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– What’s on the Cards for the month ahead?

What is the psychic weather this month according to the oracle of the Tarot? What is the mood on the global stage and in our personal lives, and what are the Tarot’s suggestions for making the best of it?

The cards are from the Rider-Waite deck c. Arthur Edward Waite.

Drawing the Cards

The reader has drawn one card for each of the three ‘decanates’ of June: treating the month as a story with three chapters of approximately 10 days each.

The deck is shuffled blind and the cards are drawn entirely at random. The reader has asked the Tarot to show a keynote card for the month as a whole and then drawn a further three cards, one card for each of the three ‘decanates’ of June: treating the month as a story with three chapters of approximately 10 days each.

Keynote card

The reader has drawn Major Arcana 10, The Wheel of Fortune.

Wheel of Fortune tarot card rider waite
Source: Wikimedia

Traditional Meanings: Luck, change, fate, destiny, events beyond our personal control. 

  • Power shifts
  • Good luck (when the card is drawn upright)
  • Predictions and prophecies
  • Destiny, feeling like something is meant to be
  • Taking responsibility


A new cycle starts in June. Change is here. The change or changes announced by The Wheel of Fortune may be welcome or unwelcome, depending whether the card is drawn upright or reversed. Today this card has been drawn upright, suggesting changes for the better this coming month, on the world stage, in public life and in personal matters.

This good news is not necessarily directly due to anything we have done. Though it may be of course, in which case, we can give ourselves a pat on the back. But when the Wheel of Fortune turns up, there is a key element of chance or luck attached.

Some things are unstoppable, just like the seasons and the weather.

The earliest reference to the familiar concept of the Wheel of Fortune, symbolizing the endless ups and downs of life is from the 1st century AD, in ‘Agamemnon’, in a tragedy written by Seneca, Roman tragedian, philosopher, statesman, and orator.

. … Whatever Fortune has raised on high, she lifts but to bring low. Modest estate has longer life…

The day of the week associated with this card is a Thursday, which is a possible reply if someone asks when something is likely to occur.

Jupiter and The Wheel of Fortune

This card is ruled by the planet Jupiter which has recently made a transit and left the zodiac sign of Aquarius and moved into Pisces. In real life, this signifies an energy boost, a release from restriction, and a lift in mood, but Pisces is also about dreams and sometimes, delusions. It goes to great emotional and psychic depths.

Jupiter is big, expansive, and optimistic, though it can also be judgmental and self- righteous. There is a lot of that around at present, and this mood seems set to continue for a while, but June could bring a more cheerful interlude.

Jupiter will return to Aquarius again later in the summer, and we’ll have to wait and see but it could signify possible further lockdown or new restrictions.

But Jupiter will return to Pisces in 2022, and this seems more likely than 2021 to mark the ending of the pandemic, viewed globally.

The Tarot’s advice here is about recognizing that while there really are things we can’t change, and sometimes we just need to roll with it, and not beat ourselves up about it, what we can always do is coolly, carefully consider the situation and identify where we still have individual power of decision and action. We can weigh our personal responsibilities while we look for the wriggle space.

What are the options? What gambles can we reasonably take? What roll of the dice? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as the saying goes. We are still responsible for our own actions and our responses, whatever the circumstances.

It’s a Law of Nature. What goes up must come down and vice versa. That wheel goes right down to the bottom, but then it comes up again.  When times are good, we can plan ahead, and like the squirrels, we can store ‘nuts’ for the coming winter. When times are hard, we dig in deep and it can help to remember, ‘this too shall pass.’

In other news

June takes us from the zodiac sign of Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, into the zodiac sign territory of Cancer, ruled by the Moon. Astrology tells us we are in Mercury retrograde until 22 June 2021.

Mercury retrogrades happen three to four times a year, always in just one zodiac element; in air, earth, water or fire zodiac signs. There are three Mercury retrogrades in 2021, all in air signs. The first was in Aquarius.

We went into this second Mercury retrograde in Gemini 29 May. The third Mercury retrograde of 2021 will be 27 September to 23 October, in Libra.

Mercury rules all forms of communication, and in a world now so dependent on technology, this means computers and IT, with potentially significant inconvenience if these services are disrupted.

Things get forgotten or misplaced. There are misunderstandings. We are talking glitches and gremlins, nuisances happening more than usual. Back up your files. Pay extra attention how you handle and safeguard communications, double-checking important documents and travel arrangements around these dates, allowing a week either side.

The Tarot Decanates of June 2021

What these could mean for you and me

Decanate 1 = June 1-10 – Seven of Swords

Decanate 2 = June 11-20 – Queen of Cups

Decanate 3 = June 21-31 – Three of Pentacles ­

June 1-10 – The Seven of Swords

7 of swords Rider Waite tarot
Source: Wikimedia

Traditional Meanings: tact, diplomacy, surveillance, strategy, state security, gathering intelligence, stealth, fraud, theft, sabotage, underhand dealings

The Seven of Swords is an air element card associated with the zodiac sign of Aquarius. This is the ultimate card of Diplomacy, which can do great things, and is always needed, never more so than now, as we witness the displacement and oppression of minority groups and ethnicities, scattered or trapped and attacked by overwhelming forces they have no chance of withstanding, unless with diplomatic support and intervention from outside powers.

Anywhere we look right now, and regardless of what we think about it or how we feel about it, we see a Goliath defeating a David. This theme seems likely to continue at the forefront of global politics during June and beyond; the plight of the Palestinians, the people in Myanmar, the enduring nightmare for the Kurds, the Yazidis, the Uyghurs and others. International diplomacy may protect the weakest, or it may settle agreements that send the weakest to the wall.

The Seven of Swords could mean armaments or disarmaments, or stealth aircraft, or news from space, now that NASA and China have both landed their rovers on Mars.

On a personal level, this card advises tact and patience closer to home. We could find we are treading on eggshells.

This card may also be saying, watch out! There is a thief about. Beware of fraudsters and scammers. This advice, of course applies at all times, but the Seven of Swords in particular has a modern affinity with computers, IT and online scammers. You may want to check your bank statements or your settings, or change a few passwords. It’s not a question of being paranoid- just being watchful.

The first decanate: in other news

10 June 2021 there is an Annular Solar Eclipse, and also a New Moon in Gemini, an astrological combination that says we can expect the unexpected. Take a few chances. Send off that job application.

June 11-20- The Queen of Cups

Queen of cups Rider Waite tarot
Source: Wikimedia

Traditional Meanings: femininity, grace, love, devotion, intuition, motherhood, weddings, family gatherings.

The Queen of Cups is a water element card of mothers and wives, of proposals, weddings, births, and other family announcements. This quiet, kindly, gracious card is generally a bringer of welcome news.

The Queen of Cups, like The High Priestess in the Tarot, has a powerful intuition. She may be downright psychic. All she needs is a bit of peace and quiet, and it will come to her what is the best thing to do.

This is a card about nurturing. This includes nutrition. It may be a card of health and healing after illness. It may discuss preoccupations to do with the way we are eating right now, or our personal appearance, or the way our homes look, and no doubt a few are in the mood for a new look, a change of wardrobe or hairstyle after months of lockdown.

The Queen of Cups is supportive and caring, generous with her time and attention. This could be you, and someone needs your support, or it could be someone who is helping you.

June is the traditional season of weddings, the month named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth, also known in Greek mythology as Hera.

The second decanate: in other news

The Queen of Cups in the Tarot corresponds with the zodiac sign of Cancer the Crab, marking the start of summer. The sun enters the zodiac sign (but not the actual constellation) of Cancer on 20 June at 11.32 PM.

Tarot is not astrology. It is a separate discipline in its own right. However, the Tarot contains much embedded astrology, and this is what helps readers attempt timings in forecasting.

June, Juno and Cancer the Crab

Ancient Greek mythology said that Juno (Hera) sent Cancer the crab to harass and distract the hero Herakles while he was fighting the Hydra, a deadly venomous dragon. She had always hated Herakles, but he killed the crab, crushing it beneath his foot, and Hera (Juno) gave the crab a new home in the stars in reward for its loyalty and faithfulness.

June 21-31- Three of Pentacles/Coins

3 of pentacles Rider Waite tarot
Source: Wikimedia

Traditional meanings Work, income, building, design, construction, heritage, conservation, restoration, skill, craft, charity, teamwork, co-operation

Here we have another example of the correlation of Tarot with astrological events. The Three of Pentacles is an earth element card corresponding with the middle decan of the zodiac sign of Capricorn, and on 27 June 2021, the Full Moon will be in the zodiac sign of earthy, hardworking, dutiful, wise, and sensible Capricorn the Mer-goat.

This card is about placing our focus in the here and now, doing our own ‘thing’, and making constructive use of our time and energy. The advice of this card is not to allow ourselves to be drawn into pointless squabbles in real life, or on social media, and to be ready to work in collaboration with others.

This steady, grounded card says we don’t let our feelings run away with us. Nor is it wise to go along with the crowd – any crowd.

The third decanate: in other news

June 27 – Venus, planet of beauty- and money, enters the fixed fire zodiac sign of Leo, in a combination suggesting fun, drama, glamour, and possibly romance or news of a pregnancy. Someone finds their mojo. Someone puts on a swagger. Things could get lively. Sparks could fly, and so could a few tempers. Venus in Leo is a lot of fun, the star of the show, but likewise, can be a bit of a primadonna.

June should be pretty interesting.

Take care, stay safe.

Until next time!

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine is a professional Tarot reader, writer, and blogger in the UK. She has been reading the Tarot, and also runes and playing cards professionally since 2006, and has been featured for this work in Fate & Fortune Magazine. Katie-Ellen Hazeldine Website | Twitter