July 16, 2024
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Zodiac Signs Most To Least Likely To Cheat And Reasons Why They Cheat

Zodiac Signs From Most To Least Likely To Cheat And Reasons Why They Cheat

Cheating is unforgivable, I am sure we could all agree on this, but unfortunately, it is a risk you take when you fall in love and enter a relationship with someone. It can be extremely hurtful and damaging to the person cheated on. There can be many reasons why someone chooses to cheat, and often these reasons can be explained by looking at their Zodiac signs.

So what signs are most likely to cheat? Here is a list showing the signs most likely to least likely to cheat:

1. Sagittarius

Out of all the signs to have a wandering eye, it has to be Sagittarius. This sign is the eternal optimist whose motto in life really is “you only live once.” They’re all about adventure, excitement, and freedom. This sign is the least likely to look for commitment or a relationship. They believe in living for the here and now and their personal freedom means more to them than anything else.

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Of course, they hate being in a position in which they might hurt someone’s feelings and this is why a Sagittarius will always prefer being in an open or unconventional relationship. A Sagittarius is a free spirit, someone who can’t be tamed and refused to live according to the status quo.

They only care about living a life of freedom and living life by their own rules, unfortunately, many people get hurt because of their callous behavior. They will often just go for what feels right for them at the moment without thinking about the consequences. They have issues with long-term commitments, and they are fully aware of it.

2. Gemini

Geminis are a fickle bunch, just when they think they’ve made up their mind, they go in the opposite direction. It can be really difficult for the Astrological Twins to keep their focus and remain interested in just one person. They live for variety and for them, having a string of relationships with different people suits them the best.

They hate boredom and often find committed relationships to grind away at their happiness and this is why it is so difficult for them to be loyal and trustworthy. Commitment just doesn’t come naturally to them – there is a very good reason why people call them two-faced.  They often chop and change their minds on a whim and as and when it suits them.

A Gemini loves to learn and often feel like they can only do so through experience, and this means involving themselves with a variety of people, and sometimes all at once. They are the kings and queens of multitasking and this is how they effortlessly seem to juggle multiple people at once. A lot of their unfaithfulness has to do with curiosity and wanting to try out something new. They just can’t sit still and be content with being with one partner and thus, an open or polyamorous kind of setup will probably work best for them.

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3. Libra

Libras love attention and get high on falling in love. They are naturally quite flirtatious and enjoy socializing with people. Their modus operandi in life is finding their perfect partner, but because they tend to be quite indecisive, they tend to go through a string of people before ever truly settling down.

When they are in a relationship they try their best to stay committed, but, sometimes they might feel like something is missing from the relationship, and when they feel this way they will probably end up looking for it elsewhere, unfortunately. Their indecisiveness, makes them go back and forth trying to figure out if they made the right decision to commit to someone.

Libras aren’t the type to physically cheat on their partner, but they are definitely guilty of emotional unfaithfulness, especially if they’re not receiving the emotional support or attention from their partner. Libras don’t enjoy being unfaithful, but the romantic inside of them always likes to keep the options open which can lead to cheating.

4. Aries

An Aries is independent and adventurous. No one can tell them what to do and they follow their own set of rules. This sign loves their freedom above everything else. Their sign is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and passion, which means that they pursue their desire with abandon.

Aries’ have a lot of energy and they need a lot of stimulation to feel satisfied in a relationship. They just cannot handle boredom and mediocrity, especially in love. Boredom in a partnership feels like death to them, and this is when they start looking for greener pastures. When the relationship starts to feel too much like a routine Aries will start to have a wandering eye and check out what other options are out there for them to explore which can often lead to cheating.

Aries have the capability to be quite loyal, but only if their partner puts in the same kind of effort and passion in the relationship. An Aries will cheat if they don’t feel enough stimulation in the relationship. Be that sexually, intellectually, or even emotionally. Their sexual satisfaction is the most important however, they need a lot of sex to keep them satisfied, or else they will look for it elsewhere.

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5. Pisces

Romanticism is at the heart of being a Pisces, but these individuals can often get lost in what they are feeling and forget about where their true loyalties lie. They really enjoy being in love and often find themselves falling for just about anyone, even if they are already in a relationship.

They really take their emotional connections quite seriously, but unfortunately, their very imaginative minds can have them fall in love with whoever crosses their path. When they get the attention and affection they so deeply desire they lose all logic and just follow their feelings blindly without taking into consideration what it might mean for the relationship they’re in already.

They tend to see the best in people and can feel rather disillusioned when their fantasy doesn’t meet reality. No one can compete with a fantasy, it is impossible, so when the illusion of their partner shatters, they tend to run off to the next person that feels like a true connection. A Pisces hates the idea of hurting anyone, they just feel so overcome with emotion that they end up not being able to help themselves.

6. Virgo

Virgos can be fickle and quite adaptable. When something doesn’t work for them, they can easily change their mind and go for what suits them better. That being said, Virgos love to be of service by helping others, but unfortunately, this good naturedness makes them susceptible to other people’s advances.Virgo’s are tricky!

They fall under the mutable signs, which means they are quick to adapt and change and can sometimes be rather fickle. Virgos love to be of service and help others out. Their sensitive nature can make them rather susceptible to other people’s advances. They’re quite empathetic and because of this they meat cheat and sleep with someone other than their partner out of pity for someone elses sob story. It might just be the moment that overwhelms them to act out.

Some Virgos are hypercritical and nitpicky and have especially high standards, and if their partner doesn’t live up to their expectations, a Virgo might look for it in the arms of someone else. The same can be said if their partner is too critical of them, they might find relief with someone who accepts them just as they are, but they really need to be pushed very far to ever consider cheating, it doesn’t come naturally to them.

7. Aquarius

Aquarians definitely appreciate independence and freedom in their lives, but they also have a keen sense of responsibility and duty – their ruling planet is Saturn after all. This means that they like routine and knowing where they stand with something or someone.

An Aquarius wouldn’t just cheat on a whim or because they felt like it, these individuals will feel pushed to cheat if it ever comes to this. This sign needs a lot of alone time and space, but if their partner doesn’t respect this, unfortunately, the Aquarius might act out of rebellion and retaliation. An Aquarius is happy to commit and be in a long-term relationship. They just really need their partner to trust them enough to let them do what they want when they want.

For an Aquarius, love needs to feel like freedom, not like someone is chained to them. An Aquarius will only cheat if they feel stifled in their relationship. They need to be able to breathe and this is why it is best for them not to partner up with clingy and needy types. The best kind of partner to an Aquarius would be someone who is very secure within themselves.

8. Capricorn

Capricorn is one of the signs that is very unlikely to ever cheat. They’re all about longevity and long-term commitments. Capricorns are usually very resposible and disciplined thanks to their ruling planet of Saturn. They understand well how karma works because of their keen sense of duty.

Because of all of this it would be very difficult for a Capricorn to cheat, but sometimes they too slip up unfortunately. This usually happens when they feel out of control in their life, like if something is going badly at works and they might cheat out of retaliation.

Capricorns like things to stay just as they are, this makes them feel safe so when their partner changes too much it might push them to cheat because this gives them back a feeling of control. They want to be in charge and when things change around them too rapidly they will do whatever they can to gain back the power they feel like have lost.

9. Scorpio

Scorpios have a bit of a bad reputation, but just because they enjoy sex so much doesn’t automatically make them cheaters. In fact, Scorpios are often some of thre most loyal and committed partners out their. Commitment, trustworthiness, and loyalty are very important to them and they want to be in a long-lasting happy relationship.

If a Scorpio were ever to cheat, it would only be out of revengre for something their partner hurt them in some way and maybe cheater themselves. A Scorpio can be very vengeful and if someone hurts them, they are motivated to hurt them back because they want to regain their feeling of power and control.

Someone Scorpios might cheat because their sexual needs aren’t being met. They have a high sex drive and need a partner who is on their level, if they aren’t a Scorpio might feel pushed to look for the relief elsewhere, but this will only happen as a last resort. A Scorpio has a lot of kinky tastes, and they need to be with someone who is open-minded enough to want to try to explore their sexual fantasies with their Scorpio.

10. Leo

Leos might have this crazy reputation of being dramatic and having massive egos, but they’re one of the last peole to ever cheat. They really believe in love and when they commit to someone they mean it. They like everything to stay the same, plus Leos are quite prideful and loyal to their core.

They tend to look down at people who feel the need to cheat and they know that they would never stoop this low. A Leo would rather end a relationship then ever be disloyal. Sure, Leos like attention and admiration, but this wouldn’t be enough for them to wannt to cheat. They just love the idea of loyalty and devotion so they wouldn’t do anything to go against this.

The only time a Leo may possibly is only if their partner isn’t giving them enough attention because they like to be a priority, but still, they would much rather break off the relationship first.

11. Cancer

Cancers are really not big on cheating. They go above and beyond in their relationships and won’t do anything that might harm the relationship in any way. They have a great need for love and affection, and when they have it they will protect it at all cost. The only time they might cheat is if they get swept up by romance and overtaken by passionate emotion.

This might make them not think straight, but this happens very rarely as it usually takes them forever to trust someone and they usually need quite a strong emotional connection to have sex with someone.  Cancers make some of the most amazing long-term partners because they love commitment, so cheating isn’t really something that appeals to them.

But if their not getting the emotional reassurance they need, they might be forced to look elsewhere. A Cancer won’t just cheat for the sake of it, they really need to be pushed and feel insecure enough to feel like they need to cheat.

12. Taurus

A Taurus is one of those people who get quite obsessive in their relationships, so much so that they can easily because quite possessive actually. They have a real fear of being abandoned or being cheated on themselves. A Taurus needs to be pushed extremely far to ever cheat on their partner. This really isn’t something that happens often.

A Taurus will cheat if they feel disrespected and underappreciated in their relationship, but a Taurus can take a lot, but eventually they too will crack. It is important for them to feel like they are their partner’s number one priority so they need a lot of reassurance.

A Taurus loves commitment and long-term relationships, and they will actually stick out in a relationship even if it is terrible. It is better for them to be in a relationship, than not to be in one at all. A Taurus will endure because they are so stubborn which makes them quite unlikely to ever cheat.