Ultimate Ordination and destiny… so I called them my preliminary life purposes because my Ultimate Life Purpose could not have occurred without my participation in these vital events.

On my 36th birthday, I remembered everything that I was shown when I was 11 and I was guided to acknowledge that I had completed this part of my soul contract. I did work in the healing/ medical field for 10 years, I graduated from college with my teaching degree, and I became a single parent. I detoxed my body for three years almost to the month that I conceived my daughter, and I was enrolled in a woman’s self-defense class to heal more past trauma when she was 7 months old.

Now that you have made a list of all the skills that you have acquired from past lessons, you are ready to illustrate a list of the skills you still must learn and practice to make this real. Can you hire someone to help you with the technical operations or the areas that you are not particularly interested in and passionate about?


Put it all together, create your best vision, get excited, and trust the Universe. Let go of any expectations because these will just hinder your progress. Nothing will materialize if you block yourself by trying to control it. From my personal experience, when I let go of expectations, I always get something bigger and better than I could ever imagine.

Real manifestation comes from living as though your vision has already come true. You must stay current by keeping your energy high and clear. You will be intuitively instructed to what you need to do to elevate your awareness. What worked for you last year, won’t work for you now.

A very important ingredient to Following your Life purpose is to manage and improve your thoughts, communications, energy, and power.

If you want to live in a healthy and thriving environment, then you must stop complaining about global warming, racial riots, and the unjust government and so on…

Start raising your energy field and focus on fulfilling your life purpose.

If everyone focuses on their own life journey and the positive aspects of their daily lives, including the perfection of our climate, respect for individuality, and a fair, honest, and justice-oriented government… the world will be the change that you are willing to make.

Take The 21 Day Challenge And Change Your Life:

During this process of “How to Follow Your Calling,” I am introducing you to a life changing exercise that will help you raise your energy, keep it elevated, give you the energy, and encouragement to pursue your Life Purpose.

To achieve the significant steps that must be taken to move forward into alignment with your Life Purpose, you are going to need internal power and energy. The 21-day challenge is a simple method that summons the power and energy that you will need.

Make a commitment that for 21 days, you will not complain, gossip, or criticize yourself and others. No matter what occurs during that time, whatever hardships you encounter, your response will only be one of acceptance.

Mark off each day on your calendar when you are successful with this exercise. If by chance you catch yourself slipping up… don’t judge yourself but start over for another 21 days.

When you are in alignment with your soul purpose, you help raise the consciousness of the collective and heal mother Earth in the process.

Every time you hear yourself complain, stop and say, “Cancel clear, I bless the fear, and choose my thoughts and words again.” Make a conscious effort to monitor yourself and re-word your phrase.  A good way to keep track of your thoughts and communication is by wearing a rubber band on your wrist. Every time that you catch yourself complaining, gossiping, and criticizing, snap the rubber band.

Watch how your life is altered by doing this exercise. It will free up your energy and power to focus clearly on what you desire to manifest.

Nothing good changes out of fear, frustration, despair, and bewilderment. We can only change through the process of loving and accepting ourselves for exactly who we are right now.

If, in the present moment, you do not feel as though you are living your soul purpose, then work with what you have created, and where you presently are at this moment.

Wherever you are on your soul journey, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. If by chance, you are working in an occupation that no longer serves you, feels good, or excites you, then it is time for a change. But before you move on, you must review what you have learned and thank the process for helping you to become who you are right now.

You grow through gratitude and changed behavior.

It is helpful to know the life cycle that you are in. I have a chapter in my book, “The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the Asking” all about life cycles. Most people contact me when they are beginning a new cycle. The strongest cycles are the 7-year, 9-year, 12-year and of course your Saturn return.

It is helpful to know the life cycle that you are currently in. This will help support you and eventually anchor your energy and power.

I have successfully walked clients through their soul life agreement including manifesting their life purpose. You can check out my testimonial page on my website. If you need support aligning with your Soul DNA Blueprint, schedule a free breakthrough call with me regarding my 90 Day Mentorship Program. In this program, you will discover your Soul Life Agreement including developing your gifts, becoming the archetype of your Life Path, how to clear your karmic lessons, and create a step-by-step solution to fulfilling your purpose.

I have an Online course called Activate your Superpowers… that conveys what your gifts are, and which ones need to be developed to help support your life path and purpose. Your talents are encoded in your Soul Urge and Achievement numbers and your Quintessence Code (your time of birth). You can learn more on my website at www.egyptiannumerology.org

Thank you for joining me, our journey together has just begun.

Namaste’ Sara Bachmeier