June 20, 2024
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What Your Ex Misses About You Based On Your Sign

What Your Ex Misses About You Based On Your Sign

Relationships do not always last, and it is not realistic to believe that you will end up marrying the first love who you meet. And if it does happen, you may not end up staying together with them.

There are many reasons that relationships do not work out, but even when you break up with your partner, your partner will miss things about you. You will also miss stuff about them, even though you know that the relationship is over and not salvageable. Based on your sign, let’s talk about what your ex misses about you.

Aries – How You Wanted To Try New Things

Aries, you are the one that likes to keep moving out of your comfort zone, and you are also the one who encourages others to do the same. You pressed your ex to try new things, and they were glad.

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Therefore, the one thing that your ex misses about you is your encouragement of them to try new things and to get out of your comfort zone. Instead, they may think of you and your motivation to find it within them to try a fresh cuisine, a new sport, or something else unfamiliar to them.

Taurus – Your Commitment To Them

Taurus, you are the one who needs to stick to your routine, and you are not the most flexible type, which might be why you and your ex did not continue with your relationship. However, the one thing that you were to them was wholly committed as you made sure that they came first.

Therefore, your ex misses how committed you were to them, and even though you may have frustrated them with the “my way or the highway” type of thinking, they miss your devotion to them, and they know that is what they want when they are with their ideal mate.

Gemini – Your Fun Moments

Gemini, you are the versatile one, and like Aries, you enjoy exploring new things and involving your partner and friends as well, and you are the one who can create some fun moments. That is what your ex misses about you.

They miss how you and they used to take impromptu short road trips for fun, or they miss those nights that you took them to the comedy club, and you were the one who made the night fun. They miss how much fun you brought into their lives.

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Cancer – You Were Truly In Love With Them

Cancer, you are the overly emotional one and, at the same time, very nurturing. So when you love, you love hard, and you genuinely love your ex. You took care of them when they were down or sick, and that is one thing that your ex will miss about you.

Your ex knew there was no guessing about how you felt about them. You valued their time with you, and you also showed them interest. That is true love, and they may regret leaving you because of this because they may not get it elsewhere.

Leo – Your Confidence

Leo, you tend to be the one who likes to take the spotlight, and your confidence is the very thing that attracts others. You know that you are imperfect because no one is perfect, but at the same time, you are not at all shy about being who you are. You never are afraid to put yourself out at all.

Therefore, your ex always admired that trait about you and missed you. Whenever they would find someone else who has the same confidence level, they would immediately think of you even say how they miss that quality.

Virgo – Your Encouragement

Virgo, you are the one who can be a perfectionist, and you are the analytical type. You may be critical of others, but the one who you are the most critical of is yourself. However, you also do what you can to encourage your partner to be their best selves.

You also spent many times encouraging your ex, and when your ex thinks of you, that is the one thing they will miss about you. They miss how much you encouraged them during difficult times. They may even think of calling you to get some of that encouragement if they need it – unless you and they are not on good terms.

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Libra – You Did Everything You Could To Keep Them Happy

Libra, you are the one who needs to have balance in your life, and you need to have peace too. You do not like conflicts, and perhaps you struggled to keep relationships in the past because of that. But the one thing that all of your exes could not deny was how you did what you could to make them happy.

You are the one who wants others to be happy as it is, and you will even put aside your needs for that which does not help you as you become resentful the more that time elapses and your needs are not met. However, you always made sure your exes were happy, and that is what any of them miss about you.

Scorpio – You Helped Them Find Their Passion

Scorpio, you are mysterious and private and intense and passionate. You don’t handle breakups well because it takes you long to trust anyone. However, even after you trust a partner, things can go wrong, which may not be your fault.

And when you were with your exes or any of your exes, the one thing you did for them helped them find their passionate side. Your passionate side is infectious to anyone. Therefore, you were the reason they found something that they love, and they will never forget you for that. They will miss you for that.

Sagittarius – You Made Them Smile

Sagittarius, you are the adventurous and optimistic one, and you always manage to cheer someone up when they are feeling down. You do what you can to find the silver lining, and you have a way of making others laugh when they need it.

Your ex is no different. The one thing that your ex misses about you is that you managed to put a smile on their face. Therefore, whenever they are feeling down, they will remember how you cheered them up when you needed it the most. They will miss you for that even more.

Capricorn – Your Loyalty

Capricorn, you are incredibly ambitious, and you are also very loyal to a fault because you want your relationships and work to be perfect. And if you have a family, you put a lot of effort into them. You may have been the one who was stubborn and may have been cold at times because you struggle to get in touch with your feelings, and when you are focused on your goals, you do not want anyone getting in the way of them.

But you also are incredibly loyal, and you were always honest and reliable with your ex and with anyone else who matters to you. Therefore, your ex misses you a lot for your loyalty.

Aquarius – How You Showed Them A Brand New World

Aquarius, you are the progressive one, and you are always full of new ideas. What you do in your relationships is offer new perspectives. You also are the one that focuses on the bigger picture, and you convince your partner to do the same.

You also have offered your partner to think about what you both could do together to help make the world a better place. And when your ex thinks about anything having to do with new perspectives and how to look at the bigger picture and thinks about new ideas, they think of you. They miss you for how you introduced them to a new world!

Pisces – What A Great Listener You Were

Pisces, you are sensitive and emotional, love the arts, and are intuitive and dreamy. If someone needs a shoulder to cry on, you are the one who will offer them that shoulder. If someone needs to vent because of the frustration they encountered, you are the one they go to because they know you will listen to them.

And that is the one thing that your ex misses you for, which is how much of an excellent listener you were. They miss how you were able to support them through difficult times, and regardless of why you ended your relationship, your ex will appreciate you for that.


The overwhelming majority of people will experience a breakup at some point in their lives, and the only ones who don’t are the rare ones who married their high school sweethearts and lived happily ever after until the end of their days. And even when it comes to bad breakups, it is common for them to miss their exes for something they offered in their relationships. So if you miss your ex about something they did that you liked, you are not alone. Of course, that does not mean you should take them back, but it is natural to feel that way. And your ex likely feels the same way about you, too, as they miss something you offered them.