July 16, 2024
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What Happens When You Hurt The Zodiac Sign's Feelings

What Happens When You Hurt The Zodiac Sign’s Feelings?

When you have a relationship with someone, you will, at times, inadvertently hurt their feelings by saying something that you don’t mean. For example, it could be a friend or a romantic partner whom you could say something which will insult. And chances are your friend or partner has said something or done something that has hurt your feelings.

For example, you may be hurt that your partner chose work over taking you to a medical appointment. Or, you are hurt that a friend went out with a mutual friend without inviting you along. So how do you react to those things when they happen? Let’s find out and see what happens when you hurt the zodiac sign’s feelings.

Aries – Will Be Irritable

Aries, you are the passionate one full of energy and angst. If someone hurts your feelings, you are going to be very irritable. You will also not want to spend time with your partner or friend who hurt your feelings, which means you will lash out at them if they keep attempting to spend time with you.

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You are usually very frank and will not hesitate to have a conflict, but if your feelings are hurt, you may decide to keep it to yourself and get busy with other things such as your hobbies and career to help blow off steam. Talking about it with the one who hurt you could stress you out more unless, once again, they push you into it.

Taurus – Will Be Surly

Taurus, when your partner or friend hurts your feelings, you will respond to them grumpily, and you will also distance yourself from them. You may even give them the silent treatment, and you will also be the one to give into self-soothing behaviors such as relying on a retail therapy, or you may indulge in a sweet or a delicious meal.

You will not be the one to discuss the issue with them until you are ready to do so. Your partner or friend who is upset you will have to wait for you to come around to discuss the issue that happened and why you are hurt.

Gemini – Gossips About The One Who Hurt Them

Gemini, you are very good at hiding your hurt feelings. If your partner or friend did or said something to hurt your feelings, you would act as if all is well and you are over it. However, you are not at all over it. You are angry over being so hurt. You will talk to others about what they did to you and how horrible they were to hurt you the way they did.

You are one of those people who will talk to everyone else about the offense that your partner or friend caused you but will be nice to their faces. However, be careful as word will get back to them that you have been going around gossiping, then you will have to tell them how and why they hurt you.

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Cancer – Withdraws And Grows Cold

Cancer, you know that you are incredibly moody, and that is your nature. You can be nurturing to the point that you put your needs on the back burner, or you can be cold and vengeful if your partner or your friend hurts your feelings. When your feelings get hurt, you will withdraw and grow very cold, and you may even give your partner or friend who hurt your feelings the cold shoulder or the silent treatment.

You will also hold a grudge, so you will not let go of what happened so quickly. But once you are ready to let your friend or partner back into your company, you will be back to your nurturing self. However, you will never forget the hurt feelings they caused you.

Leo – Becomes Dramatic

Leo, you know that you are the dramatic one, and that is why when your partner or friend hurts you, you will be extremely dramatic about it. You will tell them in an upset way about what they did and how they hurt you, and you will also speak to them in a demeaning way.

Finally, they will have no other choice but to apologize to you for hurting you that way. You may even pick a public place to have it out with them to get an audience to watch you, which will humiliate the one who hurt you. In turn, they may be upset with you for not speaking to them about it calmly in a private setting.

Virgo – Confused And Analytical

Virgo, you are highly analytical, and you strive for perfection even though that is not realistic. However, you know you have to settle for excellence instead, and that is what you do when you look to develop relationships, whether romantic partnerships or friendships. However, when your partner or friend hurts you, you become confused.

You do not understand how and why that would have happened as you analyze everything about it. And you even wonder if the relationship is salvageable. That depends on the degree of hurt that they caused you. If you see that they did not mean to hurt you and it was an accident, you will lecture them about how never to do that again.

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Libra – Become Aloof And Talks To Others About The Partner

Libra, you are the one that needs balance, peace, and tranquility in your life. When you get hurt, you become imbalanced within, so you become aloof from your partner or friend who hurt you. You distance yourself from them, and at the same time, you don’t like how it feels as if you are hurt.

Therefore, you talk to other friends about how your partner or another friend had hurt you. You do some gossip like Gemini, but you also speak to others about the hurt to seek advice on how to handle it. You do what you can to avoid conflict, and that is why you would instead get advice from others on how to handle it than talk to the one who hurt you to come to a solution.

Scorpio – Might Be Vengeful

Scorpio, you are intense, and trusting others is a struggle. That is why you do not react well when your partner or friend hurts you. You take a long time to allow them into your life because they need to earn your trust. However, if they betray you in any way, you will become silent, and you could potentially become vengeful somehow.

But, of course, that all depends on the degree of the hurt, they caused you. If it were accidental, you wouldn’t necessarily give them a free pass, but you will teach them a lesson somehow. You may promise to do something but take it back, for example.

Sagittarius – Become Argumentative

Sagittarius, you are the one that everyone sees as happy-go-lucky. However, you are not that way whenever your partner or friend hurts you. You may find that some battles are worth choosing, but others are not. And if your partner or friend hurts you, you will not let it go.

Instead, you will throw it back at them and become very argumentative. You are the one who speaks the truth, and you are blunt, so if you are hurt, you have a lot to say about that. It could even get to the point that you could fight about being hurt until the middle of the night. That depends on whether or not you find a resolution in the end.

Capricorn – Hyperfocused On Ambitions

Capricorn, you are the one that focuses on your ambitions, and you do whatever you can to meet your goals. However, you also want to make sure you are there for your partner and friends. You want to excel in all areas of your life.

Unfortunately, though, when your partner or a friend hurts you, you will grow silent and cold, and you will distance yourself from them while you focus on your ambitions and work. You will not give them the time of day. You will only go back to them when you are ready, and before you do, you will have a serious chat with them about what they did to you was unacceptable.

Aquarius – Becomes Detached And May Disappear

Aquarius, you are the one who is distant, and at the same time, you are progressive and like to do things your way. But you do want relationships as you still get lonely. However, if your partner or a friend hurts you, you will become even more distant and detached from them.

You will either give them the silent treatment or only have shallow conversations with them. You may even decide to disappear for some time if that is what you want to do. However, if their actions still hurt you after some time, you may choose that out of the blue. Then, you will return to them on your terms.

Pisces – Becomes Very Insecure

Pisces, you are emotional as it is, and you are also dreamy. But, unfortunately, you also tend to blow things out of proportion. And if your partner or a friend hurts you, that is what you will do. You will become lost in melancholy, and you may become very fearful.

You could also blow up quickly and accuse the one who hurt you of doing things they never did. That is because you are highly insecure. And because you are insecure, you feel attacked. Perhaps the hurt was intended, and you have the right to feel that way, but many times it was not, and you will, in the end, be the one doing the apologizing in that case.


No one likes to get hurt, and it does not matter what your sign is. If you are hurt, you will have your way of handling it. And you may find yourself distancing yourself from your partner or friend who hurt you, or you may calmly tell them that they upset you, and chances are, if your relationship is healthy, then it was not meant to happen that way. Understand that those who feel comfortable with you will take their frustrations out on you, but that does not mean it is okay. You likely have done that, too, at times. They will apologize for how they treated you, but to have a calm conversation about it with them, is the thing to do.