April 13, 2024
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How to Hone Your Superpower by Astrological Sign

How to Hone Your Superpower by Astrological Sign

Few of us own or recognize how powerful we are in our lives.  Often, when we become depressed it can be because we do not realize, recognize, or understand our unique imprint in life, and how much our existence affects and matters to others.

A simple smile to a stranger may have a ripple effect that traverses miles, and as the chaos theory quote, “a butterfly flapping its wings somewhere in China, could cause a hurricane in the Caribbean”.

This article was written to help you tune into your unique essence and learn what really helps you to thrive and embody your true nature.

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How to Hone Your Superpower by Astrological Sign

Each one is different and each one handles in a particular way. Let’s find out how. 


What depletes you:

It is important for you to be impulsive and be given the opportunity to learn from experience, rather than books or creed.  You remember with physical imprints, hence your usually excellent coordination and talent for sports. 

Having space and freedom to express yourself and learn in this style is intrinsic to your experience and happiness.  You thrive when you have space and possibilities. 

How to hone your powerful impact:

You have a commanding presence and people are infected by your enthusiasm and passion.  Once you have found what matters and captivates your spirit, don’t let anything hold you back!  You were born to lead, and you do it in the correct manner, by example. 

Believe in your essence and know that when you allow your infectious joy to infiltrate the room, you will heal the room, or at least be the person to initiate the fun and kick-start the party!


What depletes you:

You don’t much like surprises or not knowing what’s around the corner, so for this reason you usually plan and prepare for most eventualities. 

Being in situations that are random or unpredictable can make you feel uncomfortable, so it’s important to find your niche; make time for tactility, smells, and good foods, and enjoy the finer things in life.

How to hone your powerful impact:

You have a magical connection to the earth and can almost vibrate along with the trees and plants, to the point that you can feel when they are thriving and growing.  The more you use this ability and allow the plants to ‘speak to you’ the more you will emanate an earthy, healing, connectedness to those around you.

Like the calm in the storm, you are the one who turns to hurricane into wind power and can take the mundane and create warmth, harmony, comfort, and safety. 


What depletes you:

Boredom is your enemy and sometimes so many parts of life seem to be predictable, drab, and uninspired.  You need to be captivated and scintillated. 

Knowledge and thoughts are so more important than rules and when you are stifled and held to societal constraints and restrictions you start to wither.  You need mental space to allow your great mind to explore and create new links between seemingly unrelated concepts. 

How to hone your powerful impact:

You were blessed with the ability to view everything from a number of perspectives, and it’s intrinsic to your happiness that this becomes a fulcrum of your existence.  Your versatility is your special skill and when thriving you are the storyteller who lights up imaginations and instills hope and inspirational magic in those around you.

  The ability you have to stretch reality to create impossible possibilities creates, holidays for the housebound and rainbows for the color-blind.  Your versatility is second to none and should always be encouraged and nurtured. 


What depletes you:

Few Cancerians are imbued with a desire to impress, influence, and fit in with those around them.  You wish to be as true to yourself as you can and whilst you are not generally forthcoming or desirous of the limelight, neither do you like to compromise on who you are. 

Avoid superficial situations, small talk, and empty networking events, as they are very draining to you, save your time for those who matter most. 

How to hone your powerful impact:

One of your best skills is problem-solving, you thrive on being able to find answers and do not give up easily on anything until you do. Although you are known as the homemaker and do indeed help people to feel welcome and comfortable in your presence, you secretly thrive as a bit of a lone wolf at times. 

Make the time to be on your own and develop your insights and ideas, you have a great mind, and your ideas are so much more valuable than you allow yourself to recognize sometimes!


What depletes you:

You don’t like to feel the same as everybody else, although you don’t necessarily wish to be the center of attention (although some Leos certainly do) for you it’s blending into the background which you cannot tolerate. 

You believe that everybody has their own unique stamp on life and are no fan of generalizations or expectations.  Having your light snuffed out or dimmed can be devastating for you. 

How to hone your powerful impact:

The Sun rules Leo and you were born to shine.  Whilst not all of you seek the limelight or wish to perform, the need to shine out your true essence in your own special way, is intrinsic to your happiness. 

You need to be appreciated and loved to be loved and respected.  It’s important for you to, not only learn how to focus upon gratitude in your daily life but also to surround yourself with people who recognize your worth and celebrate your warmth and generosity just as much as you love yourself. 


What depletes you:

You like to be in control and do things your way, as others so often seem to lack standards.  It’s actually good for you to have space and command to be able to ensure your environment suits you. 

Being around clutter, dirt or shoddiness really does drain you.  Learning basic feng shui will help you to ensure your home and workspace are healthy for you. 

How to hone your powerful impact:

You are sometimes told that you are obsessed with detail, but you just like things to be orderly and hygienic and you need this to thrive.  For you, having a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced and vibrant diet of fresh food is important for you to be content. 

Once you are at your optimum, your natural healing abilities start to become more obvious.  Advising and guiding others to make the most of their own bodies and personal energy is your calling.


What depletes you:

Conflict is very draining for you.  It’s easy for you to recognize and respect that there are many varied and diverse perspectives, all of which are valid.  The way people fight, compare, and anger confounds and exhausts you.  If only objectivity was more valued, you would feel it easier to speak your own mind. 

How to hone your powerful impact:

You are naturally drawn to beauty and enjoy the aesthetics of the world around you.  Your ability to be inspired and embody grace and elegance can elevate the energy of those around you. 

Happiness is infectious and by allowing your spirit to be engulfed by your unique perception of what is magical in your vicinity, those around you will reconnect with their own essence and creative imaginations more readily. 


What depletes you:

You have the ability to see straight through people to their true motivations and being around others who are in any way manipulative or are trying to win your favor or energy is exhausting. 

For you, nature and animals are regenerative, and uplifting music affects you more than most.  Stay away from anywhere which doesn’t ‘feel right’ your intuition is sound and can be relied upon.

How to hone your powerful impact:

Your keen intuition is not only your protective robe but also a guide that primes your ability to navigate your way through life.  We all have a sixth sense but yours is very strong and integrating this into your day-to-day life will help you to thrive. 

Others look up to you for your wisdom and analytical prowess, the key to your success is in speaking up and sharing the rich awareness and understanding you have of laws of nature with others. 


What depletes you:

Being confined is not for you, it’s so important to have a level of freedom.  There is nothing more depleting than being forced into a mundane routine or having to repeat the same kind of actions over and over again.  Find a way to change your environment, thoughts, plans, and ideas regularly.  The more energy you expend the more energy you create!

How to hone your powerful impact:

Your humor and upbeat optimism is your magic, people genuinely love to be around you as you bring energy and ideas wherever you are.  It’s so important for you to find an area of expression where you get to uplift others, make them laugh, create games or fun ideas, and get things moving. 

You’re happiest when you’re exploring and sharing what you have learned with others, and when you are inspired you bring joy and hope to everybody around you. 


What depletes you:

You like to be needed and to have others rely on you, when you feel like you are not appreciated, or don’t have a purpose you tend to feel quite lost.  Even a daily routine that involves certain tasks will bring you comfort and you’re the kind of person who suits having a body clock and working to certain parameters on a daily basis.  Disruption and lack of control are very tiring and draining for you.

How to hone your powerful impact:

Although, reputed to be the most hard-working and desirous of success of all the signs, not all of you are business-minded or thrive in a conventional environment.  You do all however love to command respect for what you have achieved and to captivate others with the talents that you have nurtured. 

Find an area of expertise in your life where you can advise, and support others and you start to feel a deeper sense of where you belong in this world.  You have a secret gift for teaching.  Use it!


What depletes you:

You need to have your own thoughts, freedom, and space to be creative is intrinsic to your nature.  It baffles you the way so many seem to need a leader or a teacher to follow and tell them what to think.  Rules and restrictions are very draining for you. 

You don’t take risks easily, so avoid situations that could be confining or unstimulating for you in the long run, and that way you won’t have the difficulty of extricating yourself… 

How to hone your powerful impact:

Your spirit of uniqueness is your signature, and your curious mind is one of your best assets.  Curiosity is, after all, the forbearer of true intelligence and at the inception of many of the best inventions. 

Giving yourself enough alone time for your mind to wonder is how you can tune into your potential for brilliance, learning to define your boundaries enough to have this space and time is just the start of how vast your potential is Aquarius.   


What depletes you:

The mundane is difficult for you, and living life with onerous rules and strict regimes is painful for you unless these are your own temporary parameters of exploration.  You don’t ‘fit in’ and neither do you wish to. 

There are plenty of clones, and you are not meant to be one of them, you are meant to transform yourself as often as you wish and interact with the other levels of existence that sometimes, only you can perceive. 

How to hone your powerful impact:

You live for magic and even the most logical of Piscean will manage to create some kind of supernatural way of transforming objects and energy.  You understand that there are many levels beyond the physical and so music and color move and inspire you more than most. 

Having the freedom to get lost on these alternative plains is your transcendence and communicating these alternative perspectives and possibilities to others (whether via music, film, art, dance, or words) is your soul path.