July 19, 2024
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Your Moon Sign and Romantic Needs

There are ten planets in your Astrological Birth Chart, and each one of them describes a specific function. For example, the Sun (otherwise known as your ‘starsign’) describes your basic personality, whereas Mercury describes your thinking & communication style. And, whilst all the planets are important and can describe you and your relationships, the Moon sign is a super-important one. This planet represents your emotional needs, which translates to you feeling safe and secure – if your needs are met. If they’re not, you’re likely to feel unfulfilled, and unsafe in love. Most of us don’t really even know what we need, so this is an amazing way to figure it out.

The Moon also rules our emotional style, describing, for example, if we tend to be more analytical or heart-centered when we express our feelings. This can be a handy tool for when we find ourselves caught up in an emotional storm, and help us not only understand ourselves, but our partners, too!

So, without further ado, make sure that you have your Moon sign on hand and let’s get started:

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What You’ll Need in a Romanic Relationship If Your Moon Is In this Sign….


With your Moon in Aries sign, your number-one need in a relationship is to be seen. You can’t stand being ignored, dismissed or made to feel unimportant to your lover. For example, if they ignore your text message or fail to see that you’re upset, all hell will likely break loose. You have quite a volatile temper, and anger tends to be your go-to emotion when you feel sad, hurt or abandoned. But, when you’re given the love and affection you crave, you’re loyal, protective and incredibly generous. You’ll express your emotions honestly and openly, so your lover always knows where they stand with you. There’s no game-playing or manipulative tactics with you, which is so refreshing.


This is a very strong placement for the Moon. You tend to be grounded, pragmatic and unshakable, often being the rock for your partner. Of course, you have needs too, which mainly centers around needing to feel secure, stable and physically cared for in a relationship. You just don’t do casual, and if a lover proposes a no-strings-attached arrangement, you might go with it for the sensual fun, but ultimately, it’ll lead to deep insecurity. Honor that by making sure that there are clear boundaries from the get-go. You’ll also need to be touched – often – as physical connection is very important to you.

Moon Sign in Gemini

A chatty Moon in Gemini will always need to talk and analyze their feelings in order to feel safe. in other words, you and your sweetheart will need to be able to sit down and talk things through in a clear, concise and rational way. If you are heard and understood, you’ll fall deeply in love and feel connected. If your parent fails to listen or doesn’t mirror your ideas back to you, you’ll feel extremely anxious. You need intellectual connection in your relationships – people who are below you in intelligence just won’t float your boat. You also need variety and change in your love affairs, and like to keep things exciting.


The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, so this is known as a very strong placement. You tend to be someone deeply in touch with your feelings and emotional needs, and are often extremely empathetic and kind. You need your partner to be the same towards you – caring, nurturing and understanding, especially with your powerful moods. If they’re closed off or cold, you’re really going to struggle. Affection, cuddling and family time are also all-important emotional needs for you, and it’s important that you have a home together. Emotional expression comes naturally for you, but you can be closed off at times, especially if you’re feeling hurt. It’s important to always communicate your feelings and needs and not make your partner guess what they are.


Leo Moon people are grand, dramatic and have a flair for big feelings. As a fire Moon, you express your feelings in a warm and loving way towards your partner. You’re generous, giving and protective to the max. What you need for your romantic relationship is to be given attention – and lots of it. This means being spoilt with gifts big or small, affection, and validation. If you don’t get the attention you crave, you’ll become demanding and controlling, so it’s important that you communicate this to your sweetheart. You may also have a powerful need to express yourself in passionate and creative ways, which might also look like going out and having a good time with your lover.

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People with a Virgo Moon tend to need a quiet, routine life that feels simple. You need security and stability in your love life, or else you could become quite neurotic and anxious, maybe even overthinking the relationship. You have a strong need to help, rescue or fix your partner, but just be careful of not becoming overly critical of your lover’s shortcomings. You’ll go out of your way to cook for them, do their admin and look after them, which your partner will just love. You may be quite grounded, emotionally, and often quite practical and pragmatic. With that said, you do tend to worry often, so your partner needs to be someone who can soothe and ground you.

Moon Sign in Libra

Everyone loves a Moon in Libra – literally! A flirt, you tend to need and adore attention from others, particularly romantic attention. You need a partner who isn’t going to be too possessive and understand that they are your number one. Generally speaking, someone with their Moon in Libra needs to be with someone. They love to share experiences, to have a best friend to talk to and play with. Being single is really tough for people with Libra Moons – you’re built for love. You process your feelings quite rationally, and love to communicate with your partner – you need someone who is on your same level, intellectually speaking.


This is quite an intense, deep and emotional placement for the Moon. You feel your feelings in a very powerful way, and some people just won’t be able to handle it. It’s important that you know and accept this, and have a partner who can withstand even the strongest storms of emotion from you. When you find someone like this, you’ll be loyal for life – nothing but death or betrayal will part the two of you. You love with everything that you have, and you need the same in return. You need to be able to share your secrets, your wounds and your traumas, and have your partner do the same. Superficial relationships are just not for you.


Sagittarius is such a happy, positive and fun place for the Moon to be in! Nothing bothers you, and you have a zest for life and love. Passionate and honest, you love with all of your heart and need a partner in adventure. Someone who is going to jump off a mountain with you, go on a spontaneous roundtrip or do something crazy. You can’t do boring, routine relationships – you’ll get bored and run away, no matter how loyal you feel. You need to express all of your feelings openly, and expect your partner to be able to handle even your most seemingly rude outbursts – you’re not the most tactful or sensitive, but at least you’re always real.

Moon Sign in Capricorn

People with Moon in Capricorn can sometimes be a little withdrawn emotionally. You don’t always open up easily, and may have some fears or insecurities around being vulnerable. Your lover needs to be patient and kind, empathetic and understand that you’re not going to be the most ‘feely’ person around. Your needs revolve around feeling physically safe and secure with someone – commitment is essential to you. You also tend to need a successful partner, someone who works hard, just like you. This helps you to feel safe and like you won’t have to carry the responsibilities of the relationship alone. It’s also important for you to have physical touch, which can often be what you use to communicate your feelings.


With Aquarius being an air sign, it’s going to be important for you to have a partner who you can talk to about your feelings. You love to analyze your emotions, more than actually feeling them. This could make you come off as a little detached in a relationship, and you’ll need a partner who isn’t going to cling to you or make you feel bad for not being openly emotional. Above all, you need freedom and space in your relationships – you need to do your own thing, often with your friends. A partner who gives you free rein will be the ultimate for you – and, after all, you’ll give the same freedom back.

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Moon Sign in Pisces

This is a tender placement for the Moon, and indicates that you’re a natural born empath. You feel other people’s feelings intensely, and can be quite psychic. Thus, you need a partner who isn’t going to take advantage of your lack of boundaries. Or force you into a place where you’re rescuing them. Ultimately, a spiritual, empathic partner like yourself will make you feel extremely safe and secure. A hug, touch of the hand or empathetic understanding all go a long way for you emotionally. You also need your relationship to have greater meaning – spiritual growth is important for you in love. Sharing a passion such as music, nature or art will be something you probably need from your partner too.

Now you know everything about Your Moon Sign and Romantic Needs.