July 19, 2024
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Tarot and Love: Unlocking Relationship Insights with the Cards

Tarot and Love: Unlocking Relationship Insights with the Cards

Greetings, magic, mystery, and tarot lovers! Perhaps you already know that channeling messages through different tools is a way of connecting directly to the source. Getting to know ourselves and helping others goes hand in hand. And so, what about Tarot and Love?

Everyone has intuition, and everyone is at least a bit psychic. Having a tool with which you can read subtle energies is very natural. In recent years, I’ve noticed that many people are most connected to the cards. They intuitively ask about when they will marry, their future partner, and about love. More and more people seem to understand how important it is to see the impact of another person on themselves. They connect more to love energies, seeking to dissolve the blockages that keep us away from our hearts. Enough with suffering and separation!

The conscious act of connecting to something is the first step. Many times we may take certain knowledge for granted. But if someone shows them a tarot card to interpret, many people see themselves in it. They say what they think the card means, and it makes sense even if they don’t know the card’s description. It’s different in many ways for everyone. So today, we’re going to explore how tarot can help us find the right keys to relationship mysteries.

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Tarot and Love, recognize the repeating patterns

Tarot cards are pretty expressive, and so are we, especially when our relationship is caught up in a certain vibe. Putting questions like “What are our similarities?” or “What is the key conflict here?”. For example, pull out two cards—one for one person and the other. You may be surprised how quickly your intuition recognizes an obvious pattern. For example, the Queen of Cups represents highly sensitive energy that flows easily, expressing herself through emotions. On the other hand, the Hanged Man sometimes has a hard time going with the flow. He always stops to analyze, finding himself stuck in a certain feeling. The cards can hold different meanings for each individual, but our method stimulates curiosity. Allowing us to discover the most fitting answers is possible by establishing a direct connection.

 One of the great aspects of these cards is the multitude of interpretations and illustrations available. Each favorite deck is tailored to various inquiries concerning specific areas of life. You can select from a variety of tarot decks, whether it be one devoted to love, or even nature-themed tarot. While tarot operates within the same fundamental system, this system is universally accessible, providing a consistent framework wherever you go.

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Finding out the mystery of why you met

What mission do you have together? What is the potential of creating together? Finding out about your partner’s unique role in your life can mirror back your unique talent to you. There is always an action and a reaction. For a quick check-up on relationships, I like to use this tarot spread:

  1. Current energy of the connection
  2. What is the challenge here? What needs to be overcome?
  3. What is the outcome of this situation?

With this, we can see that if the energy in card number one persists, it will inevitably create a reaction. This reaction represents the second card. The third card shows the actual potential of this action-reaction and the most probable outcome. Does the card show that there is potential for great change or a long relationship? Does the third card show that the challenge is being overcome?

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Tarot and Love, fortify your Intuition

Remember, your intuition is the most important here; it is what guides you to see the answers in the cards. However, I admit sometimes the messages can surprise you. The cards can also be very helpful in revealing something you might not consider to be true. Sometimes our intuition tries to tell us something, but we reject that idea. Fear of the thought  we think is impossible, turns into dismissing it as something we’ve made up. But sometimes the cards portray exactly the energies that make us think, “Hmm, is this what I think it is?”. They confirmed exactly what we needed to hear. So, sometimes the cards speak to you before you speak to them.

If you are reading for someone and they tell you they are happy with their partner, but for a second you feel that their partner may be lying, and you pull out the Seven of Swords card in the best possible outcome position, it serves as a confirmation that it is not all rainbows and butterflies. It indicates that there may be something your friend does not see. Sometimes it is easier to help others see better than to help ourselves see clearly. That is what friends and soulmates are for! To find out more about why you met each other, you can ask, “What does this soul mean for me?”. Genuinely ask yourself that, to see which lesson you may be able to learn through them. If it is a very close soulmate, you may already know why they are in your life. Throughout life, the reasons can change if they are meant to give you several lessons or help.

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Connecting past lives and tarot

Since the topic of past lives fascinates me, you can also use tarot to explore the patterns from past lives that you might be experiencing in this lifetime with your partner. Have you clashed in certain aspects in other lifetimes as well? Are you irresistibly drawn to this soul across multiple incarnations? For instance, if you have been getting on each other’s nerves for many lifetimes yet still deeply love one another, examining your past lives together might reveal that certain situations are recurring in this lifetime, albeit in different forms.

For example, if the tarot cards suggest that you betrayed your partner in a past life. In this lifetime you have done nothing to harm them, yet they still struggle to trust you. This could be a pattern that you both need to address. Understanding these past life connections through tarot can provide profound insights. Allow yourselves to work together on these deep-seated issues and improve your relationship in the present, exploring these past experiences. You may uncover the underlying reasons for current tensions and find ways to heal and strengthen your bond.

Foresee and Heal

Tarot can help us look into the magical mirror of who we are for each other. It mirrors back negative traits, but often confirms our intuition as well. It can unlock the energy that lies beneath the physical world, manifest healing, and help us understand each other’s subtle aspects, by learning to harmonize opposing characteristics, from the start of the Fool’s journey to the World card, which signifies the end of a chapter, we can all relate in some way. This process helps us learn about each other and what we want for our relationships, aiming to reach a state of harmony and connection, like the Lovers card represents. 

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