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What is the mood this coming month? What does the Tarot want to say about April on the world stage and on a personal level, and what are the Tarot’s suggestions for making the most of it?

The reader has drawn The Hierophant and Judgement reversed (it is shown upright here for ease of illustration but was drawn upside down)

From the Rider-Waite deck.

The Hierophant (Reversed)

Reversed means the card has been drawn upside down, though here it is shown the right way up for ease of illustration and explanation.

hierophant tarot card Rider-Waite
Source: Wikimedia

Meanings: Tradition, authority, the established order, orthodoxy, folk wisdom, tried and tested means and methods, wisdom, marriage, weddings, medicine, hospitals and doctors (specifically, physicians and not surgeons) places of religion, the Pope, teachers, mentors, counselors, schools, universities and other places of education, books, artists, singers, publishers and the power of the printed word, food production, food supplies, Taurus, livestock, agriculture, money, money markets, especially Bull markets.

Judgement (Reversed)

Reversed means the card has been drawn upside down, though here it is shown the right way up for ease of illustration and explanation.

Judgement tarot card Rider-Waite
Source: Wikimedia

Meanings:  Exercising one’s judgement, making judgement calls, passing judgement on others, decision-making, or a failure to make a decision. When this card is drawn reversed, there may be difficulties in assessing situations, or decisions may need to be reversed or reviewed. Karma. Cause and effect. Second chances. Resurrection. The end of a chapter.

What do these cards suggest for April 2021?

There is a brighter, more upbeat, and energetic mood, in general, this April, compared with January, February, and March, and now spring is here and will give us all a bit of a lift.

But there is also mounting public frustration at covid restrictions at the time of writing (22 March) and rising tensions between governments and sections of their respective societies, and this seems likely to be a continuing situation in many countries during April.

Pandemics have historically tended to last about three years before dwindling away more or less organically, with social and economic upheaval in their wake as with the Black Death and the Spanish Flu. There is still a distance to go with this new virus, but the very worst is behind us, and the modern weapon of mass vaccination will likely speed up this historical time trajectory.

The Hierophant card may represent any religious leader, but this card drawn for April is picking up on the fact that 4 April 2021 is Easter Day, the biggest event in the Christian calendar presided over by the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis. Judgement reversed is here reflecting the fact that these Easter celebrations cannot be conducted as usual. There will be much discussion going on behind closed doors in the Vatican.

The Government in the UK, as with many other governments is trying desperately to get things ‘back to normal,’ but Judgement Reversed suggests possible further setbacks in April. As we are seeing throughout parts of Europe; France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Poland, further lockdown measures have sadly recently proven necessary at the time of writing. There are thorny political issues surrounding vaccine contracts, production, and supplies (that Judgement card drawn in its negative aspect can also mean bad timing.)

In the language of the Tarot, The Hierophant (Government +Medicine) is challenged by Judgement reversed (mistakes, setbacks, and critics).

The Zodiac Signs of April: The Ram and the Bull, Aries and Taurus

Venus in Aries- 21 March -14 April

According to Western or Tropical astrology (a different system to Sidereal astrology), we are in the zodiac territory of the cardinal fire sign Aries until 20/21 April when we move into the fixed earth sign Taurus, the zodiac sign most closely associated with The Hierophant.

The major arcana card associated with Aries is The Emperor.  

Venus, the planetary ruler of Taurus, is easygoing, suave, sociable, and smooth. It is not really at home in Aries which is ruled by Mars and signifies haste, volatile energy, drive, and attack but could bring a welcome burst of physical energy, and have us frisking like lambs.

The Emperor card might well have been drawn for this month given the fact that most of April is ruled by Aries, but instead, for reasons best known to the Tarot we drew the major arcana card of Taurus; The Hierophant.

Uranus in Taurus March 2019-April 2026

The futurist planet Uranus ‘The Great Awakener- is currently in Taurus and has been there since March 2019 (NB other sources say May 2018.)

And there it will stay, sometimes direct, sometimes retrograde until April 2026.

This pandemic currently seems likely to continue into the early months of 2022 but with longer and longer easing off periods off in-between.

Uranus was last in Taurus from 1934 to 1941. Uranus was in Aries when the stock market crashed in 1929, but the aftermath of this event was felt for years after, first the Great Depression then WW2 broke out in 1939. The UK government introduced food rationing in January 1940 – remembering here that Taurus rules agriculture and food production.

This transit saw a rise in women joining the workforce- a necessity with the men away at war—Taurus ruled by Venus is a feminine sign. My grandmother left her job in schools, where she taught biology, and worked in a factory by day and with the ambulance service by night. My mother, born in 1939, was cared for by her grandmother while her mother was out working these two jobs. She barely saw her mother, and far less of her father until she was six and he returned home at the end of the war. A common story, but why mention this?

Uranus in Taurus is the picture in common. It was a point in history with far-reaching consequences. Such patterns of history do not necessarily repeat, or not in exactly the same ways. None of this is to suggest there will be another world war unless it’s a trade war. We are not seeing a lack of food either.

But another name for Judgement is Prudence.  We are being asked to ‘ration’ or do without many things we are used to or have come to expect as our natural rights. For some, this might mean things like overseas holidays, but right now all the signs are– no need for any psychic to say this- that staycations are the safest booking options this summer.  If booking overseas travel, be extra careful and double-check the cancellation policy.

Long-range weather forecasts have suggested summer 2021 is likely to be a hot one on average, and, let’s not get too excited but –gasp- this might just possibly even include the UK, starting with a short heat-wave in May. 

Uranus in Taurus, as we have seen historically, may bring fundamental changes between now and April 2026, and these may include changes for more sustainable practices in economics, trade, and agriculture. The fast-food industry, for instance, is relatively new and recent but has with remarkable speed become an everyday way of eating for many people, especially young people who don’t remember a time when it wasn’t there. But Uranus in Taurus suggests the enormous fast food industry is likely to prove non-sustainable maintained on anything like its current scale. The Hierophant = Taurus =Bull = money + meat (think beef-burger)

There is no cause for alarm based on Uranus in Taurus, but there are definitely challenges, discomfort, and upheaval because Taurus (The Hierophant) is all about the material basics and our creature comforts while Uranus (Judgement reversed) has a tendency to upset the apple cart.

I do feel though, we will escape another Great Depression.

It’s a futurist symbol, Uranus, and signifies new technology as a means of solving problems, but this may also bring social unrest, as with the Luddites, textile workers, followers of a mysterious character called Ned Ludd during the English Industrial revolution. These men risked hanging or transportation, smashing the machines that threatened to take away their jobs.

Luddites/Source: Wikipedia

In respect of other global issues, there is a continuing widespread theme of authority versus rebellion, as represented here by the Hierophant (the status quo) being challenged by Judgement reversed (Judgement Day.)


In the UK schools started reopening during March starting with primary schools from 8 March in England and Secondary schools from 15 March in Scotland and Wales. The UK government had been hoping to phase out mask-wearing in schools after Easter, but their hoped-for ‘road-map’ out of lockdown may possibly hit a road-bump in April, as suggested by the Judgement card drawn reversed, though if it does, hopefully, it won’t be for long. Primary teachers are now being vaccinated.


The appointment of Mr. Biden as President marks a return to a more traditional form of politics for the US in line with the spirit of The Hierophant. Health concerns have been raised for President Biden after he was seen to stumble boarding the Air force One. The Hierophant =doctor, Judgement reversed = adverse health developments. Hopefully, any such health problems, if there are any, will not be serious but poor health in a President is not necessarily an indicator of performance. Franklin D Roosevelt became paralyzed by polio from the waist down after the age of 31 yet served four terms as President and in a time of war. John F Kennedy struggled with constant and acute pain due to spine trouble requiring serious surgery, and Addison’s disease, health problems that were publicly denied at the time.


April sees continued unrest in Myanmar. The Hierophant represents the elected government, and Judgement reversed signifies that a negative judgement was passed against that elected government by (unelected) military leaders, and it has become a very violent coup. If this card had been drawn the right way up, we might have been seeing a restoration of the elected government. This situation might not escalate during April, suggests The Hierophant, and we certainly hope this will prove the case. But nor does it look likely to be eased so soon as the end of April, suggested by the Judgement card drawn reversed which says, this isn’t over yet.


There is by and large more cheerful energy to look forward to in April, and a surge of physical activity, hopefully, enabled by more exercise opportunities where there are relaxations of lockdown.  Meanwhile,  enforced by the need to stay home more until we see cases dropping everywhere, which they inevitably will now be a perfect time to review a few of our own consumer habits with a view to better health, budgeting, and waste reduction.

The Hierophant says spring is here. Look around, enjoy it. Take your time, sniff the daisies. Throw open a few windows. Do a spring clean. Judgement reversed says, use your common sense. Be prudent and avoid unnecessary risks and problems health-wise. This situation is not forever but it’s not over yet. Don’t sweat the small stuff and choose your battles wisely. There could be an intense day or two around 11 April, go easy on yourself and others.

Aries and Taurus

Western astrologers broadly anticipate a good year in general, certainly better than 2020 for both sets of April-born people, Aries and Taurus subjects.

Aries has had a difficult couple of years by and large, and this is not only to do with Covid.  Many Aries have been struggling for a long while with not only professional upsets but personal history issues close to home. Possibly there have been grudges, triggering unresolved confrontations last year, especially July – November 2020. This year should flow a lot better if independent-minded Aries can work just a little more patiently with others, and live and let live.

Taurus subjects can expect some kind of breakthroughs at last, after a long, hard slog on jobs or other projects dear to its heart. The Bull is famous for its patience and persistence, and also a certain spirit of artistry in whatever its field of work. This year, luck is running its way, and it can build on its efforts in recent years, thinking bolder and bigger. Uranus in Taurus says, you of all the signs in the zodiac, yes, you, Taurus, do not hide your light under a bushel. Innovate. Initiate. Instigate

In summary

“Keep your faith in all beautiful things; in the sun when it is hidden, in the Spring when it is gone.” –  Roy Rolfe Gilson, American author, 1875-1933

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