July 23, 2024
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Witchcraft 101: How To Create Your Own Spell

Witchcraft 101: How To Create Your Own Spell

So you want to be a witch, but you don’t know where to start? While there are many facets and practices under the witchcraft umbrella, doing spell work is most witches bread and butter. Spell work can be tough when you have a load of different people telling you that you have to do one thing, or that you simply cannot do another. Instead, learn to craft your own spell (it’ll work better, I promise)! This simple step by step guide will walk you through the dos and don’ts of crafting your own spell.

Step 1: get to the heart of the matter

What do you want? A relationship? A better job? First, write down what it is you are looking to manifest with this spell. Once you’re clear on the objective, spend some time reflecting on why you desire this outcome and how you will feel once you get it.

You may want to journal about these thoughts and feelings, or you might be more inclined to meditate on them. Either way, make sure to give yourself a nice long time to mull over this intention.

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The Law of Attraction

What you may find is that your intention was a bit off. For instance, you want the promotion at work, but after some reflection you realize that what you really want is more money and not necessarily the job itself. You may reflect on your desire for a relationship and realize that you actually want more love in general, not just the romantic type.

It’s important to be very clear and honest with yourself, because if the intention is not aligned with your true desires it will not come to manifest.

Step 2: choose your vibe

Here’s where things can get kind of tricky because there are a lot of different types of spells, so how do we get started?

In earth based spiritual practices (such as witchcraft) you work with the 4 main elements: fire, earth, air and water. Each element has a different vibe and is therefore better suited for different kinds of spells.

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Fire Magick

Spells involving fire are good for cleansing and ridding yourself of a person or energy. This is also a good element to use if you want to get things done quickly.

Candles, ritual burnings, even exercise fall under this element’s rule. 

Earth Magick

Spells involving the earth element are best for things that may take a long time to grow. Things that require patience like studying for a big test, planning your year abroad, or saving up for a big purchase like a car are best suited for this element.

Using dirt, cooking or baking, and gardening are all earth magick practices.

Air Magick

This element works best with cerebral pursuits and problem solving. Research and journaling work well with the air element.

Writing, talking, and smoke all fall under the air element.

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Water Magick

The water element is good for emotional depth. As a wise man (Olaf from Frozen II) once said, “water holds memory.” Water magick soothes the soul!

Ritual baths, moon water, and crying are all water magick things.

Step 3: pick the right tools

By this step you should know what kind of elements you want to work with, which is great, but what tools should you use?


Candles are a witch’s bread and butter when it comes to spell working because there is so much you can do with them! “Dressing” your candle is the process of imbuing the candle with your intention. Etch words of symbols into it, rub it in oils and herbs, then burn it (safely) in order to release your intention.


Crystals are used in spellwork because of their structural fortitude. “Charging” a crystal with an intention by placing it on an altar, letting it sit in the sun or moonlight, making a sigil and placing it on it, or by holding it in your hands and setting the intention through meditation.

working with crystals

Herbs and Oils

Herbs, as well as oils, hold different powers, both medicinal and medical (though those are really one and the same). So adding herbs with purpose and intention can turn a soup into a witches brew! Oils are great for anointing candles and other magickal objects.


An athame is a dagger used only for magickal purposes. When you need to cut through a bad vibe, cut off someone or something, or simply cut through the BS, the athame is your best tool.


A sigil is a unique drawing or symbol created to hold the intention of the spellwork. You can let your creativity run wild while also creating something that is specific, and it can be used over and over again.

Moon Water

Moon water is water that is charged from sitting under the light of the full moon. If you keep up with astrology, you can use the energy of the sign the moon is in to further add to your spellwork.

Charmed Objects

Similar to sigils and crystals, a charmed object holds the intention of a spell. I like to use jewelry since I can wear it and keep the spell with me all day long. Charmed objects are great for protection spells.

Step 4: when to do it

There are a few things you may want to consider when choosing when to do your spellwork.

Each day of the week is ruled by a different planet/god.

  • Monday is the moon
  • Tuesday is Mars
  • Wednesday is Mercury
  • Thursday is Jupiter
  • Friday is Venus
  • Saturn say is Saturn
  • Sunday is the sun

Love spells should be done on Fridays while money spells are best for Thursdays etc.

The next thing you may want to consider is what phase the moon is in. As the moon is the earth’s brightest satellite (and the popular theory is that it was created from debris from the Earth when the ancient planet Rhea crashed into it), it directly affects us here on Earth.

  • New moon: setting intentions and planting the seed
  • 1st quarter: perfect for spellwork
  • Full moons: release and harvest
  • Last quarter moon: gratitude and closure

Step 5: trust your gut

There’s one thing you need more so than anything else if you plan to do spellwork: intuition.

You can have the perfect intention, all the best tools, perform it on the very best day possible, and still not see results. Why? Because you might not be listening to that magick voice in your head.

The secret to trusting your intuition is trusting yourself! So while it’s nice to learn about spellwork from sage practitioners, you are always going to be your best teacher.

So listen well to your gut, trust yourself, and let your creativity fly!

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