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BL_NUM_246_The Last Friday, the 13th of 2023, Is October - Why Is That Significant

Friday the 13th of 2023 Is In October: Why Is That Significant?

Whenever Friday the 13th is coming up, you may feel a pang of dread or excitement as there is a superstition about the day being full of good or bad luck. It can happen one to three times a year each year, depending on the year whether it is a leap year. 2023, it happened in January, and now it is in October. It will happen in 2025 once and in 2026 three times. So, let’s review the origins of the date and the numerology of October 13th, 2023, so you know what energies to expect, as the numerological value of the day is three.


What Are the Origins of Friday the 13th?

The concrete origin of Friday the 13th has yet to be discovered. Still, the fear and excitement around the date likely started happening in the latter part of the 19th century because of the combined stories, religious beliefs, and folklore behind it. The idea about negative things (or perhaps, in some cultures, positive things) happening on that date started becoming more common after the late Thomas W. Lawson published his novel, “Friday, the Thirteenth,” in 1907. The belief became even more popular in the 1980s because of the “Friday the 13th” horror movie series.

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There is speculation that one of the origins of the date is from Norse mythology regarding the Loki story. There was a dinner with 12 Norse gods without inviting Loki. Why did that happen? Let’s review that.

The Potential Origin of Friday the 13th Superstition in Norse Mythology

In Norse mythology, the story of Loki not being invited to a dinner with the 12 Norse gods is known as “Loki’s Insult” or “Loki’s Quarrel.” The reason behind Loki’s exclusion from the dinner varies depending on different versions of the myth.

According to one popular version, Loki was not invited because he was considered a mischievous and unpredictable deity. Due to Loki’s cunning nature, the gods feared he would disrupt the harmony of the gathering. They feared that his company would cause chaos or trouble.

Another myth states Loki was not invited because he was not considered a true god. In contrast to the Aesir, Loki was a Jotun, a giant or a creature from another realm. He was, therefore, excluded from the dinner because the gods did not consider him part of their divine circle.

A resentful Loki, excluded from the dinner, eventually became mischief-making and betrayed the gods due to his anger. Later stories often attribute Loki’s antagonistic actions against the gods to this event.

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According to the Farmer’s Almanac, it is believed that Friday the 13th may have stemmed from the story of Loki’s Insult, as he was the 13th “god” who caused trouble. However, more than anything, the superstition likely had more Christian religious origins instead, such as the Knights of Templar.

How the Knights of Templar May Be Tied to Friday the 13th

In the 20th century, there was a belief that superstition originated because of the story about the Knights of Templar, which was a prominent religious military order. Specifically, the Temple of Solomon and the Poor Knights of Christ committed blasphemy in front of Philip IV, the king of France. They were arrested for it and experienced torture, including being burned at the stake in Paris. Others in the military had no choice but to make false confessions about blasphemy and shared the same fate.

That incident occurred on Friday, October 13th, 1307, so that would have happened exactly 716 years ago. That likely is where the origin occurred more than the story about Loki’s Insult. Another superstition surrounding the date is also of religious, Christian origin, involving The Last Supper.

How The Last Supper Ties to Friday the 13th

In the biblical narrative of the Last Supper, which took place on Maundy Thursday, the day before Jesus’ crucifixion on Good Friday, Friday the 13th is associated with The Last Supper. Before his death, Jesus shared a final meal with his disciples at the Last Supper, a significant event in Christian tradition.

Thirteen people, including Jesus and his twelve disciples, were present at the Last Supper. Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion are traditionally attributed to Judas Iscariot, one of the disciples. As a result, the number 13 has been associated with bad luck, betrayal, and misfortune.

With the fear of the number 13 and believing that Friday is unlucky, Friday the 13th became a highly unlucky superstition. Due to the Last Supper’s presence in this narrative, this superstition has gained cultural and historical associations. However, it is essential to note that this superstition has no religious or scriptural connection.

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However, since there are several historical and mythological origins to how Friday the 13th became an unlucky day, many people developed a phobia of Friday the 13th. The phobia is called Paraskevidekatriaphobia or Friggatriskaidekaphobia, as that term comes from Norse mythology, as Frigg is the Friday Norse Goddess.

That is why many people with this phobia avoid doing anything significant on Friday the 13th, such as making purchases, arranging weddings, or having any celebration. And 13 is not only a number associated with misfortune because of The Last Supper. In numerology, 13 is a malefic number, or a karmic debt number. However, there is an important lesson with this number.

Karmic Debt Number 13 Meaning in Numerology

Number 13/4 is often associated with karmic debt in numerology, as it is one of the four Malefic numbers along with 14/5, 16/7, and 19/1. Karmic debt numbers are believed to represent lessons or challenges an individual has carried over from previous lives. They require attention and growth to overcome the karmic debt associated with these numbers.

Therefore, if your lifepath is 13/4, or if you have a birthday on the 13th of any month (whether it is October 13th or any Friday the 13th or not), there are karmic lessons you need to learn.

As a karmic debt number, 13 represents transformation, upheaval, and the need for personal growth. Think about the Death Tarot card in the Major Arcana. This is the 13th card in the deck, which is about endings and transformations.

The numerology chart of an individual with this number may indicate unresolved issues or imbalances related to self-expression, independence, or transformation. In the present, these issues may be related to past actions, decisions, or behaviors that need to be addressed and resolved.

A karmic debt number 13 is often associated with challenges and obstacles that force individuals to become more confident, embrace change, and assert their individuality. Their ability to stand up for themselves, make independent decisions, and overcome fear or insecurity may be tested. The lessons associated with karmic debt number 13 facilitate personal growth and transformation.

Now that you know about the probable origins of Friday the 13th, superstition, and why 13 is considered unlucky in many cultures, what is unique about the last Friday the 13th in 2023? Let’s discuss this.

How Will the Last Friday the 13th Impact You?

The last Friday, the 13th of 2023, is October 13th, as you know. Numerologically, aside from the day holding a karmic number, you do have some favorable energies to utilize for this day. When you add up the numerology for the day, which is 1+0+1+3+2+0+2+3, it is 12, which reduces to 3, making it a “3” numerological day.

A “3” numerological day is associated with creativity, self-expression, communication, and social interaction.

There is a strong connection between the number 3 and creativity and artistic expression. Writing, painting, music, or theater may inspire you to engage in creative endeavors, explore your imagination, and express yourself through different forms of communication.

Effective communication is also associated with the energy of the number 3. It suggests a day when you feel more comfortable expressing your thoughts, ideas, and emotions. This is an excellent time to engage in conversations, network, speak publicly, or share information.

There is a strong correlation between a 3 numerological day and sociability and the desire to connect with others. It signifies a peaceful and enjoyable period of social interaction. You can build relationships, socialize, attend social events, or collaborate on creative projects during this time.

Number 3 is associated with lightheartedness, optimism, and joy. Positive attitudes and enthusiasm are encouraged. You may feel more playful, humorous, and joyful during this time. When you approach life with joy and optimism, you can see the brighter side of things.

Three numerological days are ideal for expressing yourself creatively, communicating effectively, and interacting socially. You feel inspired to express yourself, connect with others, and embrace a positive, joyful attitude when you feel this way.

Therefore, this “3” energy will lighten up the heavier energies that come with the date of the 13th, along with the balancing Libra energies, making the last Friday, the 13th of the year, a lighter day. Since you have an element of transformation that comes with the number 13, you can help make some positive changes within yourself by engaging in creative pursuits such as writing, creating music, or painting.

If you don’t choose to do any of that, it is an excellent day to discuss self-improvement methods with your friends so you can get feedback and encouragement from them and do the same for them.

If you are one of the many people in the world who fears Friday the 13th, you can relax knowing that the last one, 2023, will have a lighter, optimistic, and creative energy attached to it. It should also help you to understand how the superstition of Friday the 13th originated, as it may have derived from Loki’s Insult, from Norse mythology. However, it likely stemmed from the Knights of Templar incident or The Last Supper. Remember that 13 is a number that represents transformation, which is never easy to face. Still, on the last Friday, the 13th, you can make the energies surrounding that fun and optimistic.