June 21, 2024
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What It Is Really Like To Have Sex With a Virgo

What It Is Really Like To Have Sex With a Virgo

Purity is at the center of a Virgos being, but how does this fit into their sexuality? Sex can be a complicated experience for a Virgo because they often struggle to find the balance between the madonna/whore dichotomy. At their core a Virgo is wholesome and pure, but if you learn to gain a Virgos trust, someone totally wild and freaky is bound to emerge. Interesting in knowing more about a Virgo in bed? Then keep on reading to discover what it is really like to have sex with a Virgo:

The Energy a Virgo Brings To The Bedroom

Virgos have an air of purity and wholesomeness about them. If you would have to cast them as a character in a pornographic film they would either be the nerdy school teacher or the innocent virgin.

This innocence lends itself to their sex appeal because they can be naughty while coming across as totally ignorant of their sexual prowess. They’re the type of person to bat their eyelashes while feeling you up beneath the table.

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A Virgo is a highly analytical person and they over think about every tiny detail. Every moment they experience is measured, controlled, and considered. There is nothing a Virgo hasn’t weighed up in their mind already.

This is why sex is such a powerful tool for them to snap out of their overthinking and to really be more present in their body. Making love is truly a form of escapism for a Virgo and can help them let go of their need to control.

They finally get to be in the moment without all that overthinking. Through sex they come to learn how to be spontaneous and recognize the fun in not having to plan every tiny detail of their life.

Virgos have a clear mission in life and that is to be of service to others. This makes them to be quite an attentive and caring lover. They’re very interested in pleasing their partner and making them happy in the bedroom.

What Turns a Virgo Off In The Bedroom?

Virgos are known for their cleanliness and concerns regarding health and wellness. This makes it quite obvious that the biggest turn-off a Virgo has is when someone is unhygienic or careless when it comes to their health, especially their sexual health.

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They wouldn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t get tested regularly or who is happy to have sex without protection. This would make the Virgo feel really unsafe which is a big no-no in their book. They need to be with someone who is responsible.

They hate sloppy sex or someone who doesn’t put in the effort. At the minimum they expect their partner to be showered and clean at least!

They also find it off-putting when their partner isn’t flexible or open-minded in the bedroom. They like to try out new things and explore their sexuality through experimentation. A partner who is too set in their ways can be a major turn-off for a Virgo.

They are a mutable sign, which means that they’re actually quite open to compromise and like to mix things up. But this must come as a surprise because most people would describe Virgo as quite strict and structured. However, this isn’t the case in the bedroom.

Virgos also hate it when they sleep with someone who doesn’t have honest intentions with them. They don’t mind a one night stand or a casual hook-up, but they especially dislike it when someone pretends to want more to get in their pants. They appreciate people who are straightforward and honest.

What Turns a Virgo On In The Bedroom

Being an Earth sign makes a Virgo naturally sensual and tactile. They know a thing or two about touch and pleasing the senses. One of their biggest turn-ons is when their partner helps them unwind with a massage after a long day at work. Major brownie points!

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Virgos tend to do a lot for others and go out of their way to make the people in their life feel comfortable and taken care of. So when they meet someone who puts in the effort to do the same for them, it really sparks something within them. They like to be appreciated and have the effort they put in be reciprocated.

Virgos are also quite intellectual, so having their mind stimulated or being surprised during sex is a very big turn-on for them. This is why it is good for their partner to keep things spicy and add some variety ever so often. This will keep the Virgo guessing and coming back for more.

Exploring and experimenting with different positions or adding sex toys into the mix is a wonderful way to achieve this. Virgos are a lot more open-minded than what they get credit for and often have very interesting kinks that get them going.

There are some Virgos who love to be submissive and get off on worshiping or being a slave to their partner. While other Virgos tend to be more dominant and like to be in control in and out of the bedroom. BDSM is usually quite a common kink under Virgos.

They are also partial to role-playing and love to dress up during sex. Think naughty school teacher or sexy nurse. Virgos love uniforms and really get off on pretending to be someone different other than themself. It is a form of escapism and helps them to let go of their need to always control.

Virgos are often quite nosy individuals and because of this they tend to be quite into voyeurism. They are curious about how other people like to have sex and because of this find it quite sexy if their partner masturbates in front of them. It drives them absolutely wild with lust.

But their most important turn-on is probably a partner who takes care of their health as well as their appearance. They want to be with someone who puts in a bit of effort and looks good while doing it. When it comes down to it, it seems to be quite simple to turn a Virgo on.