July 16, 2024
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Gemini Love Language

Gemini Love Language: How do Geminis show their love?

Gemini is the zodiac sign of communication and language, so how exactly does this sign give and receive love? In the game of love, many have been fooled to believe that their Gemini crush isn’t interested when really they’ve just been reading the signs all wrong! When it comes to a Gemini in love it’s all about banter, intelligence, and keeping things fresh and fun. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about holding onto the attention of your curious Gemini lover!


Gemini Sun: acts of service

Your sun sign is the part of your chart which creates the whole foundation and structure for your life; It’s like a skeleton, dictating the shape of your life. For a Gemini sun, the basic building blocks of life have to do with curiosity and creativity. They move through life with eyes wide open, almost as if seeing things for the first time, giving them the rep for being too easily distracted.

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The acts of service love language is all about anticipating the needs of your partner and helping to make their life easier. Gemini suns are the prime example of having your hands in too many pots at one time, so helping them out by filling up their car with gas before a road trip or making breakfast the morning before an important meeting will help them to stay on top of the 100 other tasks they’re working on.

Gemini Moon: quality time

We’ve all heard that our moon sign is related to our emotions, and that is true but your moon sign is so much more than that. This is the seat of comfort, and the guide book to how you need to be nurtured throughout your life, as well as an indicator of your natural mood. For a Gemini moon comfort is in exploration, stimulating conversation and gaining new knowledge. Their general mood can often seem lighter than some of their peers but they do have a penchant for overthinking their emotions instead of simply feeling them.

The quality time love language is all about giving your undivided attention to one another in order to create fond memories and stronger bonds. As an air sign, Gemini moon people love to talk and share information with their loved ones. If your partner has this moon sign be sure to practice active listening, especially if they’re gushing about a new hobby or special interest they’ve into. Getting bored can feel like a death sentence, so the more fun you have sitting together being goof balls or talking about the latest thing you’re into the stronger your bond will be.

Gemini Mercury: words of affirmation

It’s often said that the key to any good relationship is communication, so understanding yours and your partner’s Mercury signs will be intrinsic to creating a strong, healthy relationship. That is because our Mercury sign helps us to better understand not only how we communicate, but also how we process information. Mercury is the ruling sign of Gemini, so communication is extremely important in life and love for people with this placement!

Words come in many shapes and forms, they help us to express love, show support and affirm the feelings of others. A Gemini Mercury person is known for being loquacious and humorous, so they yearn to be with someone who is as playful as they are. It’s also important to be with someone who is willing to talk things through when things get serious in the relationship because a Gemini Mercury processes information through conversation, so do your best not to bottle things up or spend too much time processing alone.

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Gemini Venus: gift giving

Venus is the planet of love, but it’s also the planet of money, beauty and gifts. Anything aesthetic falls under the reign of this planet because it represents our attraction to things as well as people. A Gemini Venus is attracted to intelligence, much like the other air sign Venuses. Gemini’s understand the intelligence of a joke better than anyone else, so they’ll be inclined to fall in love with anyone who can take a joke and volley an even better one back to them.

Gift giving as a love language is not just about accumulating pretty things, but the idea that while you were apart the other person was thinking about you. It’s also important to keep in mind that this love language is about giving as much as it is about receiving. As an intellectual air sign Gemini loves to give and receive things like books to expand the mind and give you both a new topic to discuss. However they especially love a good gag gift, especially if it harkens back to a running joke you have in the relationship.

Gemini Mars: physical touch

Mars is classically known as the Roman god of war, but in our own birth charts it’s an indicator of our primal nature. This planet helps us to better understand how we energetically move through life and what our deepest motivations are. A Gemini Mars is restless, often needing more stimulation than their peers. However, these air sign Mars people are very good at learning new skills and adopting many hobbies.

Physical touch is the love language of physical closeness, so your Mars sign will give some insight into how you can create more of this intimacy with your partner. Air signs aren’t typically thought of as a very physical sign but there are a few ways to work with a Gemini Mars that your partner will notice and appreciate. Gemini rules over the hands and arms, so things like holding hands or walking arm in arm can seem simple but mean a lot to a partner with a Gemini Mars. Be sure to make time for massages and backrubs throughout the week as well, both giving and receiving can be a sweet way to connect to your Gemini partner.