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What Does it Mean When You Dream About Flying?

Negative issues, emotions, and insecurities are usually associated with dreams about falling, being chased, or being naked in public. However, what about flying dreams? Have you ever dreamt that you are soaring in the air, bringing joy, excitement, fear, or anxiety? Interpretations of flying dreams can vary depending on whether you feel in control. Feeling in control can have positive associations, while losing control may have negative connotations. However, sometimes flying dreams can be enjoyable, especially if they are lucid dreams where you feel fully in control. Let’s explore some of the deeper meanings behind flying dreams.

Flying Dreams: A Deeper Look

Flying dreams often have spiritual significance, as they can evoke a sense of liberation. You may have recently overcome a barrier or obstacle in your life. This newfound freedom may be reflected in your flying dream.

If you feel like you’ve lost control and have nothing to ground you, you might experience anxiety-inducing flying dreams. These are just a few examples of the spiritual meanings behind flying dreams, but there are many more to explore. People often have flying dreams in negative situations.

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Having a Need to Escape

There has been a time in everyone’s life when they have needed to escape. Maybe you had a flying dream when you went to school and couldn’t wait until the school year was over, so you felt free and happy that you had escaped a cruel teacher. You may not have gotten along with your parents when you were a college student, but you did not have the means to live independently.

Living with your parents when you’re not getting along with them can feel suffocating. This is especially when you’re at an age where you should be moving out alone, but money is a barrier. During those difficult times, you may have dreamed of flying, giving you freedom. Similarly, those flying dreams may have provided a brief respite from pain and stress when dealing with caregiving challenges.Sometimes one can be trapped in a monotonous and stressful situation, leaving their body desperate for rest. It is not unusual to experience a flying dream that feels like a blissful escape. This represents the only moment of freedom from a time-consuming and energy-draining obligation. Such a dream provides momentary respite. Another common reason for a flying dream is feeling powerful.

Feeling Powerful

It’s common to feel empowered when dreaming of flying. This exhilarating experience allows you to become a superhero and become powerful. However, this feeling does not necessarily translate to reality. In fact, you may feel powerless in your waking life. The flying dream may represent your subconscious desire for extraordinary qualities, such as flying ability.

It’s possible that you don’t feel completely helpless and instead want to take control of your life. People with these aspirations may feel empowered after waking up but then struggle to find the energy and strength to progress in their everyday lives. However, this feeling may be deceiving.

Sometimes Flying Can Make You Feel Like You Have No Power

Regarding flying dreams, the opposite of feeling in control may be true. You might feel powerless and unable to move, much like in falling dreams that can be terrifying. Perhaps you are experiencing a significant change in your life, causing you to feel scared and unbalanced, struggling to find your footing. These flying dreams can bring on anxieties, but they can also remind you to take things one step at a time and be gentle with yourself. It’s okay to be afraid, and it’s essential to approach the situation with patience. Now, let’s discuss the next interpretation.

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You Can Gain A New Perspective

When you dream about flying, it doesn’t always mean you feel free or out of control. Flying allows you to see things from a different perspective as you soar above and witness things you may have never seen before. Unless you’re in a balloon, helicopter, or airplane or viewing drone footage, you won’t experience this perspective. Flying can instill confidence, but if something is weighing you down, a change of perspective may be just what you need to overcome it.

When flying at a lower altitude and experiencing the world from an entirely different perspective, your guides and subconscious can help you gain a fresh outlook on your situation. Additionally, you’ll sense the clouds and nearby birds as they soar alongside you. Furthermore, flying above traffic allows you to avoid obstacles.

Imagine driving in heavy traffic with road blockages, only to realize there’s been an accident further down the road causing the slow movement. Despite the sluggish pace, you keep inching forward. However, if you flew above the scene, you’d have a broader perspective and be able to see what’s happening. This shift in perspective can instill confidence and help you avoid traffic and accidents. However, if you still feel defeated, it’s time to consider a fresh perspective.

Imagine a scenario where you dream of flying to gain a fresh perspective. You may be currently job hunting in a highly competitive field and experiencing rejection after rejection. Although you remain confident in your abilities and hopeful for success, constant setbacks weigh you down. It’s understandable to feel defeated in such a situation, but it’s imperative to keep pushing forward and maintaining your determination.

It’s understandable to feel disappointed about not finding a suitable job. However, it’s important to believe that the perfect opportunity is still out there and the ones you turned down weren’t the right fit. If you accepted them, you may have been unhappy and unchallenged in those roles. Keep faith that the right job will come your way, and don’t give up your pursuit. There is also another interpretation of flying dreams that relate to the ego.

You Need To Control Your Ego

If you are experiencing no sense of defeat but possess excessive confidence, you might encounter a dream about flying for a different reason. This could indicate your superiority complex, where you perceive yourself as superior to others, which can be detrimental in the future. The dream serves as a reminder to keep your ego in check as you may look down on others physically and metaphorically.

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Your upbringing may not have been easy, but you have succeeded independently. However, it’s important to remember that not everyone has had the same opportunities and experiences as you. You may be unintentionally developing a sense of superiority over those who have struggled to overcome their trauma. Checking your ego and approaching others with empathy and understanding are imperative.

It is said that having a dream of flying signifies not underestimating anyone. Everyone has their own path and strives to do their finest. Encountering someone who triggers an unresolved issue may cause you to stumble and fall from grace. Therefore, it’s critical to approach others with humility.

Flying dreams can have various meanings based on the situations you face in your waking life. Perhaps you are in a stressful situation and long for an escape, or you are allowing your ego to get out of control. It is up to you to interpret their significance and understand how they relate to you personally. Each dream holds importance, and by comprehending its message, you can better address the underlying situation. You can find dreams’ meanings by looking at online dream dictionaries and learning about what your dreams mean through that.