July 15, 2024
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Your Moon Sign and Your Love Style

Your Moon Sign and How You Are in Your Relationships

When first beginning to explore astrology, the best way to delve into is to get a thorough understanding of the meaning and function of all of the planets. There are plenty of people describing the basics, but I decided I should write my own interpretation and link it into synastry (the astrology of relationships) as, let’s face it, it is the most researched area of astrology.

Learning to Love Yourself

I’ve specialized in synastry for a while, but what I always come back to is; that the primary importance is in knowing the *self*. We can analyze contacts between charts ad infinitum but, actually the way a person functions as an *individual* is far more telling than the comparisons between the charts.

It’s a popular notion that in order to love another, one must learn to love the self, and it has become somewhat of a cliché, this doesn’t however, invalidate the truth behind the notion. The path to true love always lies with unraveling all of the fears and false beliefs that have accumulated and become blocks to the true authentic self.

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Those who know me well, know that my buzz word is ‘authenticity’, that it is only through truth that we can find balance, fulfillment, acceptance, and happiness. Often the most judgemental person you will ever encounter in your life is YOU.

The first planet I’m going to look at (or more accurately I should refer to it as a ‘satellite’) is the Moon. It rules the emotions in astrology and how these are formed and crystallized from childhood to the present. There is a strong maternal link to the Moon, but this is not to say that the condition of your Moon represents your mother. To assume so is lazy astrology, the mother is not the prime emotional influence in everybody’s life. It’s fair to say that the person who has had the most impact on your emotions in childhood may well be intrinsically linked to the formation of how you process your feelings as an adult, however.

Although I’m going to simplify my prose by describing the Moon in the signs alone, do please note that this is the only description of the most basic level of how a planet (satellite, asteroid, or calculated point) functions in a chart. A more experienced astrologer will consider the connections from the Moon to other planets/points, the houses occupied, and the houses ruled, etc. However, we all begin with the basics. 

Moon in Aries

This the go-getter sign. The first in the zodiac, the primary responder and the decision-maker. Aries doesn’t ‘weigh up’ options, like its opposite sign of Libra, it acts on impulse and with no prior though. Apply this to the emotions adds up to quite an intuitive and free-spirited Moon sign. Moon in Aries will be impatient and need fast responses from others, or they’ll already be long gone, but they usually state their case quite clearly.

From a relationship Moon in Aries seeks; excitement and variation, they love to hear and to share the pure unadulterated truth, but purely from this Moon point of view, are not patient with slow emotional processes at all. They want to link with somebody who is changeable to unpredictable. The victim mentality or the overly planned, calculated type will irritate this Moon sign. In turn, they will bring passion, a great sense of vitality and presence will usually be honest and open but are happy to move away from anything or anybody which stifles, controls or bores them.

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Moon in Taurus

The Moon is said to be exalted in Taurus, as the natural cyclical fluctuations are stabilized in earthy Taurus. Those with Moon in Taurus are loyal, consistent and steadfast, they are the ones who will reap what they sew and often will have a flair for cooking, gardening and anything else which connects to sustenance.

In a relationship they are true and faithful, an area of calm will often surround a Moon in Taurus and whilst this may have the effect of masking their emotions, they are the rock in the proverbial storm and not easily swayed by chaos or drama. In this respect, they are non-judgemental and happy to bring their benevolent vibes to almost any situation. However, it is only those who wish for stability and consistency who will feel comfortable spending a lot of time with this Moon sign.

Moon in Gemini

This is the sign of fluctuation itself, functioning at a rate of absolute flux this is the sign of drama, gossip, and hearsay. Gemini tends towards amassing information and cross source data and with the Moon, in the mix, this can be the sign that really does enjoy stirring a little variety into the lives it touches. Inconsistent, and flippant, these can be untrustworthy at times, but never dull.

They will seek variety in a relationship, as in any other area of life. Boredom is not their style and they are happy to bring a little drama into their day to day lives if only to test the reactions of their close ones. Least likely to seek a committed relationship they would prefer to discover how others’ function behind closed doors, rather than be jaded by the eventual predictability of knowing a significant other too well.

Moon in Cancer

The sign where the Moon is at home. Those with Moon in Cancer live for and through their emotions, rule the lives of those born with this Moon sign. They are empathic and melodramatic, unpredictable and at times exhausting but they tend to be very nurturing, caring and loyal too. When they stay in the flow of their feelings, they can be natural healers, carers and cooks.
In a relationship, they seek consistency and sensitivity to match their own softness. There is a leadership quality to this sign though and they can be a little bossy and overbearing up close. They dislike flippancy and so will pair up with those who show depth, compassion and the desire for true closeness. Once they find their match, they will move heaven and earth for those who prove their worth and goodness and their loyalty is unwavering.

Moon in Leo

“What about me?” A friend with Moon in Leo actually used to say this frequently and it perfectly sums up this Moon sign. This Moon sign craves attention but will often mask this need and find other ways to seek it. They wish to be adored, appreciated and worshipped, but passive as the Moon is, they often feel that unnoticed, unappreciated and that they are uncut diamonds and overlooked geniuses. (Often, they are!)

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In a relationship, the Moon in Leo’s pride can swell to its full potential, due to their need for the recognition they function better with a close partner, especially one who will remind them of their worth. As with the Sun, the Moon in Leo is fiercely loyal, generous to a fault and territorial with a partner, but only once they have got to a place of trust. There will be a baptism of fire first, as strangely the Moon in Leo, needy as they are for love, is careful that this is present in a relationship before they consider to commit.

Moon in Virgo

The word ‘pedantic’ was invented to describe Moon in Virgo, they are the archetypal detail lovers. Grounded and consistent with their feelings, so long as what they expect to be in order is, they’re fairly content. It just depends upon how many things do need to be done, placed or laid out in a particular way! This varies from one Virgo Moon to the next. Overall, they dislike change, are very good with data, and brilliant at ‘spot the difference’ games!

In a relationship, a Moon in Virgo will weigh up the pros and cons before diving in. They’re not usually fans of over displays of emotions and prefer to prove their feelings through consistency and conscientiousness. They don’t get close easily as they have a natural reserve and a tendency towards suspicion. Also, because they will have twice as many ‘deal-breakers’ simply due to how easily irritated they are by their own personal, specific little foibles. However, they are very kind, consistent and patient with those who come to matter to them.

Moon in Libra

Despite Libra being the only inanimately represented sign, it is the most romantically inclined. Not that romance has any connection whatsoever with love, but Libra is not so much concerned with love rather; harmony, aesthetics, balance and smooth relations. They rarely think badly of others, as they are warm and accepting by nature usually, but when issues do arise, they do find it very difficult to confront or address them.

This sign can dream of love but the shiny, expression of romance is their first priority. They love to have an attractive mate, who represents their natural artistic principles. Living for an easy life, they do often find conflict very stressful and difficult and so will tend to choose relaxed, partners who are able to do their own thing. They often need a lot of space in close relationships, in order to maintain their own inner harmony, if they have this, they will be very faithful and content.

Moon in Scorpio

Despite being a water sign; Scorpio can be an uncomfortable sign for the Moon to be in. The natural flow required for emotions to be healthy is simply not present in Scorpio. They tend to feel everything very powerful but will find it difficult to share this, and then by the time they have made sense of their feelings, they will see little reason to bring up something which hurts them. This is a result drive the Moon sign, and they will try not to engage in that which does not bring about an outcome.

They find it difficult to trust another and will often take a long time to show any true feelings or admit a connection. More inclined towards fear than openness, they can be as difficult to prise as an oyster shell, but they do then often reveal pearls of beauty and hidden depths. Until then they may be manipulative and darkly complex, and if wronged they will seek revenge. They love deeply and strongly once/if safe, however.

Moon in Sagittarius

This is the jester placement, where the Sun in Sagittarius can often be more explorative and philosophical, the Moon here will tend towards the more jovial elements of the sign. They will still have a need to psychoanalyze, explore and understand their surroundings but their need to bring humor and frivolity is stronger. They are the silliest of the Moon signs and whilst they have real feelings deep down, they will rarely show them, preferring as they do to uplift others than drag them down.

In a closer situation Moon in Sagittarius will show the more philosophical side to their sign. They will still want to bring joy and uplift those close to them, but they will also need to understand everything about the person who has won their heart. As natural drifters, and fun-seekers they are rarely drawn to one on one relationships, and the other person will need to be fascinating, mysterious and adventurous for them to want to stick around.

Moon in Capricorn

In the opposite sign to its rulership, the Moon feels quite uncomfortable in Capricorn. The cycles of change don’t meld so well with the ambitious aspirations of the sign and those with Moon in Capricorn will tend to turn their feelings into ‘goals’. There is a sense of emotions being a necessary function that appeases others, rather than feelings being natural to this Moon sign. They can be very high achievers if they learn how to use emotions to sway those who are easily programmed in this way.

In a relationship, they will often seek a partner who can further their ambitions. They can be very calculated and often see no use in the notion of falling in love. Many simply don’t have the desire to ‘let go’ enough to truly connect with others. Being in a prestigious position that others envy can be a far more attractive outcome and you will find many entrepreneurs have this Moon sign.

Moon in Aquarius

I think therefore I must be or am I? This is the Moon of the analyst, the inventor who is easily distracted and the idealist who only half finishes his work. The feeling is alien to Moon in Aquarius, they will tend to think through every nuance of emotion and forget about feeling them altogether. They see feelings as equations to be figured out and understood and find those with unpredictable reactions quite disarming, but ultimately rather intriguing and fascinating also.

Moon in Aquarius doesn’t really need a partner, they are detached and often happier surrounded by a selection of well-chosen, interesting friends. They are liable to lose interest in people very easily and if they do seek a partner will choose somebody, they already feel can be a close friend, as friendship is the highest form of love. They do value loyalty, however, and despite them not being very empathic at times, usually, they will consider others’ feelings before acting in any kind of inappropriate way. Even if those feelings, to them, seem as predictable as the flight path of a UFO.

Moon in Pisces

Pisces is probably the most loving sign. These folks are soft, sensitive, creative and almost otherworldly. They live to see the beauty in life and seek the highest levels of sensory experience possible. For this reason, they may be prone to mind-altering substances, or simply get their highs from the vivid beauty of nature, great music or beautiful films. Although they can be easily disillusioned at times, many of the great visionaries have the Moon sign.

They love to love and be loved and in their early years they will fall in love over and over again; often with the dream of people, who are unlikely to ever live up to the pedestals, they are granted. Like a bee seeking pollen though, they can flit from one beautiful person to another and actually are more in love with the idea of love than in actually getting to know another person, as once the image is tarnished, it can never be the same again. Surprisingly, this is one of the signs least like to find somebody who matches their expectations but rather than rocks the boat of real life, they aren’t averse to being unfaithful. They live for the visions, not the rules.

What’s your Moon Sign? Get in contact if you’d like me to find out and look at how your Moon fits in with the rest of your chart. The above descriptions are, of course, only the essence of each sign, and will differ from person to person.

~~~shalom and blessings~~~