The Moon Horoscope for September 2020

Let’s look at the moon this month, and what it could mean for us all and for you….

What is astrology and why do astrologers study the Moon?

Astrology’ comes from Greek and means ‘the study of the stars.’

Humans have been studying the Moon for at least the past 25 000 years as the closest celestial body to Earth, exerting visible effects on the tides, and on every living thing that depends for its way of living on the behaviour of the tides, and more besides, though this is debated, e.g., crop growth, hormonal cycles, human behaviour and moods.

It’s about the search for meaning on earth as seen mirrored in the sky, seeking to predict seasonal events, and understand human behaviour through the symbolic influence of planets and other celestial objects. Astrology began as humanity made conscious attempts to measure, record, and predict seasonal changes by paying attention to astronomical cycles. They did this largely for practical planning purposes, for example:

  • When would the wild cattle- the aurochs migrate – and they could organise a hunt?
  • When would fishes spawn?
  • When would fruits be ripe enough to eat?

Corals of the Great Barrier Reef spawn at full moon. Herbivores ovulate close to the full moon.  Certain animals including bear and salmon move or migrate at full moon. Deer rut at full moon and one of their rutting times is always during the Leo full moon in late July or August. All of this, and a lot more besides was important, workable information.

Early evidence of sky-monitoring appears as markings on bones and cave walls in the Neolithic period 25,000 years ago, recording the movements of the sun and the moon and its influence upon tides and rivers. In time this led to the creation of the first written calendars by the Sumerians in the ancient Near East in the Bronze Age 3,300 – 1200 BC.

September 2020 Moon Headlines

The September Full Moon this year is A Full Corn Moon.  September’s moon is usually known as the Harvest Moon, because it is the full moon that falls closest to the September equinox. But this year it will be known as the Full Corn Moon, because the first of two full moons happening this October is closest to the first day of astronomical autumn equinox on 22 September, when the hours of daylight are the same as the hours of darkness. From this day onwards, the nights start getting longer again.

  • September 02   Full Moon in Pisces
  • September 10   Last Quarter Moon (Waning)
  • September 17   New Moon in Virgo
  • September 25   First Quarter Moon (Waxing) 

The Full Moon occurs when the moon is on the opposite of the Earth from the Sun on the same celestial longitude and we can see the entire illuminated face of the moon.

The New Moon is the first/last lunar phase when the moon is between the Earth and the Sun, and the moon is largely invisible, hidden in the sun’s glare.

A Super Moon happens when the orbiting moon comes closest to the earth. The moon looks bigger and may have a slightly stronger gravitational effect on the earth.

What do the moon phases mean for you and me, symbolically?

In general terms, folklore suggests that:-

A waxing Moon building up to the next Full Moon is the optimum time to grow, build, add to, make, or get something. It is all about bringing something new in or bringing something to completion or fruition.

A Full Moon is an optimum time to take stock and evaluate, or to gather, collect, harvest, or cash in on something.

A waning Moon is an optimum time for ending something, clearing out what’s no longer wanted or needed, including unhelpful or unhealthy habits. It may mean releasing something or even getting rid of something (someone.)

A New Moon is the optimum time to make a decision, and start from scratch,

3 September 2020: Full Moon in Pisces 

The Tarot card associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces is The Moon.

Tarot card: The Moon

The Moon tarot card Rider Waite

Traditional meanings: mysteries, uncertainty, powerful emotions, vivid dreams, illusion, deception, risks and hidden danger, infection, psychic experiences, female health matters.

17 September: New Moon in Virgo

The Tarot card associated with Virgo is The Hermit.

The hermit tarot card

Traditional meanings: introspection, the search for truth, wisdom, discretion, prudence, a need for solitude, space, silence, peace and quiet, going out and about, nature walks, wildlife, and in the home, paying attention to practical matters, money management, nutrition, food and health.

What could these cards mean for us in September?

Change is coming and the Full Moon in early September may be an anxious and uncertain time for a lot of people. There could be some noticeable moodiness and irritability, and perhaps this is only to be expected. People are tired, worn down by long months of anxiety. This peculiar emotional weather will pass over in a few days. Meanwhile, keep your cool, focus on immediate matters and issues, working with the known facts, and try not to let your imagination, worries or suspicions run away with you. Switch off social media if it gets too much.

September often brings good weather early in the month; an Indian summer, but as the month wears on, squirrels start gathering the first nuts, birds are gorging on berries against the coming colder weather, and so are other creatures, fattening themselves up before hibernation.

Likewise, we’re getting organised, though hopefully, not fattening up as we’re coming more out of hibernation, shifting back into work-mode even though we may not necessarily feel like it. But it’s got to happen. This massive engine has simply got to be re-started and it will be.

The imagery of the Hermit card clearly suggests there’s still social distancing going on, and that includes the workplace. The Hermit, ruled by Virgo is the card of services, food, fitness, health, schools and other kinds of study, and as we know, these sectors have been gradually opening up again for business.

The Hermit is conscientious, studious, industrious and productive, and this can bring a feel-good factor all of its own.

The New Moon this September is a time to draw up new plans, write out some to-do lists, and get organized…or re-organized. Sort out your cupboards, shelves, drawers, files and papers and it will give you an energy boost.

In summary

Tarot Card: Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles is the Tarot’s focus card for September.

This is the card of the necessities of life; the earth itself, its produce, food, a place to belong, a home, a job, or enough other money to manage.

We are coming out of our homes more as the lock-down lifts, but cautiously, in the collective effort to keep at bay any rise in the number of new covid cases. Further local lock-downs still look likely.

New ways of working and earning money is likely to be a challenge in September, and especially as furloughing draws to an end in the UK, and this may demand a focused effort of determination, flexibility and stamina. On the plus side, it might feel refreshing getting back into the swing of things, and it might give some of us a bit of a lift in mood.

The return to school looks likely overall, based on this card, to prove more of a good thing; more of a help than a health risk for working parents and their extended families. But as we emerge in public more often, and for longer periods of time, hand-washing continues more important than ever. Look at the card. See how the hand is holding a bar of ‘soap’?

The Ace of Pentacles is about taking time over the things that matter most, taking things one step at a time, one day at a time.

Meanwhile, you could save money and keep yourself as strong and as well as possible by eating more fresh food, and less processed food. There is no better time of year for fresh produce and it’s by far the cheapest way to eat. Why not try cooking up a one- pot meal from scratch for a delicious, nutritious and really budget friendly new autumn cuisine? Slow cooking; a casserole, a curry, stewed fruit. The possibilities are pretty much endless, and as a budget-friendly takeaway treat, good old fish and chips are better value for our pocket and our health than some other more expensive options.

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine is a professional Tarot reader, writer, and blogger in the UK. She has been reading the Tarot, and also runes and playing cards professionally since 2006, and has been featured for this work in Fate & Fortune Magazine.

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