February 29, 2024
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Astrological Report for March 2024

Astrology is a tool of time and space.

As the Solar System runs through its cycles, astrologers follow the patterns the same way a meteorologist follows the weather. Each month different points in the sky form important relationships, which we call aspects, that indicate emerging, changing, and enduring patterns.

This blog will look at the month ahead and discuss the most prominent and powerful aspects, and how they impact life on earth. These impacts will connect to both personal and current events to show how the astrological weather report can help you “weather” your life and navigate each month successfully.

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What is Ongoing?  Transits, Ingresses, and Retrogrades



Transits occur when two Points form a certain type of angular relationship with one another. The most powerful among the transits are the conjunction, square, and opposition. Points that conjunct merge together by sharing the same sign and degree. Points that square align by the degree in signs that are 90 degrees (or four signs) apart. Take the sequence Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn – Libra and Capricorn are four signs apart and square one another. Points oppose one another when they are 180 degrees apart.

Conjunct Points merge energy. Points squaring challenge one another. And Points opposing one another try to harmonize and attain balance.


Ingress occurs when a Point changes signs, causing the Point to change its tone. If a Point is in Aries, the tone is active, aggressive, and ready for action. But when the Point ingresses into Taurus, the tone becomes slow, steady, and settling.


The term retrograde describes forward motion that “appears” as backward motion. Since astrology views the Solar System from an earth-centric rather than sun-centric point of reference, there are times of the year when Points in the sky “look” like they are going backwards. The effect is known as retrograde motion, which occurs when a faster moving body passes a slower moving body and the observer is on the faster moving body watching the slower moving body “go backwards” as they pass each other.



The Sun

The Sun changes signs on March 19th. As the Sun moves from Pisces to Aries, we transition from the dreamy and intuitive waters of Pisces into the bold and assertive fire of Aries. Pisces, a mutable water sign ruled by Neptune, encourages empathy, creativity, and spiritual connection. Now, Aries invites us to embrace courage, initiative, and individuality. This shift prompts a period of dynamic action, self-expression, and assertive leadership as we blaze new trails in pursuit of our goals.


Transitioning from Pisces to Aries on March 9th, Mercury‘s journey fosters a shift from intuitive and empathetic communication to bold and direct expression. Words become assertive and straightforward, reflecting Aries’ fiery energy. This astrological change encourages assertive communication, courageous expression of ideas, and taking initiative in conveying thoughts and intentions with clarity and confidence.


Transitioning from Aquarius to Pisces on March 11th, Venus‘s journey cultivates a shift from unconventional and intellectual connections to a more compassionate and dreamy approach to love. Social interactions become infused with empathy and sensitivity, prioritizing emotional connection over practicality. This astrological change encourages us to embrace romantic idealism, deepen our emotional bonds, and explore the mystical dimensions of love and relationships.


Transitioning from Aquarius to Pisces on March 22nd, Mars‘s journey brings a shift from collective and innovative pursuits to a more introspective and compassionate approach to action. Energy is directed towards spiritual and creative endeavors, with an emphasis on intuition and empathy. This astrological change encourages us to channel our enthusiasm into imaginative and soulful pursuits, embracing intuition and empathy as guiding forces in our actions.


There are no retrogrades in March.

However, Mercury will go stationary on March 31st. Mercury going stationary signals a period of intensified communication and mental focus. As Mercury slows down before changing direction, there’s a heightened emphasis on clarity, reflection, and attentiveness to detail. It’s a time to review plans, reconsider decisions, and pay close attention to communication channels. Be prepared for potential delays or misunderstandings, but also seize the opportunity to gain deeper insights and refine your thinking processes.

Week to Week Aspects

The week-to-week aspects only take into account aspects involving Mars to Pluto because their duration is long enough to make a noticeable impact on global affairs. There will be only two aspects between the outer points (Jupiter through Pluto) continuing from December 24th: a sextile between Jupiter and Saturn and then a conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus. All the rest of the activity will be generated by Mars, and last roughly 5 days at a time.

March 1st to March 7th

Jupiter in Taurus sextile (complements) Saturn in Pisces (March 1st to March 3rd)

Jupiter in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces forms a cosmic alliance, blending the expansive energies of growth and structure. Taurus’ practical approach harmonizes with Jupiter’s optimism, creating opportunities for stable and enduring progress. Saturn’s influence in Pisces emphasizes thoughtful planning, infusing dreams with realistic foundations. This alignment encourages a balanced blend of material stability and visionary aspirations. It fosters a steady yet expansive path forward, ensuring grounded growth and long-term success in various endeavors.

Mars in Aquarius sextile (compliments) Chiron in Aries (March 2nd to March 8th)

Mars in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries indicates an opportune time for innovative healing and assertive self-expression. Aquarian energy encourages unconventional approaches, while Aries’ influence ignites courage and initiative. This alignment fosters the exploration of new methods for personal growth and overcoming challenges. It’s a time to embrace individuality, take proactive steps toward healing, and harness the power of innovation to address deep-seated wounds and promote self-discovery.

Mars in Aquarius square (challenges) Uranus in Taurus (March 5th to March 12th)

Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus suggests a period of heightened tension and potential disruption in personal and collective actions. Aquarian energy seeks innovation and change, while Uranus in Taurus disrupts stability and challenges traditional values. This alignment warns of impulsive behavior, unexpected events, and clashes with authority. It’s crucial to exercise caution, remain flexible, and adapt to sudden shifts in circumstances to minimize conflict and navigate challenges effectively.

March 8th to March 15th

Mars in Aquarius sextile (compliments) Chiron in Aries (March 2nd to March 8th) continues

Mars in Aquarius square (challenges) Uranus in Taurus (March 5th to March 12th) continues

March 16th to March 23rd

Jupiter in Taurus conjunct (merges with) Uranus in Taurus (March 20th to April 27th)

Jupiter in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus heralds a time of expansive change and breakthroughs in practical matters. Taurus’ influence brings stability and material abundance, while Jupiter amplifies growth and opportunities. This alignment encourages embracing innovation and embracing new ideas for financial growth and personal development. It’s a period for taking calculated risks, seizing unexpected opportunities, and exploring new avenues for prosperity and progress.

March 24th to March 31st

Jupiter in Taurus conjunct (merges with) Uranus in Taurus (March 20th to April 27th) continues