July 15, 2024
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Venus and Sexuality

Venus and Sexuality

Astrology is a spiritual and creative language weaving the story of the solar system into a dynamic and organic narrative that helps us better understand ourselves, the people in our lives, the cycles of our planet, and the divine, as well as practical nature of human consciousness. Core to the study of astrology is the concept of rulership, which assigns sovereignty of points to signs and houses, signs to houses, and signs/points to aspects of human life. 

This article will look at the relationship between the planet Venus and human sexuality.

Venus – Touch Me!

Venus “rules” the 2nd House and 7th House and the Signs of Taurus and Libra.  The sign of Taurus “rules” the body and Libra rules relationships and contracts while Venus rules relationships involving bodies (Taurus) and relationships involving contracts (Marriage). This article will explore the rulership of Venus related to the Taurean expression of Venus in the body through sex.

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Sex, like love, or career, is understood through all the other points, starting with Mars (see the article on Mars and Sexuality published earlier this year). Venus is very much concerned with sexual energy as well, more from the perspective of physical touch, taste, and smell, and the sensory experience.  The sign and placement of Venus give us insight into our sensual side.

While Mars is our libido, our competitiveness, our drive, our animal instincts, and our passions, Venus is our “sexiness”, our body turned on, and our way of connecting when we get intimate with someone.  Venus is an earth and air point, so it is most at home in all the Signs and Houses in one way or another.  But, for the sake of this article, we will look at the earthy aspect of Venus and talk about how it expresses itself in each of the signs.

Venus in the Signs


Venus in Aries prefers to relate independently and loves to have new experiences, especially with lovers.  This tactile energy is straightforward and does not really need complicated foreplay.  If they are turned on, dropping clothes, getting naked, and getting down to business works just fine for this Venus. The direct approach works are preferred and is a turn on.


In its rulership here, Venus loves physical contact, including the smells and tastes of sex.  This person will be the most attuned through the senses, loving the scent of the lover, as well as perfumes and colognes that enhance the scent.  Mixing in rich foods or edible treats during sex will certainly make the experience even more enjoyable.  Sex is a relationship need for this Venus.


In air, sex becomes more mental in some form or fashion.  Venus in Gemini wants to relate through shared stories and sexy talk.  Being able to turn them on with a turn of phrase is what whip cream on the naughty bits will do for Taurus Venus.  Master the double entendre, whisper in their ear the things you want to do with them and their body.  If the Venus in Gemini’s mind is not turned on, their body will be stuck in neutral.

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Venus in Cancer needs sex to be emotional; intimacy is supposed to be a safe place to be vulnerable. Sex is meant to be soothing, a place to retreat to when one needs to tune out the world.  Lock the doors, turn out the lights (candlelight at most), and get into a warm tub together.  Sex is meant to heighten emotion and even provide emotional release.


In the second fire sign, this Venus can be turned on by gifts, public displays of affection, and roleplay (performing creatively as part of the sex act). Sex can even be viewed as a team-building exercise that allows people to relate through the play and creativity of sex. Always conscious of the performance, setting the stage and having the right props always helps!


Another earth sign placement, expect this Venus to be touchy-feely and wanting to be of service sexually. Venus in Virgo is here to help… you find your g-spot, your best orgasm, and all the erogenous zones on your body and theirs.  Surprisingly, these individuals can be both methodical and inventive, since they are excellent problem solvers, whether working inside or outside the box.


The second air sign, Venus here is all about fairness and balance. Sex is mutually given and received and should be used to help keep the relationship in balance and harmonious.  This sign will try to anticipate the sexual needs of the other person and deliver what is need with ideal timing in mind. Also, as a cardinal sign (like Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn), they can be very direct about what they want and when they want it.


Venus in Scorpio, honestly, wants some drama in their relationship, sexual intensity, and transformation in a death and rebirth kind of way through sex.  Have a fetish, no problem; some deviations from the norm, that’s a bit of a turn-on; power/domination/submission, yes… please!  The more intense the sexual foreplay and main course, the better.


Back in the last fire sign, Venus appreciates variety here.  They may settle into monogamy, but along the way, going through a wide range of sexual partners is certainly a worthwhile approach to learning and mastering their own sexuality.  They can have a “well, I haven’t tried that yet” approach to relating through sex.  Like the other fire signs, sex is about “firing” up one’s passion.

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With Venus in Capricorn, sex can take on a bit more goal-oriented intention.  Also “team builders” like Leo, Capricorn wants to be the best.  They want to do it with you better than any other lover and they are more than willing to put in the joyful work to prove they are winners in your libido contest. Never make it easy for this sign; they love the pressure and they can run marathons.


The last air sign, and the most detached, and quirky. Venus in Aquarius is more likely to have the most “fetish” minded approach.  They want to know if you are willing to experiment with them.  On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being “mind-blowing” how would you rate it when I did “this” to you!?  And what about when I did “that”!? Technology and sex are very much a turn-on for this sign.


Venus in Pisces loves to relate, and sex makes a perfect conduit for emotional energy to flow between two people in their search for the perfect union, as a way to tap into the “oneness” of universal love and sexual energy.  This is not the “I need you” of Cancer or the “I need to possess you” of Scorpio, but rather the “we need each other” to pierce the sacral chakra veil together!

Venus to Venus and Venus to Mars

Knowing your Venus placement and that of your partner (or partners), can help you both (or all) achieve greater sexual satisfaction and engage in more open discussion about what you want, what you like, what you can offer, and how to help each other enjoy the body you chose for this life adventure.

Your Venus to Venus energy will help you understand the persistent and consistent way you prefer to relate to one another. Your Venus to Mars dynamic will help you understand the level and type of intensity you can expect energetically via your astrology!