June 18, 2024
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These 5 Signs Are Having a Hot Girl Summer

These 5 Signs Are Having a Hot Girl Summer

Last year Megan thee Stallion declared the summer of 2021 “hot girl summer,” but these five signs will be keeping the sexy energy going this year as well! Whether it’s dating, going out dancing, or grabbing people’s attention on social media, these five signs are sure to make the summer of ‘22 one they’ll always remember. We’re talking about rising signs in this article, so be sure to scroll down below and see if your sign made the list! 

5. Gemini Rising

Jupiter will be hanging out in your house of friends and community all summer long and since Jupiter is the planet of optimism and expansion that means good things are coming! If this is your rising sign this means that you can expect lots of social invites for parties and weekends away by the beach this summer. Your circle of friends is growing and there should be no shortage of fun and exciting things to do. 

On July 28th Jupiter will be stationing retrograde but this is less of a catastrophe than a Mercury retrograde, so fear not. What this means is that for the remainder of the summer you will be better able to pick and choose your friends more wisely. For Gemini risings the theme of this hot girl summer is having an incredible time with the people that matter most! 

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4. Capricorn Rising

It’s definitely past due for Capricorn risings to have a drool-worthy hot girl summer! But good news, as of July 5th it is finally your time to shine since Mars will be chilling in your house of fun, sex, and casual dating for the rest of the summer. This is sure to be a sultry summer to remember! 

Mars will be in Taurus this summer–enjoying its final weeks before it stations retrograde this fall–and Taurus loves all things sensual. So, plan some fun, flirty dates with your summer fling and be sure to incorporate some classic earth sign themes like food, money and sex. Try going on a winery bike tour, living it up at an outdoor summer concert, or planning a picnic by the lake (strawberries and champagne included of course).

3. Pisces Rising

Summer has always been the perfect time for a fun, flirty fling, and for all you Pisces risings out there, mid-July to mid-August is the best time for a summer love affair. Venus will be moving through your house of sex and casual dating right smack dab in the middle of summer time, so open those dating apps back up and take a chance by swiping right on every hottie that piques your interest. 

Pisces risings tend to have deeply romantic souls, so casual dating isn’t always your style, but this summer is the perfect time to open yourself up to new people and new experiences. For Pisces risings your hot girl summer goal is to just have fun and let whatever may happen, happen!

2. Sagittarius Rising

This summer is sure to be one to remember for all Sagittarius risings! Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, will be in your house of sex and dating all summer long. This is a pretty big deal since Jupiter is a slow-moving planet–it hasn’t been in this sultry part of your chart for 12 years! For many of you this will be the first summer of adulthood where Jupiter will be acting as your wingman, so you should expect a lot of romantic attention coming to you this summer.  

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Keep in mind that Jupiter will be stationing retrograde on July 28th, which shouldn’t mess with your summer fling, but it will potentially point out whether that person you’ve had your eye on is really worth your time or not. Also, you can expect your love life to get a little intense from mid-July to mid-August when Venus moves into Cancer. For that month Venus will be in your house of deep, intimate relationships, so whether you’re ready to move on to the next, or if your summer boo is starting to look real good as a long-term fall partner, things are definitely going to get a bit more complicated than you originally foresaw.

1. Aries Rising

Aries rising babes are number 1 on this list because they are hands down having the best hot girl summer this year! First off, once Leo season hits on July 22nd the sun will be shining a light onto your sex and dating life. This means you’ll be focused on having fun, looking sexy, and socializing with hot people. Then, starting on August 11th Venus will move into Leo meaning that it will be joining the sun in your house of sex and dating. August is sure to be a hot month for you (and we’re not just talking about the weather) with these two planets inviting more spice and excitement to your love life! 


We can’t forget Jupiter though, the planet of luck and expansion will be in your house of body and self all summer long. This means that people are naturally going to be magnetized to you and you can also expect to be showered with gifts and other kinds of blessings. Basically, it’s all eyes on you all summer long! However, Jupiter will be stationing retrograde on July 28th. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means that you’ll want to take a step back and honor your happiness more for the rest of the summer.